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  1. who cares we will be racing our yachts with em
  2. I could see a partnership in the future.if there's massive money to be made everybody will have no problem with one another!!
  3. it`s always 25 and sunny in a pub . now send me them sussex ciders you were on about
  4. i would`nt know i`m in ireland buddy
  5. yeah but could she score against stoke on a wet tuesday night
  6. show us when this will be used for real
  7. it's the perfect company to invest money into a dream . 24 hour payments anywhere in the world. yet they don't show us how close that reality is. oh by the way we have a virtual currency you can buy too and there's 99 billion of it.
  8. we see what xrp and ripple are trying to do but when can you show us it will work and will be used as intended. show is proof!!!
  9. when will xrp and ripple go live in the real world??
  10. great job morty. this kinda shows us how far we've progressed and how far we need to go too
  11. plus if you look at all the ways big companies avoid paying tax then you can see any company with the right legal team can dictate what direction it can go
  12. ripple is a bridge company so whatever else is out there i`m sure it can be adapted to . and to be honest the more systems that are out there the better. as then your not a slave to one
  13. when does that go live in wonder?