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  1. You experienced it? Looks like you joined february this year..
  2. Indeed, december 2017 to early january was a fun ride
  3. I am also holding since 2017 at the current price i have a profit of 3%, more than what i get on a saving bankaccount. My average is € 0,23.
  4. I got an eery feeling he's active on Twitter, https://twitter.com/CryptoChick2021
  5. Get used to it, i see you are only couple of months active with XRP
  6. Buy as much as you can affort let the greed slide in 6 digits will do it
  7. Price is kept low on purpose, they don't want it to rise yet
  8. I am feeling sooo comfortly since i stepped in june 2017 with .18€ All the time till today no loss
  9. If XRP reaches that price.. hmm
  10. When the price is 50,-( based for 99% on utility) it is allready decoupled from BTC and will only rise more, by then i'll wait till 100,-
  11. 3 pumps at exact the same time in September were tests. a few weeks ago a couple of banks said that they were testing XRapid in September , don't know what banks anymore, have to dig it up
  12. 4 weeks? haha waiting for nearly two years now that is patience ;-)
  13. still 2 https://finance.yahoo.com/cryptocurrencies?guccounter=1
  14. I think you are so negative because you have bought so high and you can not stand it that other people have bought well and also the amount, stop trolling and fudding
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