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  1. Not a bad thing if hes working for the hedgies. If they are able to build crypto valuation into Aladdin, it would be huge. Something offering a crypto valuation framework in a system thats widely used by allocators would literally be like bringing a mass population of the horses in the world to a giant fresh water lake.
  2. Interesting little nugget in here: "...it (BlackRock) recently hired former Ripple product marketer Robbie Mitchnick to its Digital Wealth team, which uses the firm's successful Aladdin global asset management software to build institutional portfolios. Last summer, Mitchnick and Stanford Business School professor Susan Athey published a paper called "A Fundamental Valuation Framework for Cryptoassets," which essentially laid out a sophisticated model for valuing crytpocurrencies bitcoin and XRP." This is all coming as a massive management overhaul is taking place at Blackrock, they are going to somehow participate in crypto even if it is not directly trading it. Always good having Ripple folks inside the behemoths. https://www.forbes.com/sites/jeffkauflin/2019/04/03/bitcoin-blackrock-and-the-rise-of-alternatives/
  3. Maybe add consultant or advisor under profession and something related to investments under industry.
  4. My curiosity has been peaked by this one. Clarification would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  6. I would look at the "analytics" and attempt to find where their incentives lie.
  7. I need a refresher...instant settlement implies XRP does it not? If it is not utilizing XRP then settlement cannot be instant. I believe this is where most of the confusion is coming from. Wasn't one of the recent updates merging xCurrent and xRapid processes?
  8. "settles payments between participant institutions using existing interbank clearing and settlement systems." Tell me they designed a company around using prehistoric Swift...
  9. Yes, this would be the case for banks holding digital assets. Using xRapid, in my eyes would alleviate this issue since the bank would be doing the fiat to XRP conversion through a market maker (who would be holding XRP) to use xRapid. I do believe once there is clarity and hedging is easier, public banks will have to entertain the notion of freeing up Nostro capital. All it takes is one to do so and show a positive effect on earnings. From there, competing managements will be scrutinized by shareholders for not doing so if it proves to be accretive to share holders.
  10. I would still like to see regulation that will eventually allow for IFRS and GAAP to dictate how gains or losses on digital assets and or crypto are accounted for on an income statement and how it effects earnings. i.e. are they going to be included in Net Income or are they going to be, "below the line" and counted as Other Comprehensive Income (OCI)? Why does it matter? If gains or losses flow through to OCI, it does not count towards traditionally reported earnings (EPS), if G/L on digital assets/crypto are counted in OCI, they will show up in a report in addition to the traditional earnings report and any adjustments in the value of these holdings will affect the equity value of the company and therefore the share price and book value of a publicly traded entity. Further, banks will still need to be able to hedge volatility within this space given that anything they hold that has required measurement dates will affect the amount of regulatory capital they have to keep on their balance sheet. Until this happens, the Nostro/Vostro issue could be neutralized by volatility (i.e. XRP frees up Nostro capital but negative price movement forces the company to keep more capital on their balance sheet to make up for the losses). Banks are thinking about this and need clarity on how to proceed! Once we get this, off to the races!
  11. Why the make the assumption that Ripple would be the one considered to be the issuer? If they refused to file, who would seize XRP? How would it be done? Couldn't another company be formed to purchase the IP of Ripple including xRapid? If nobody could seize XRP then its just out in space on the ledger. If that was the case, this other non-associated company could make it work, right? Not much different than all of the Ripple employees who have left to start companies to develop the XRP ecosystem.
  12. Not true. With regulatory clarity like that, it means traditional, established, large US brokerages (not already doing so) could add XRP to what they are able to sell to their clients. Clients of established brokers have already gone through AML/KYC so they are already set up for it. Once there is clarity, everyone is going to want a piece of the action if there is money to be had.
  13. $66 billion may seem like a lot to our human brains, but, it should be noted that the total value of the world's financial assets is anywhere between $250 and $300 TRILLION depending when you look and when markets move. $66 billion is certainly attainable. Think about what happens if the world shifts 1% of their assets into digital assets / crypto.
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