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  1. This is a marvelous thread. I love seeing xrp making a name for itself amongst the pack of wolves. A new ALPHA is on the way.
  2. I just saw this after I posted the same thing -- having a little trouble deleting my post at the moment for some reason, maybe a mod can get it out of there. Thanks for the post
  3. If it shoots up to $1 then drops back down to .17 I'm taking a break from looking at xrp for a long time.
  4. Absolutely. We've heard it for a while though. Just a question of when.
  5. For 1-2 days before plummeting down like a shooting star?
  6. I took latin for 4 years in high school and all I could translate was lux had to look that one up -- its a winner.
  7. That's why you buy the dips only Never chase a rise -- chase the crash
  8. I think so as well. Look at what just happened today with Bittrex de-listing Bitshares tokens because Bitshares is a decentralized exchange that can completely cripple Bittrex. OmiseGO will do the same, and completely cripple banks and ATMs. Sh*t is going to start getting real.
  9. You're not challenging me at all. I'm not making any claim on marketcap being the be all end all, I'm just stating the numbers we need to reach to overtake bitcoin. This space is so crazy none of us have a clue what is about to really go down in the next 5 years.
  10. So the current marketcap of bitcoin is $72,128,464,085. If we multiply the (token supply of XRP) x (price of $10), or 38,343,841,883 x 10, we get 383,438,418,830, or roughly 5.3x Bitcoin's current marketcap. This is why I say a more realistic goal is in that $1-$2 range for now. At $1.90 xrp would be just taking over Bitcoins #1 spot. I did this calculation a few weeks ago though, and the number was $1.63. So to be honest...the more successful BTC is, I bet the higher XRP can go.
  11. This ICO gets a lot of buzz and is tied with Disney, but wow this is painful to watch at points:
  12. At $10, xrp would be 5x the current marketcap of bitcoin. We have a wayyyyys to go. But who knows what will happen in this space
  13. I bought xrp at .17, so we have something in common. Enjoy your youth I wish I was 17
  14. We have some beasts in here. I will be coming to this forum for support as I watch all my profits float out of my hands yet again
  15. Well we can assume that it will definitely come down to the same or maybe a new support level. All altcoins seem to do that, and xrp always has as well.
  16. If the price of XRP goes to .5 during SWELL, will you sell? Or will you HODL as the price comes crashing down to its new support level?
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