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  1. If THIS is happening, there's no way it's going nowhere, or it wouldn't even be on his radar. They see $$$ signs: https://www.coindesk.com/vladimir-putin-mandates-new-rules-cryptocurrencies-icos/
  2. The CEO of Cobinhood is specifically targeting hedge fund managers. If and when that hedge fund money pours into crypto, we are going to be laughing all the way to the lambo.
  3. I was at sushi with my girl, and there was a 16 year old sitting at the sushi bar and I asked him what he thought of cryptocurrency, and he goes "I dont even know what that is". We have work to do.....but the exposure will hit hard, and we are the early adopters.
  4. I'm not sure about January , but 2018 is going to be massive. And 2019??? I can't even begin to imagine.
  5. Forget about now. Forget about now's prices. Forget about everything you think you know to be reality. If you don't see the vision and you still have FUD, then you don't belong in this space. 2018 is going to be a complete rocketship. Get all of your eggs in order before November 16, and then before January. Stock up and get all your positions ready to HODL. We are about to embark on a journey that is going to turn this financial system upside down and topple things as we know them to exist. Don't worry about things NOW. NOW is when the moves are made. STACK. Stack an
  6. Its not IF. This IS what happens during a fork. ALWAYS. Not a mystery. It IS a fact.
  7. Here's the even trickier part. Let's say it goes to $1.....then comes back down to .7 for a year before going up to $1.5
  8. Let's wait a few weeks before we get too bummed. And beyond that -- let's wait until the end of the year at least before doing anything silly.
  9. This big pullback will almost definitely mean a rise over .3 before the year's end.
  10. Everyone is freaking out over the price. Why? During a fork don't worry about your altcoins prices.
  11. Same here brother. Its the only thing saving me at the moment. I think we're good if we just chill
  12. This is always what happens during a fork. Are you new to crypto? If Bitcoin Sneezes, the other alts catch a cold. Expect alts to moon after people sell their Bitcoin Gold to purchase cheap alts. Then expect the same thing to happen during November's fork as well. Don't think of this as Bitcoin rising and alts falling. Think of it as BLACK FRIDAY SALES!!!!
  13. No offense taken. I don't use exchanges. I have my stuff sitting offline. I havent ventured into the exchanges much to trade. Are they bittrex bots then? Thank you for this article.
  14. I'm trying to understand where you're looking at the buys thats all. Do you think its bots at Ripple Labs?
  15. So-- do any of you think any news will come before year's end that will increase the price of XRP, or will we indeed be sitting at .17-.2 for two years? Opinions and why?
  16. If you can find the source for that I'd love to read it that would be interesting
  17. What I often wonder --- is it POSSIBLE that a bunch of banks come onboard, start using XRP, but yet the price doesnt move because what really moves the price moreso are people buying or selling on these exchanges?
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