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  1. lucky enough neither did I. Cost avg. 0.14, 100% xrp. had no internet for 4 months , came back to what at the time I went away was considered moon. (no, not in prison, I work on board ships and unlucky enough this one had only some ****** e-mail service)
  2. RegalChicken - like someone said here some time ago, they have no love for xrp :)) Not talking abt dec and jan, the whole market moved at that time. rmbr 3,2,1 and swell?:)
  3. they will sell imho (newbie here), for the last year since I follow they never done anything else.
  4. zerpinator thanks for your input. RegalChicken I think that will be the range and will go down 20% by the end of kr trading day.
  5. your take for the next 8 hours? dump to be expected in my opinion, 1.5 back to 1.1
  6. https://www.cryptocoinsnews.com/russian-bank-consortium-uses-ethereum-based-ledger-as-government-signals-support/
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