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  1. And might I ask does the Clearing House solution not serve JPM with US domestic transactions or do they also lean into cross-border(they seem to be limited to just the US)? If Clearing House is only meeting their domestic requirements, the Ripple visit could serve as a potential indicator that JPM requires a cross-border service provider.
  2. I'll say we shall have to wait and see. Should it happen RippleNET is on the cards that would be a major move for Ripple and one that could possibly shake its foundations as much as it could build. I'm looking at the political front when I say this, Ripple is essentially a US business that has had major support in the east (Asia) an addition of Russia could possibly have the US gov. frown on them (what it could lead to is unknown). I could totally be off and nothing could happen at all but it's something to think off.
  3. It could be MIR, I don't know any better but "Banks are reluctant to issue them, as their cost is 35%-45% higher compared to cards belonging to more established payments systems." this would put them in a worse off position than the one they recently moved away from, SWIFT.
  4. I hear the FUDsters talk about what escrow should have done for XRP and how its not as bullish as it should have been...blah..blah..blah. I'm all the way in Africa crossing my fingers that the price maintains 0.24 or lower, at least until the morning of the 15th Dec. Taking my bonus check and depositing it into XRP.
  5. @alanwatts @Tinyaccount Thank you both, I'll be sure to read up JoelKatz posts for further clarity.
  6. Maybe I should have been more specific. I understand the bit about the value proposition, the higher their worth but the crux of my question is aligned more towards trying to understand the benefits a highly valued XRP ($2) would do differently for Ripple that the current XRP ($0.24) does not. I'm new to this world of crypto and I've read up quite a bit since discovering the existence of XRP, earlier this year. My questions might be irrelevant or of little value to the next person and I understand that but this is of great value in better understanding the bigger picture. I greatly appre
  7. I would like to understand the following, how does Ripple benefit in a highly valued XRP? I'm not trying to add onto the FUD but really need to understand why authors tend to see XRP as a liability/irrelevant/non-essential entity to Ripple. The reasoning might have been covered in other threads and I might have missed, forgive me if so.
  8. I apologize I read the rules but it seems my connection failed me how do I delete my post of the same topic.
  9. www.coindesk.com/techcrunch-founder-arrington-raising-100-million-ripple-hedge-fund/amp/ Im sure this is noteworthy
  10. There's been a number of speculations as to who Visa might be looking to work with as they embark on a blockchain journey. It doesn't really surprise me stellar has now come up (although not really from a credible source IMO) that said, I found Ripple and Ethereum featured quite a bit in the following article earlier this year. http://www.livebitcoinnews.com/visa-wants-blockchain-engineer-ripple-ethereum-experience/ Might have been shared already but couldn't find the thread
  11. From one newbie to another do some more research and you'll find what your family friend told you was nothing but material for you to troll an already well-informed community, well-informed enough to know that the use of xrp by banks is no longer the question, but the question has rather evolved to when will it be publicised on which banks are using xrp
  12. This was actually a good piece, especially enlighting for people that are not clued up with the big players within cryptocurrency.
  13. https://www.cryptoninjas.net/2017/08/01/ripple-names-payment-network-ripplenet-grows-product-suite/ I'll just ride the wave in anticipation
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