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  1. I am all for my nano as well, but deH rEdditZ n deH int3erw3bs claim that it is going to be better....only time will tell.
  2. https://rippex.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/sections/201428603-Ripple-Desktop-Wallet
  3. I ain't selling crap though until @Hodor @Mercury @Luschka @teddybear @cmbartley and a few others say they've sold some. (and I hope they chime in to announce when they think it's good to unload, if ever)
  4. I hope we stay in double digit marketcap. This is fantastic #2 spot here we come.
  5. I don't mind the non-rhyming when he throws in some iambic pentameter like he does in some lines
  6. I've never used changelly yet - namely because I've heard so much about their fees being high. But I've never met anyone who told me this personally, it's just a rumor that I've read on google and reddit.
  7. Are you familiar with the soon to be released Bitquence "universal wallet"?
  8. I would be interested to see the chart you would come up with Teddybear
  9. Wait.....XRP is suddenly going to be the #1 marketcap cryptocurrency 15 weeks after SWELL all of a sudden?
  10. One of the use cases of xrp is to turn one currency into any other currency. Is there a quick way for me to do that that I don't know about, other than converting to btc, then usd or yen or whatever fiat currency?
  11. Personally I've acquired enough that I'm ready to see it jump to a new support level But I guess -- can you really ever have enough? I've just put enough $ into it pretty much.
  12. How pricy is land in Bali compared to say a similar place in NY or LA?
  13. While we're on this topic....let's say I want to transfer XRP to yen in 4 seconds now. How do I do it?
  14. I am feeling the same way. My psychology is so tied to the American dollar that I will have to form new pathways in my brain to consider XRP more valuable than these green pieces of paper
  15. I will definitely have some gold and silver, but....there's something very attractive about carrying a nano s across the border that I simply cannot do with bricks of gold
  16. Once the price of XRP is more than $1, a single XRP will hold more actual value than a dollar bill. It will also allow me to exchange between currencies (dollars cannot do that). That being said, the conundrum I face -- is that if and when XRP moons to the price that allows me to retire, would it be beneficial to not exchange it to dollars at all, but to keep my XRP? Thoughts?
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