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  1. Been lurking here for years because generally I don't have anything to say that other's can't say better... but as far as the crypt hawk stuff goes I wouldn't put money on it. I followed his Twitter for a couple of months and saw him deleting predictions that don't line up with the outcome and generally just shilling his paid services( there is nothing wrong with that, but I get the impression his money maker are the guys paying for the TA rather than the TA itself). There is even a crypthawk is a scammer twitter... all that being said he did accurately call that something was cooking betwee
  2. These seem to be ramping up. There's a couple of posts explaining it but in the end it's scams.
  3. Is it obvious if you've got mr.ripple IOUs? Through ripple explorer on bithomp I see mention of them under balances, but I'm not certain that is an IOU or just where those XRP originated.
  4. Perhaps that's to do with the custody solutions they mentioned? Nvm someone else pointed that out -- disregard.
  5. On the 26th is what I think I'd seen mentioned
  6. I see them very often in CVS as well.
  7. Western Union stock went up a bit before markets closed. I'd be interested to see where they open at on Monday. We're not able to invest in Ripple... but good things could come from investing in companies we're confident will implement ripple products.
  8. Poor guy has everything he says quoted and deciphered to the point that a post about his grandkids is seen as a clue about partnerships with Google/ Amazon/ Apple..... need to read between the lines of this silence. What else is quiet? Electric cars. Tesla. Major partnership with Tesla will be announced Q1, the silence has promised it
  9. On the topic of the nano ledger s -- what price point are you buying at? I'm looking to move to one and from reputable dealers (newegg, Amazon) it looks like around $120. I've gotta go bit more research in general, though... this is something I feel would have a fair number of knock-offs out in the wild.
  10. Ripple did not promise that. JoelKatz said ripple was working with 2 major household names that he wished he could share. The Q3 report said that additional customers would be announced in Q4. Speculation merge the 2 of those together. I honestly don't believe we'll get the 2 major names this year, and additional xrapid announcements just feels unlikely. Maybe in the q4 report.
  11. You're correct, very recently it was in a thread between Max Entropy and nikb... nikb decided to stop feeding the troll.
  12. I really don't think he is saying things are going to happen at exactly that time. More likely it's him making an overly specific comment as a light hearted joke.
  13. Also, you might be looking at USDT rather than USD. They're *supposed* to be the same but there is usually a bit of drift... outside of that maybe it was fees? @Greeny could be right about price drops between transactions.
  14. 21 votes for asking what day escrow will take place.... they've already said many times it won't be advertised. People just need to relax and ride out these last few weeks of 2017....
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