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  1. https://medium.com/@ihaveCred/credearn-introduces-higher-rates-and-special-benefits-to-lba-holders-69d5bf8fcc64 CredEarn and Uphold : Lockup your XRP and earn 9% interest if you hold some LBA tokens.
  2. I use Uphold. Transfer XRP to that exchange, sell XRP for Euros then transfer out using a standard SEPA bank transfer (1 working day and costs a few pence). I transfer out to my Revolut bank account which allows me to create a Euro wallet in the app so I just setup Uphold to transfer out to that Euro wallet. From there it's easily swapped to GBP in the app so I can spend it. Alternatively, sell the XRP at any exchange for Bitcoin. Send the bitcoin to Coinbase. Sell the bitcoin on Coinbase for GBP and transfer out using a standard SEPA bank transfer to your GBP bank account. I've tested this process with Nationwide bank without any problem. You'll lose a small amount with each currency exchange but that's life.
  3. I'm looking at coinranking.com Why would that show $864 million 24-hour trade volume? Is this different to the figures you guys are seeing?
  4. This thread probably isn't the place to mention other obscure coins but seeing as you're commenting on it.... don't dismiss CSC, it's an XRP fork modified for online gaming market.
  5. Looks good. Do you have s GitHub repo? I wouldn't like to test it (entering my private key) without first seeing the code. I'm also about to start experimenting with writing some apps that utilise blockchain tech and the first step is some wallet controls like you've built to get familiar with the basics. I work in insurance so ultimately want to create an app to trial smart contracts. I was thinking of finding my feet with bitcoin to start with then moving on to XRP which if a much more complex beast. Do you have a background in other crypto or did you dive straight in with XRP?
  6. Or set up a Revolut bank account. It's ridiculously easy to swap GBP to Euro and transfer it in to Bitstamp using SEPA.
  7. If you're in the UK, why not just do a SEPA Euro transfer to Kraken, it only costs a few pence and clears in a few hours.
  8. Coil-XRP and Brave-BAT needn't be opponents, they deal with different requirements of content providers. Both have the ability to offer content providers micro-payments based on time engagement but Coil intends to be across all platforms instead of inside a single browser like Brave. However, importantly, Brave will also allow the user to continue see standard advertising on websites but will pay the user in BAT for the inconvenience of seeing it.
  9. I have to disagree with your opinion here. BAT is not just another crap coin. Try their browser (Brave) and Google the name Brendan Eich, the guy at the helm.
  10. So the other Validators, like you, must also see the RAM issue. How long do you think they can hold out from upping the reserve, do you think it's inevitable that they must in order to function? Are there groups of Validators forming pacts to fight to take the ledger in different directions (eg. some wanting to lower while other wish to raise the reserve)?
  11. Thanks @Sukrim, I wish I'd seen that thread before. I'm ploughing through it now. Are you running a validator yourself?
  12. Perhaps only @JoelKatz can truly shed some light on this and the GitHub comments. I've held XRP for many years but this scenario of increased wallet reserve never occurred to me. A few questions spring to mind... At peak times, in a bull run, is the wallet reserve unable to fulfill its role of minimising wallet creation? If so, is there an alternative to increasing the wallet reserve? What wallet reserve does David think would be best for the ledger to future proof it given everything that's been learnt since XRP's inception? Would Ripple prefer individuals not to create wallets in preference to FIs as they unnecessarily clutter the ledger? If so, is that why Ripple have not produced a wallet for individuals? Who stands to gain from an increase in the wallet reserve and would they be able to influence Validators in to that path?
  13. @enrique11 it's something to ponder, eh. But seems to have hijacked this thread. It's been carried on here in Technical Discussion (aka The Tumbleweed Zone) .
  14. Yea, this is a better place for this thread. However, following on from the other thread, I'm still left wondering about David Schwartz's comment at the start on 2018 that, in his opinion, the reserve of 20XRP was too low. Quote & link at the bottom. While neither he nor Ripple have the ability to change this, the Validators can do this with consensus if they decide it's in the interest if the stability of the ledger. I realise anyone can run a validator but who operates the main ones and what's their motive to decrease or increase the wallet reserve? "We have good evidence that the reserve is currently too low to serve its intended function. Poloniex senselessly forces every customer who wishes to deposit XRP to create an account. The purpose of the reserve is to discourage this, and it isn't doing that." David Schwartz - Jan 2018 https://github.com/ripple/ripple-client/issues/754
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