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  1. i see a drunken tattoo with those words in the future hahahahaha
  2. MUFG is the biggest bank in japan. it`s the daddy
  3. http://www.nikkei.com/article/DGXLASDC30H1H_Q7A330C1EA2000/
  4. that's not as big as my .......debts hahahaha
  5. it will go up then down .....then up. then maybe up again then down then up and up and up. then down. but acording to a tea leafs I'm might be wrong.
  6. The entire crypto marketcap is traded per day with the forex market 20 to 30 billion per day. and there's 100 billion xrp. people wake up !!! this affirmed everything I was thinking . the contacts this man has at his disposal too due to his former position will be a god send too. fantastic interview. buy your xrp . lock it up and come back in 5 years. @miguel Best of luck you've got a massive task on your hands but you'll get there.
  7. summer for remittances that's a fact! autumn for domestic !!
  8. that's the best breakdown and most conservative explanation I've seen in a long long time. fantastic breakdown @R8102V1D2D
  9. now we know why he stepped down. he has bigger fish to fry
  10. @lucky look into iota it`s the real deal too. but it`s more m2m. ripple is taking care of a different beast. when everything is connected to the internet including your kitchen sink the network will be absolute lightening. eventually when the network is massive . transactions can be confirmed off web via the machine network alone. when the tangle is big enough payments will be instant plus it`s quant proof and can be plugged into any blockchain.
  11. nice to meet you Tim
  12. where in Ireland are you from. I'm from cork
  13. i`d also like xrp to settle down and find a wife . he`s a really nice guy hahahaha
  14. just for one financial institution to actually say they will definitely use xrp