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  1. NEUROBOT - .23x

    Nerobot is 50% or less accurate ... I would not trust that as a source for investing. It is just another tool ... and no better than anything else out there.
  2. Been that way all along ...
  3. I don't think, I could have eaten most of the order with what I have out there ... not to mention everything else that was there. It was like a $1000 order or thereabouts.
  4. How can a trade like this happen, when there are many many orders to buy and sell between the current price, and what this shot up to ? A trade went through at 0.03800000 when the current price was around 0.03650000
  5. next bitcoin fork

    This stuff is all forked up if you ask me ! XRP FTW
  6. At the end of the day, anything near .20c is a bargain ... so buy buy buy. If it drops to .18c again ... buy even more !
  7. I think this is simply a pump from our korean friends the last 12-15 hours. I was buying like a bandit in the .18x range and expect to do it again. I asked my crystal ball, and these are the answers I got ! But the pump part seems obvious.
  8. Sea of Red

    Its forked up if you ask me.
  9. I think it is $100k in value whether coins or fiat or some combination
  10. I had no issues getting Tier 4 about 4 months back. I'm guessing everyone is trying now, so they are asking for more.
  11. I'm level 4 @ Kraken and have discussed moving LARGE amounts of money with them. No issues at all to move $10m for example we had discussed. (not that I have that problem today) I'd reach out to them when you are about to have that problem. They have solutions. " Withdrawals: Individual Accounts: Daily: $25,000 without a proof of source of funds. $100,000 Tier 4 with a proof of source of funds. "
  12. Ugly Chart

    We keep saying that at every new low ... but I'm with you ! I'm hodling but happy to buy more if forced
  13. I suggest you do some reading here before calling me a crier ... please. i really do not think this went as they intended. We can debate it all day but I for one would not have a conference where I invite people to steer interest away from my company. would you? anyhow, opinions are like A$$holes, we all have one.