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  1. http://www.newsbtc.com/2017/10/17/ripple-price-technical-analysis-xrpusd-remains-uptrend/
  2. @Elitefoo Does it make sense that traders would dump at .29 instead of HODLING to dump higher? Do the chart technicals mandate dumping before .3 if you're trading according to the information in the charts? I know you're the local chart expert, so just wondering.
  3. Is it really traders taking profits RIGHT before we get to .3??? Or are we being generous and hopeful? For 1 billion dollars in trading volume, it just seems very suspect that the price would dump like it ALWAYS seems to.
  4. That's why you look so happy in your avatar photo. I have 2 LLCs in California and the fees alone for that are enough to wipe that smile off my face due to repeated BOHICA (Bend Over Here It Comes Again). SWELL Day 1 has also had a bit of BOHICA action. Hopefully days 2 and 3 will be a bit more interesting
  5. Ok, so all the people who made thousands, 10s of thousands and 100s of thousands who've been holding xrp for the past 3 years are complete idiots then. Troll.
  6. The USA should wake up just as much. At least Korea is moving the price. Americans are too busy investing in Paris Hilton's coin and following the Kardashians.
  7. Curious -- did you pay any taxes on that at all? I'm trying to figure out what percentage the IRS is going to take off my future gains.
  8. We have to eventually see support above .3, then you'll be up 10x. That's pretty impressive. But I bet you're waiting for that $3
  9. Meh. I ain't worried. Though below about .23 would still annoy me. We have to at least maintain above .3 at some point to ever have any hope of seeing $1.
  10. I know it's frustrating. I've watched it go up to .3 and back down to .17 quite a few times. But the one time I decide to play, it will forever stay at .32. And if that happens, I will be crying and asking @teddybear to grill me a steak and play some sexy music. #FML
  11. It's extremely tempting for me to sell off during swell and then rebuy the dip. I calculated that I can probably add like 40k xrp doing that, but I'm too much of a P**sy
  12. If anything, the best way to go is to leave it alone, go onto coinwink.com and enter your target price for XRP, along with your phone number. If and when it hits your price you'll get a text. Problem solved.
  13. We know it's not going to $2 anytime soon. So unless your goal is .4 cents, it doesn't make sense to check it all the time except for important times like the upcoming week and a half. Unless of course you're trying to constantly buy and sell and trade it. That's too much of a hassle for me, and I haven't given a cent to exchanges in the few months I've been involved in this space. HODL makes so much more sense.
  14. My personal rules (work for me, might not work for anyone else -- but helps me sleep at night): 1) HODL, never trade. Wait for the exact price you want, no matter how long that is, and then DUMP accordingly. 2) Keep all XRP on a Nano, and never on exchanges for more than a few minutes. 3) Take time away from looking at the price of XRP periodically, and the market as a whole.
  15. Too expensive relative to what? All the news in the world means nothing. Adoption and bank usage across the world is what matters, as well as more people buying XRP than are selling it.
  16. You really think SWELL will be the REAL 3...2...1? Never to .17 again?
  17. I think the devaluation of the USD is a relative statement. For me personally, the moment XRP reaches and maintains a value above $1.00, the US dollar will forever be inferior in my opinion.
  18. You forgot to add put on the romantic music for the lady you're grilling those steaks for
  19. If you're not ready for a rickety next two weeks, get yourself off this wooden rollercoaster right now
  20. English: So it seems that you can't restore a ripple desktop wallet from a "wallet file"? If anyone else would like to add anything please chime in. Spanish: Por lo tanto, parece que no se puede restaurar una cartera de escritorio ripple de un "archivo de cartera"? Si alguien más quisiera agregar algo por favor chime.
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