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  1. All, Depositing into Kraken just got easier ! FINALLY ! " Wire Transfer Deposit • Credit Union Atlantic (Wire) Deposit to your account using the information below. You'll need to contact your bank for specific instructions. Be sure to include the "Reference" code given below - this code identifies the deposit with your account. Don't exceed your daily or monthly funding limits. If you exceed the limits, your account will be frozen until you get verified for higher limits, or until the funds are returned to you. Fees listed are what our bank charge us. Other banks used during the transfer may charge additional fees and are out of our control. Multiple deposits of the same amounts within a few days of each other may be delayed. If you must make multiple deposits, consider sending different amounts. Important: The name on the bank account you are depositing from must match the name entered for verification on the Kraken account you are depositing into. Account name Payward Canada, Inc. Address P.O. Box 2380, Halifax, NS B3J 3E5 Bank name Credit Union Atlantic .................................. "
  2. Thanks. Kraken sent me the EXACT same email when I asked them Any issues with Coinsquare? How has the BTC pricing been ? They offered to waive the holding time for me on a large deposit, so that will help.
  3. If a fellow wanted to purchase 20k-50k of BTC, and was starting out with CAD .... whats the best approach? QuadrigaCX price is HIGH, Coinsquare? Coinbase has 1k limit. Kraken doesn't except CAD at the moment (and CAD prices are best there) Suggestions ??? Whats the fastest, and cheapest way to pull this off?
  4. I have used CFinex multiple times to purchase CSC ... all without issue and was quite smooth actually. Once purchased I simply moved them to my CSC wallet. I have also used NLexch 2 times. Zero issues at all.
  5. i've sent thousands of coins to and from Polo ... never had an issue. Even with the address' giving me the problem today
  6. Few days ago (and numerous other times), whole process took 2 minutes. XLM and XRP are the 2 fastest cryptos .. which in the end matters not when exchanges do what they want. Normally it would show up in deposits, then show the confirmations there. But not showing up at all right now. I've had faster Bitcoin deposits, and that alone is scary.
  7. Anyone else experiencing significant delays sending money into Poloniex ? I sent some XLM and XRP to Poloniex a couple of hours ago from my Nano ... and NO sign at all of it. Of course all my deposit address' are accurate and memos, etc ... not my first time Just me? or .....
  8. Couldnt agree more. They have stated: "We intend to cancel stale (and possibly all) orders and pause liquidations upon resuming service."
  9. like you, sure am glad I have nothing on that exchange (or any exchange for that matter) Seems like something is up for sure ... Hope everyones $$ ends up being safe
  10. wouldnt exactly call it soaring But good news
  11. Morning, Has anyone withdrawn CAD funds from Quadriga in Canada to a Canadian Bank ? (Royal, TD, BOM, etc) If so, how long does a "Direct Bank Transfer / EFT" really take ? It says within 7 business days ... but is it really generally shorter ? HATE to pay 2% for an express bank transfer to get it in 3 days .. that is highway robbery. Experiences ? Any other easy way to withdraw to Canadian Bank account ? I've used Kraken and it was 4 business days ... but right now wouldn't risk it and their site is down.
  12. And all their drones will be flying XRP's ? Note, I did not create this image .....
  13. A million or two XRP's should not be hindering this market ... it is peanuts in the whole scheme of things. Demand just not quite there yet. But damn close !
  14. Hopefully if it is an Uber or AirBnB it is a huge use case, and not them testing a little solution in a lab ... Like 75% of all AirBnB & Uber payments will use XRP in some way. Now that would be news.
  15. Exactly ! lol It is underwhelming that XRP is not moving in the last months, with the hoards of news that keeps coming out. Just surprising but I still hodl.
  16. wow, XRP lockup happens and no-one is posting ..... Did everyone stop caring & paying attention ?
  17. Agreed ..... or was it Ripples marketing team again? i assume the click of the button could have held off until btc calmed down? missed opportunity
  18. Hate to say yes ..... but bad timing with btc on fire. Another genius marketing move I guess ? and to be clear .... I’m still all in here so hoping for the best !!!
  19. This should be interesting .... fingers crossed. What worries me, is how quick it may fall back to low .20's .... no sleep tonight I guess. Speculation on high ??
  20. Nerobot is 50% or less accurate ... I would not trust that as a source for investing. It is just another tool ... and no better than anything else out there.
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