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  1. I'm not going to lie, I thought about taking all my xrp and buying another coin, and buy XRP lower, but they have some things up their sleeves I'm sure. Brad is not going to let Jed get away with the IBM shi*. I'm sure of that.
  2. I just find it hard to believe that all those business cards were exchanged, and meetings were had, and nothing at all will come of it in the next 12 months??
  3. I say less than 2 years for some sort of increase. It's not going to stay at .2 for 2 years.
  4. If they're indeed announcing something big, I would love the price to drop to the .10-.15 level so I could accumulate one last large sum
  5. The question though -- is when will whatever use case raise the price of XRP tokens if people are selling them on exchanges? When will the use cases of XRP ASIDE FROM EXCHANGES, actually contribute to its price rising?
  6. With the price drop during the SWELL conference a lot of people seem to be getting their panties in a bunch because there wasn't an announcement that XRP cures cancer. The reason I invested in XRP was a long term play, and any of these little price fluctuations don't change the fact that: 1)XRP provides cross border payments for a fraction of the cost of Ethereum and Bitcoin combined. 2) XRP can handle many more transactions than Ethereum and Bitcoin 3) Ripple has over 100 banks signed up 4) XRP has a finite number of coins that can never be increased whereas tokens like Ethereum release millions of new coins a year. To put things in further perspective: -Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times creating his prototypes of the electric bulb -James Dyson created 5126 failed prototypes of his vacuum before succeeding -Colonel Sanders got rejected over 1000 times when trying to pitch his chicken recipe -Sylvestre Stallone failed 1500 times trying to sell Rocky - Tim Feriss got rejected by 25 publishers before getting picked up The list goes on.......I feel like SWELL was the launching point for things to come in the next year or two. "Fits and starts gentlemen....fits and starts" - Miguel Vias Give this amazing team time for their seeds to sprout into forests and their rockets to go to the moon All these fools jumping ship for a few cents were just talking S**t about Jed McCaleb and his company within the past year. They're like bandwagon fans with no real spirits. If you want to get some XLM, then do it. But I think you'll be kicking yourself down the road when XRP makes some noise.
  7. If this is true, then IBM/XLM = BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  8. Side note what the heck did Vitalik pull out of his pocket?? It looked like crystal
  9. I'm not really paying this beeyatch any mind with her XRP isn't necessary. "There is no reason for an individual to have a computer in his home" - Ken Olsen
  10. Did she literally just say "we see no demand for XRP itself" -- "why go into something that's not a necessity".
  11. And whether or not any deals made will make the price of XRP increase or decrease
  12. Sorry for my above video post -- trying to delete it but having some issues lol
  13. Sorry for my above video post -- trying to delete it but having some issues lol
  14. I'll be completely honest -- after the BTC fork I am thinking alts will go up at least 25% around the board. And around Oct 2, 2016, XRP was around $.008401. Thats about a 36 time increase in a year. By this time next year I am just optimistic that we will be very pleased if it continues in that positive direction, which I see no reason to believe otherwise -- I'm still up from my purchase price so these little bumps and hurdles are similar to what we've seen with bitcoin, and I would venture to say even less volatile / more stable.
  15. http://www.newsbtc.com/2017/10/17/ripple-price-technical-analysis-xrpusd-remains-uptrend/
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