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  1. Check this out...not sure what the future will hold but it's definitely convincing along with the video above: https://pbg-assets.s3.amazonaws.com/editorial/pbo/201708/20170817-pbo-monthly.pdf There are so many strong coins with potential at the moment, but they could all be worthless its so speculative. I try to stick with coins that have a clear use case, a strong team, a good social media community (facebook, twitter, telegram, etc), and coins with a decent trading volume, not too large a total supply, and I particularly avoid "spend me on" coins (spend me on this service or thing). I took a few gambles that could be losers in the future but I'm hoping that 1 or 2 of mine takes off and the losers won't matter as much.
  2. If you really want your mind blown watch this --- he makes some very good points on how they will bankrupt all exchanges if they succeed. OMISEGO!!!
  3. What do you guys think of the dividend calculator and its accuracy? https://safex.io/
  4. Goddamn it --- if they just waited to say 3...2...1 until they were about to go live with a bunch of banks the next day, it would have been such a beast move.
  5. You'd have to think that the more strict they get with bitcoin (NOT tied to banks), the better it will be for XRP (made for banks). As XRP gets adopted by more and more banks, it WILL be "the government's token", because banks work hand in hand with the government. The more successful XRP gets, the more money banks will make, the less need for "bailouts", and governments coming to their rescue.
  6. Says who? Do you really think the US Government can't say "if you're caught using bitcoin we will throw you in a cage"? They can't ban it directly, but they can definitely put the fear of God into users who transact with it. That being said, I think what they really care about is receiving their tax revenue from gains made on it, and as long as they can keep track of where the transactions are going, and who is making gains, and receive their tax revenue, Bitcoin will be around. But if the price gets really high, and less and less people are using banks and not investing in the stock market, things could get very hairy. People with large holdings may have to consider moving to a BTC friendly nation if and when that occurs.
  7. Losing the Nano isnt a problem though. Its the secret 24 word code that you cant lose. If you lose the Nano or it gets seized or stolen, you just buy a new one and import the 24 words and your balance will reappear for all tokens.
  8. In terms of price fluctuation though -- based on XRPs history, I can only guess that there will be a price spike during the conference and maybe after. XRPs price jumps so quickly due to rumor alone -- but then it seems to come right back down. I think lockup + bank adoption will make for a more stable price increase than this conference unless they have some secret up their sleeves that we don't know about. I can sell for a small profit, and then buy back IF the price drops (which seems to be the case historically), but I am too much of a B***H to do that because I know the one time I decide to do it, the price will stay at .50 indefinitely and I will jump off a bridge Ill HODL thank you very much.
  9. So I read the first atomic swap occurred between BTC and LTC over the lightning network. I am trying to understand the technology a bit better. Maybe someone in the know can explain if I have this right. Atomic swaps will make use of hash time locked contracts, where if I want to send you BTC, and get the equivalent amount of LTC, I will send you BTC, and input a secret code when I send it -- I will then tell you my secret code, and when you input it correctly, you get the BTC and I get the equivalent amount of LTC instantaneously, and if you input the secret code incorrectly, I get my BTC back and no exchange is made?
  10. If it goes up to $1, but comes crashing back down to .17......I will still HODL. It will be sad and I will lose a few years off my life due to stress, but I'll still HODL.
  11. ..15-.16, but not .05 or .005. I think the HODLERS of both BTC and XRP are enough to not let it drop below those levels unless something catastrophic happens (like the US stating that an attack happened on its own soil due to bitcoin).
  12. What are your predictions the week of the SWELL conference and the week after?
  13. Another thing to think about is BTC dropped down to 2900 from 5k, and we still maintained .16 We should have plummeted way below that. That leads me to believe that the more XRP gets adopted, the less people will dump it relative to BTC. People are starting to believe. People are terrified of dumping XRP only to have the price go up and them never be able to recoup the amount of tokens they once had. That is a huge fear of mine and I've never sold XRP for profit. Dont plan on it for a long time.
  14. I somehow think .05 isn't going to happen. I think .11 maybe, but the fact that the Dimon crash has kept us hovering above .16 leads me to believe that will always be the support level. HODLERS have spoken and are not going to ditch their shares to drop the price below .11 I dont think. But I guess it all depends on news. I think Ripple is going to get adopted whether we like it or not.
  15. He also suggests to invest in Syngenta, after ChemChina's acquisition of the company. If you have the morals of an alligator and want to put your money into GMO, then I am not interested in what you have to say. Side note: For those who might not know....the 5 GMO companies (Monsanto, Dupont, Bayer, Dow Chemical, and Syngenta) are "chemical" companies, NOT agricultural companies. They engineered crops with these chemicals to be able to withstand more of their harmful herbicides and pesticides. Monsanto has one purpose and one purpose only: to sell more of its herbicides. The objective of Monsanto has become the largest seed company in the world. They are in the process of buying up all seeds in the world which they then want to patent, and then control, so that farmers will not be able to save those seeds, and they want to genetically engineer those seeds, putting "terminator technology" into those seeds, so the seeds kill themselves after one season, and farmers will not be able to save them. They want to control ALL the seeds on the earth, and make sure the farmers of the earth cannot save those seeds. 80% of all the farmers of the world depend on seed saving for their survival. The result: mass starvation.
  16. 50% of people think they're gonna HODL to $100-$200. BWAHAHAHAHAAAHAHAAAAAHAHA. I'd like to see that one. So many people are gonna jump ship between $5-20 its not even going to be funny. Especially if we're sitting at $1 for 9 months, $2 for 9 months, 5 for 1 year....etc
  17. Even though OmiseGO and XRP have different goals -- I sort of look at OMG as a competitor for the simple fact of them trying to decentralize banking. If they succeed in what they're trying to do they can seriously collapse banks, and pretty much bankrupt all the exchanges that are currently selling altcoins.
  18. I swear the same people buy and sell everything -- all of my holdings seem to go up and drop right down to the same price every few days.
  19. Do you think its possible that we'll still be sitting at .17-.25 this time next year? Why or why not?
  20. I was just thinking the other day how genius stealth wallets would be. We're not far off from going to the airport and TSA saying "you cant bring that trezor on here unless you show the balance it carries" -- if they don't know its a wallet, they cant ask.
  21. Thank you guys so much. I put in my first position at 3am.
  22. When you purchase shares of stock of a company, you own a "piece" of that company. When you purchase a cryptocurrency, you own a percentage of a total token supply, but no stake in the actual company that is behind the token. So lets say a company like civic goes mainstream and everyone uses it to verify their identities. How does that drive the price of the token up if no one is using the tokens? What the heck do these tokens have to do with the actual businesses? If hospitals decide to join the patientory platform....what the heck do the patientory tokens have to do with anything?
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