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  1. I'm on it ... 100billion - my 20k lockup will likely send the market into a frenzy ! Everyone ready?
  2. Where can I find info on this?
  3. This is exactly my point. I wish there was a way I could lock my XRP away in some kind of wallet, with a Digital lock on it. So say in January 2020 It would then unlock and allow me access to the 20k XRP i stored away. Would be tough to click a button to lock it .. but once done there would be no looking back. Otherwise, it would be VERY rare for human nature not to take over and sell most along the way. EDIT: Did I just come up with a business idea?
  4. This is the debate I was hoping for Without digging back on Google ... are these the same conversations the early Bitcoin investors had when it was pennies ? Are XRP’s use case(s) so specialized that people think there is a finite limit to the price? Market Cap keeping everyone reserved? Or simply is anything possible and we just don’t know?
  5. We are, but speculation is fun in this space. Lots of information now and will be along the way to I hope, to make very well informed decisions.
  6. So lets play a hypothetical game. (need something to do while we wait for XRP to rise) If XRP hits .50c, are you selling all yours? $1.00? $2.00? $5.00 ? $20.00 ? I know everyone "says" they will hodl for a long time ... but realistically do you think you will hodl out for $100 or more ? It may take years ... I know for me, I have a plan @ $2.00 to sell a small amount ... then the rest can collect dust for a long time. I'm mentally prepared to go the long haul. You ? Really? Do you have what it takes to really stick around for 2,3,4 5+ years and not be tempted to dump and move on? How many millionaires will there be amongst us in 5 years ? I think this was likely the big mistake when Bitcoin went through the roof. The average Jill/Joe already sold and looking back are kicking their own a$$e$ Thoughts ?
  7. Stop the market Cap madness ... your all making me drink ! lol
  8. New to XRP (And owning Crypto in general)

    Best of luck. Kinda like your Car ... if you hold the Keys for it it is much less likely to get stolen Lots of scammers out there, we can never be 100% safe but can at least try to be diligent.
  9. New to XRP (And owning Crypto in general)

    Its an exchange, It is on the internet, every once and a while one gets hacked ... If you want to take the risk (albiet small likely) thats up to you. Keeping your XRP in some kind of offline wallet where you control the key ... is simply just safer (although not fool proof, but safer) I suggest you read up here on the topic. Lots of posts.
  10. New to XRP (And owning Crypto in general)

    Or check Rippex desktop client ... there are threads on about ALL options here. But DO NOT leave it on any exchange unless you are actively trading it.
  11. ShapeShift - XRP Exchange

    Just out of curiosity, if the XRP receive amount was just spinning and not calculating ... did you try another browser ? Long shot, but not out of the realm of possibility.
  12. Finally had time to mess around, mystery solved. Price to sell has to be lower than current market price.
  13. Any opinions ? Has anyone tried this and if so, what happened exactly ? Make "Sell Price falls to" HIGHER than current market amount ... then ? BOOM ?
  14. The way its going right now, I'll be lucky if I can get my scooter painted. Nevermind an Aston