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  1. The constant attacks and messages about hoping her sons die didn't help. Don't blame her.
  2. XRP Tip Bot App is Wietse Wind and i believe he can have a higher max since he has a European Banking License. Correct me if im wrong.
  3. Its no different with any crypto...borderless. You can get paid out from offshore casinos in bitcoin (Bovada). In Macau, the Chinese walk into a rolex store on the casino floor, buy a rolex with a card and return it for cash forgoing currency controls. There are always ways.
  4. Its plausible Tether is in second when they can just keep minting them. Not a whole lot different than the treasury, their record issuance's, and the issues in the repo market...you know, so the US can keep financing the deficit.
  5. If the company took on reasonable debt for financing, it would make their capital structure a hell of a lot more efficient. Increases cash flow through the use of a tax shelter while not having to recognize XRP sales as income...Plus they would be able to hedge their XRP position through the use of futures not too dissimilar from airlines hedging fuel costs.
  6. I'm going to be real huffy if Stellar is at $15.85 and XRP cant eclipse $10...Although, some of the sting would be partially offset by general price rises assuming the entire world doesn't see hyper inflation.
  7. Perhaps have someone that would act as a fundraiser for the Foundation...it would be amazing if wealthy (or anyone for that matter) people could donate to the Foundation, receive a tax benefit and in turn, the Foundation could use proceeds to purchase XRP as the ecosystem continues to be built connecting unbanked and or impoverished people around the globe. Everyone wins. Hows that for a run on sentence?
  8. I actually think that its good to see holders not caring about news or long time holders become sellers...i have seen more and more of this over the past couple of months. This historically has been a great contrarian indicator for other types of assets. It may take some time, but low investor confidence combined with expanded and improving utility is a nice recipe for success looking ahead. Perhaps not now, but soon. For all those people out there that are complaining that ripple and their employees are screwing us over by selling XRP, do you actually believe they are like lemmings jumping off a cliff and want low XRP prices?? Do you really think the capitalist VCs behind the scenes don't want to see the massive XRP hoard be worth more than $0.30 a piece? Their incentives for XRP could not be more aligned with anyone holding it!
  9. Owning XRP is about as close to being able to invest in a VC fund as you can get without actually doing so. All these ex Ripple employees are effectively pounding the pavement on our behalf for companies to utilize XRP and the surrounding tech...similarly as a VC manager would pound the pavement helping their portfolio companies get new clients to drive adoption. This is one of the reasons XRP is head and shoulders above other cryptos / DAs... Ripple and former employees actually have real business relationships (and the capital) to leverage rather than some random coder trying to walk in off the street attempting to talk to a company CEO.
  10. Agreed! If everyone tried cashing in their Libra at the same time (assuming billions of users), Central Banks may actually have to step in and support this if there isn't enough liquidity!
  11. Yeah, that's part of my initial thought...this thing is huge and hairy from a regulatory perspective. Wietse received one in Europe for his payment app (who, i believe can compete with this), haven't heard anything about Calibra obtaining anything. Its really comical that Calibra is actually captive from a liquidity standpoint (literally taking customers interest that they would receive at a bank) while Ripple and XRP are unlocking liquidity for customers. Quite the yin and the yang.
  12. I think my favorite part about the entire thing is that the members of the Libra Association get interest from other peoples reserves.
  13. This is so damn large that its very difficult to digest. If there has been any lesson throughout history, its that the larger scale and broader scope the venture, the more difficult it is to successfully implement. Given the Libra Association, its members (who all have very different incentives) the Forex trade backing this entire thing, the insurance involved so Calibra (maybe Libra) is able to fully reimburse stolen coins (Minting new coins like its nothing) and the geopolitical risk involved (what happens to currencies if the Eurozone breaks???) there are a ton of risks both visible and hidden that i cannot even think up. Time will tell and maybe it improves lives, but sheesh, if this isn't one giant way of allowing behind the scenes shenanigans, i don't know what is. Ill be very curious to see if regulators allow this to be rolled out. We can't even get a straight forward crypto exchange traded product through let alone this newly formed experimental FX broker/dealer banking institution that will touch billions of users.
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