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  1. Luschka

    Kraken fiasco

    Couldnt agree more. They have stated: "We intend to cancel stale (and possibly all) orders and pause liquidations upon resuming service."
  2. Luschka

    Kraken fiasco

    like you, sure am glad I have nothing on that exchange (or any exchange for that matter) Seems like something is up for sure ... Hope everyones $$ ends up being safe
  3. Luschka

    XRP Soars 18% on MoneyGram Partnership

    wouldnt exactly call it soaring But good news
  4. Morning, Has anyone withdrawn CAD funds from Quadriga in Canada to a Canadian Bank ? (Royal, TD, BOM, etc) If so, how long does a "Direct Bank Transfer / EFT" really take ? It says within 7 business days ... but is it really generally shorter ? HATE to pay 2% for an express bank transfer to get it in 3 days .. that is highway robbery. Experiences ? Any other easy way to withdraw to Canadian Bank account ? I've used Kraken and it was 4 business days ... but right now wouldn't risk it and their site is down.
  5. And all their drones will be flying XRP's ? Note, I did not create this image .....
  6. Luschka

    4th time in a row

    A million or two XRP's should not be hindering this market ... it is peanuts in the whole scheme of things. Demand just not quite there yet. But damn close !
  7. I'm watching Poloniex .... .27909 at this second
  8. Luschka

    2 huge household names

    Hopefully if it is an Uber or AirBnB it is a huge use case, and not them testing a little solution in a lab ... Like 75% of all AirBnB & Uber payments will use XRP in some way. Now that would be news.
  9. I've been busy at work making real money, lol.
  10. I'm all about stability ... but lets be stable at say ... $5.00?
  11. Exactly ! lol It is underwhelming that XRP is not moving in the last months, with the hoards of news that keeps coming out. Just surprising but I still hodl.
  12. No kidding !!!!! underwhelming at best
  13. Luschka

    It is escrow time !

    wow, XRP lockup happens and no-one is posting ..... Did everyone stop caring & paying attention ?
  14. Luschka

    It is escrow time !

    Agreed ..... or was it Ripples marketing team again? i assume the click of the button could have held off until btc calmed down? missed opportunity
  15. Luschka

    Big wall of Green

    Hate to say yes ..... but bad timing with btc on fire. Another genius marketing move I guess 🤪 and to be clear .... I’m still all in here so hoping for the best !!!