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  1. "Investments in digital currencies is increasing in general, and there is no real reason to eliminate and blow them up, as some people are calling for and we understand their concerns." Investments in digital currencies are increasing, and there is no reason to shun them. Cryptolearner : will accept XRP in exchange for grammatical correction services
  2. Well, nice to e-meet you Mr760 -- and thank you for posting the video and exposing yourself like that. Respect. What other tokens do you see promise in?
  3. Who is this dude? He mentions cliff high who is one of the biggest anti-xrp blabbers out there: https://steemit.com/ripple/@endtimenews/clif-high-s-latest-web-bot-report-is-not-good-for-ripple-xrp-saying-it-will-crash-down-will-he-be-right-again
  4. AHHHH.....the plot thickens. Makes sense. So JP morgan is part of Ethereum Alliance - I can understand that, but why would they choose a privacy coin , you'd think the govt would want transparency, wouldnt this make it even easier to be corrupt?
  5. I have to agree. He was the chairman of the Federal Reserve. The connections he has are endless. If Jamie Dimon were suddenly partnered up with an altcoin and speaking at their convention, I bet you he would change his tune and be a major asset in whatever cryptocurrency he was aligned with.
  6. "Therefore, we will maintain our bullish stance and preserve our $2.00 Ripple price prediction." By when? I guess they mean before December 2018?
  7. That makes sense. What would be the benefit of someone creating a bunch of empty wallets? Simply a troll trying to slow down the network because he has no life?
  8. This is the ride that we're all in for. The dopamine release is similar to playing no limit texas holdem poker. I think we are holding good hands!
  9. I think it has potential but I think in October a lot of people will get burned by WTC given its recent spike.
  10. So I know I'll probably get a lot of opposition to this, but I do not use stops. First off, I am not a trader, but a long term HODLER. I only invest in cryptos with a strong team, an even stronger use case, a decent trading volume, low to moderate token supply (unless the use case and team are so strong , ie XRP, that it makes up for the large token supply), and very strong social media community backing and promoting the token. (If it is an ICO, I want to see a prototype, and not just a whitepaper of ideas with no actual working prototype). That being said - as of late, I have seen a few "traders" I am friends with, lose their entire holdings due to whales pumping and subsequently dumping certain coins and it crashing below said stop level for a few hours to a few days, only to rise above the original buy level. We are in the ground floor of this cryptocurrency market. If you really believe in a technology, and the other factors are aligned, buy your tokens, grab some popcorn, and HODL for a year or two while the traders increase their biological inflammatory markers obsessing over every little cent increase or decrease, which will ultimately prove to be meaningless in the year 2019. Do your best research and try to pick solid players. You may still lose in the long run, but at least you can rest assured that you did your due diligence on the companies and focused on those which met multi-criteria standards. Oh - and if youre a long term HODLER, please get your tokens off the exchanges and use a Nano S, Trezor, etc. If you're not trading, there's really no need to keep tokens on exchanges, unless the Nano doesnt support them. Spend the extra $80-100 and have peace of mind, because there's no price for a good night's sleep.
  11. I think XVG is a good privacy coin with a solid social media community behind it. I like sunerok (lead developer), and his straight to the point attitude on things. I think as time progresses we will see verge emerging as one of the more premier privacy coins -- but don't expect the price to moon like monero or pivx, because that high token supply will surely keep the price in check a bit.
  12. There should be a way to get our 20xrp back. It is really not cool. I funded that 20xrp originally so I should get it back, unless there's some disclaimer which says its non-refundable, which I don't recall reading.
  13. If xrp goes back to .17 again I am going to have to go with 100% controlled selling until I hear otherwise this is just too crazy and too common
  14. Dimons statements definitely spread fake FUD which crashed bitcoins price and xrp usually follows suit
  15. We were holding at .21-.22 before the Dimon catastrophe. I'm not getting hopes up yet.
  16. When it rains its gonna rain hard. They just announced that new office in Singapore also. It's all going to erupt at one time and it's going to be massive when it does
  17. It would be very respectable if one of the higher ups at Ripple came on this thread to confirm or deny this. I don't care either way, I believe in the mission and am in it for the long haul, but it would still be nice to have the transparency of what's actually going on.
  18. People don't even know how to buy bitcoin still, let alone ripple. I have friends who are calling me a genius because I know how to use shapeshift. We are SO far off from adoption it's not even funny. People have no clue how to download a "verge native wallet and blockchain" and back it up. This industry is so foreign and scary to young people, let alone people over 50. Thats where I see the value of altcions like BQX (bitquence), and OmiseGO.
  19. CryptoLearner


    Large baked ziti pizza, extra garlic. **** THE WORLD.
  20. I'm not positive that they partnered up 100% actually, but there is a lot of speculation of a relationship between them in the future because of a photo that the owner posted with Apple Logos on his skateboard: https://medium.com/@coinpupil/apple-x-omisego-partnering-up-crpytocurrency-news-and-media-b3d8a8720921
  21. The partnership with Apple and Mcdonalds isnt to shabby either. Also Vitalik being on the board. I'm not sure how other currencies going into OMG affects the price -- but once they go live later in the year they will appreciate in my opinion: https://steemit.com/omisego/@pandorasbox/why-omisego-omg-has-much-more-potential-for-growth-than-you-might-think-dividends-will-be-higher-than-most-realize
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