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  1. Buy as much as you can affort let the greed slide in 6 digits will do it
  2. Price is kept low on purpose, they don't want it to rise yet
  3. I am feeling sooo comfortly since i stepped in june 2017 with .18€ All the time till today no loss
  4. If XRP reaches that price.. hmm
  5. When the price is 50,-( based for 99% on utility) it is allready decoupled from BTC and will only rise more, by then i'll wait till 100,-
  6. 3 pumps at exact the same time in September were tests. a few weeks ago a couple of banks said that they were testing XRapid in September , don't know what banks anymore, have to dig it up
  7. 4 weeks? haha waiting for nearly two years now that is patience ;-)
  8. still 2 https://finance.yahoo.com/cryptocurrencies?guccounter=1
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