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  1. Yep, Sell 25% at $10 sell 50% at $100 Sell 10% at $200. Hodl the rest dribbling it out up to $1,530 Yeah Baby!!! The Wardstar
  2. Bitcoin is a side show, with Ben now being with Ripple, I know, I am going to be a rich Man!!!
  3. If you have the same amount of BCH and BTC don't worry about it , let them fight it out!! I am just worrying about my BTG ATM, what am I going to do with it?? Oh the dilemma's!!! Stay calm and ripple On!!!
  4. Hang on, I will convert that into Aussie, 20 cents now! 18 cents, Cool It has to drop 2 more cents! Yeah, I can wait or it could moon! I don't care, I have enough It will happen sooner rather than later I suspect!! Don't stay up too late will ya!
  5. Stop panicking, keep ya pants on! There is only going to be one crypto for the bridging currency , there is not going to be a coin for each bank or FI , it just wouldn't work. So if it isn't Bitcoin what do you think it will be? You don't have to be Satoshi Nakamoto or Andreas Antonopoulos to figure this out. If you understand and done enough research with this tech you will Know. So just Hodl and accumulate if you can. I am happy with my portfolio of crypto's. It takes time and Ripple are playing the game strategically well. Go back to sleep and give it a couple of years. This is going to be huge, TPTB will ensure that this will happen. The old saying is , if you can't beat them join them. Cheers the Wardstar.
  6. They are called blue dogs where I am from because their hair has a blue hue to it, my uncles and aunts have it!! Cheers.
  7. Thanks Bones, I use them regularly find them very good. Spreads aren't to bad compared to others like CoinJar , I use Poloniex to buy some alts. I had a issue with Shapeshift in an exchange, but all good! The experience has been great so far. Cheers Wardstar
  8. Your not an arachnophobia are ya mate, my apologies!
  9. I have hedged BTC against the Aussie$$ and ready to buy XRP on the dip, I ready and waiting I am happy either way!! Crazy look at my hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Don't panic the sellers are in control, Gulp!!! We are in good hands, a bit loose though!!
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