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  1. Just a reminder. If you go in @GiantGox blog you'll have all this information and more . So much more you'll be dizzy. Thanks for a great post
  2. http://smartcontract.com/link https://link.smartcontract.com/whitepaper The Crowdsale is Capped at $32,000,000 Total Token Supply of 1,000,000,000 LINK to be distributed: 35% going to Node Operators to Incentivize the Ecosystem 35% will be sold in the Public Token Sale 30% will go to the Company for Continued Development Ethereum ERC20 Token, directly purchasable with ETH SEPTEMBER 19TH ICO BEGINS The LINK Network is the first decentralized oracle network; allowing anyone to securely provide smart contracts with access to key external data, off-chain
  3. Then it looks like we're into a winner with Rialto so
  4. No I have not and there's a absolutely massive opening for it!!! Imagine if you got the franchise for ripple in Ireland or started operating bitcoin ATMs . I'd throw money to start some sort of company to get this achieved
  5. Bantry I was there not so long ago hammered I was looking at daft and there's a house down there for sale for 3.75 million euros . Why the fup would anyone pay that much to live down there
  6. Aw yes a grand spot. I'm from a tribe in macroom. Once the time comes we'll converge our forces and take over Killarney . Scott's bar will have a cork flag raised and we'll centre our efforts over numerous pints to figure out our next tactical manoeuvre!!! Are you in??
  7. Aw yes fellow citizen of superior stock. !!! We shall buy riardans and turn it into our castle!!! What part of West along are you from. O'Sullivan country or more inwards?
  8. also!!! here is the only map that matters !! And the only true representation on how the world should see Ireland
  9. I'm superior to everyone else in this group. I'm from cork .
  10. yeah once the network get`s up and running then they will. any ipo is years down the line imo
  11. July 6 Bomb remark that the latest virtual currency news "SBI's Kitao chairperson gather the group's power and raise the ripple (XRP)!" Is it? You as well, "If you buy one million yen, five years later, 56 times 56 million yen!" What is the basis for that possibility! Is it? The SBI group is 60% owned by Ripple and is trying to make XRP the basic currency (bridge currency)! Also, Novo Graz, who was in charge of fund management at Fortress Investment, said, "If Nasdaq reached 5.4 trillion dollars as of 1999, is there a reason why it is not comparable to that? Human capital and big money are bei
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