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  1. If we start to see hedge fund money coming into crypto and more investors buying xrp tokens I think the sky is the limit. Add more and more banks joining forces, and it getting listed on more exchanges....the outer space is the limit....and then......TO THE MOON!
  2. I think a smart thing to do would be to HODL until @hodor and @mercury state on this forum that we have reached the mass adoption phase.
  3. If a miracle happened and XRP suddenly skyrocketed to $1.69 in October following SWELL, making it the #1 market cap crypto, I would bet we would see so much money flowing into it that it would start to get crazy. Then we would see more people start to dump, and the volatility swings would get rather wild
  4. Its interesting....I mean does there come a point where XRP will stop going up? Or will it continue to just increase? That's the question. if it is going to continue increasing then I would say unloading is a poor choice in general unless theres something you can divert the $ into that will make more than letting it ride in xrp.
  5. When I first invested in XRP, I used to dream about $100. Then, the more I learned about crypto and the various altcoins, the more I realized that that price is most likely a pipe dream that is damn near impossible to become a reality. Most people make the market cap claim, but much more obvious (and accurate), is the token supply. I know of no altcoin that has hit triple digits with such a large supply of coins like xrp has. I would like to see it happen, but the max that I see is around $17, at which point I will be very happy. But that would make it have a market cap 10x that of bitcoin currently and that makes it for a long ride before we see it. I'd probably exit before that though. $1.69 would make the market cap equal to that of bitcoins at the moment. I really hope we see it happen! If it did hit $100, I would definitely be kicking myself in the lip.
  6. I would likely bet that a lot of these roadblocks appeared in every company from google to amazon in their early stages, and we just don't hear about it -- we hear about them when they're already successful and no one discusses the levels of hell they had to walk through. I mean look at Apple's story for one. Small wonder that Steve Jobs got cancer with the amount of stress he had to endure to get to the point Apple is now.
  7. A bunch of people were posting the other day how an asian whale bought 400m XRP and then increased his stake to 600m. Can anyone explain how the price didn't go up during these purchases?
  8. Here's one guys opinion: http://www.livebitcoinnews.com/dozens-banks-board-ripple-xrp/
  9. One thing to look at would be major adoption of the ripple technology, but no actual purchase of the xrp token itself to drive the price up. That's always a statement that some make about one of the cons of xrp. I still think we can't expect to see anything but a price increase in the upcoming years. People usually make other statements like "well what if bank A wants to use its own coin along w ripple technology instead of using xrp". In my opinion that's a very stupid move -- as who is going to know about Bank A's coin, compared to the amount of people who already know about the top 5 altcoins. You obviously want to adopt xrp early on if you are even getting involved in crypto in the first place because the top 10 are currently making major moves in the space to get to the point they are currently.
  10. Another thing to take into consideration is that we may be about 90-120 days from custody laws being lifted in states like NY and others throughout the USA. If and when that happens we are going to see a massive spike in the market cap across all crypto when hedge fund companies and other investment firms begin to pour billions of dollars into crypto, which in my opinion will send prices soaring far beyond where they currently sit. Moral of the story, HODL and wait.
  11. The more mainstream crypto gets, the more we might expect to see certain things happen in the upcoming years if the banking system / govt wants to put pressure on the crypto market: 1) More and more businesses will accept Bitcoin and other altcoins BUT: The government will place larger taxes on income received from crypto currencies CAUSING businesses to be reluctant to accept altcoins. 2) Higher capital gains taxes on crypto currency vs real estate or stock/bond income 3) In an extreme case of the fiat dollar losing its utility and value to altcoins, there could be laws put in place making them illegal once widespread panic begins to ensue amongs big banks, and companies like JP morgan who are getting nonstop calls from their investors daily saying "why are our returns dropping so significantly, I want to place my money elsewhere"
  12. Fiat is going to become increasingly obselete in the upcoming years. Bitcoin is going to start becoming immensely more powerful than fiat than it is now. Banks will be forced to use XRP to compete with Bitcoin. XRP will moon. That is all.
  13. I'm sure some people slit their wrists at 5pm today after selling at 7am this morning #n00bc1ty
  14. Heres the video I used to figure it out (I did it yesterday for getting my cvc off bittrex)
  15. Looks like it is: https://etherscan.io/token/OmiseGo
  16. Is OMG an ERC20 token? If so then yes. You go into myetherwallet, connect your ledger, and click "add token symbol", find omg and then add it, and it will appear on your ledger in myetherwallet.
  17. Its amazing buy now I think. Its a 3 digit coin in the future for sure once China gets their s**t together - just think of the direction it was headed right before China announced its first limitation on the market. It was skyrocketing and it will do that again
  19. I am luckily stocked up to the brim w xrp and have been trying to increase some of my other positions. I guess you can never have enough xrp though
  20. Then - we are proud to announce that the government of China is making XRP the standard for all banks across our great nation. XRP to the MOON!!! (fat chance, but a guy can dream)
  21. then in a month or two China will announce "we have restructured and opened our own government friendly regulated exchanges" and BOOM -- 10k btc
  22. The question is are we gonna get the Trump slam next in conjunction with China's slam. Interesting weeks up ahead.
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