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  1. Woah, really appreciate this information guys. Thanks for helping me expand my knowledge.
  2. yea maybe you should just keep comments like this to yourself.
  3. Hello everyone, As everyone in here knows XRP has a great use case targeting Banks to smooth international transfers. However, I was wondering and debating with some of friends who are heavily invested into crypto (who happen to be non-believers of XRP) about the price of XRP. They were discussing that if the price does go up, banks will have an incentive to use another crypto because they can get a cheaper coin that essential does the same thing for less money per coin. Is this something that will push banks to use other coins? What is the incentive to use XRP if/when the price goes up? Or does it simply just come down to the transaction cost to use each coin. Will the liquidity pools of XRP keep banks using it? Any clarity or comments are appreciated.
  4. Yeah from what I'm seeing Ant Financial has nothing to do with XRP, I do not see what everyone is correlating XRP to Alibaba. Unless I'm missing something?
  5. Free to send money overseas however there is a $3000 dollar limit per week. Sounds like more of a competitor to venmo not ripple.
  6. Thanks everyone, I pretty much found my answer and thought I would pass it on for anyone that was in the same boat as me.
  7. So essentially the only thing driving the price of XRP is the demand?
  8. Hi I think the idea behind ripple will be very beneficial to the financial world, however does the XRP token itself have a true use case? Just wondering if you own XRP does that mean you own a part of ripple itself? What is the XRP token itself is giving me ownership of. The company or is it just a currency? And if so what is the price behind XRP driven by? I see Ripple building their network and platform and doing everything they need to be successful just cannot find much information about the questions above. Any help or clarification would be great!
  9. Thank you everyone for the great information!
  10. Been wondering what coding language Ripple is written in. I've been seeing online that it is written in Python. Also, are most FinTech applications written in Python? Any insight is appreciated!
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