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  1. Can you shed any light on why the price of XRP is sitting between .16 and .199 for so long despite all the great news?
  2. I'm not sure how to do what you're asking. But if you have BTC in coinbase, you can go to shapeshift.io, and transform the BTC to XRP/ripple, and then from shapeshift.io, send that directly to Gatehubs xrp wallet. Here is the video I used to figure this out:
  3. Why do we think South Korea is so much more interested in XRP than other nations? SBI? ****....Bank of America is on board, but the USA is too busy watching the Kardashians to wake up and give a sh.. http://www.business-standard.com/article/finance/sbi-opens-branch-in-seoul-south-korea-116011300763_1.html
  4. Doesnt it make more sense to wait until January 2018 before thinking we're on the wrong train?
  5. Thank you guys for your responses. I in no way doubt the possibility of this happening, I just wanted some other opinions. I will never have to work another day in my life if xrp hits triple digits as I am heavily invested. I would like to think that none of us have any idea of the insanity and great things that are about to happen in the next 4 years (hopefully sooner). We must HODL strong!
  6. One of the biggest rebuttals to XRP reaching $100 or higher is "but that would mean it would have a 10 trillion dollar market cap, which is impossible". To which people usually reply "no one thought a bitcoin would reach 2000 either" (even though Bitcoin has a reasonable market cap so it makes sense given the amount of coins in circulation). Is it really possible for XRP to reach 3 digit prices? What situations could there be where the price would trump market cap, if any? Because IF it is actually true that market cap cant reach something like 10 trillion, then how is it ever possible fo
  7. I wonder if airlines and hotels will ever accept xrp. That could be a gamechanger for travel and interchanging between fiat currency so smoothly and quickly.
  8. I really want a price like 200-300, and I'd like to tell myself that I would still hodl if it hit 50, but at 50 I would be able to retire -- how the heck can I continue to hodl?? I will need some serious willpower.
  9. And that..is where it starts to get crazy. But hey, I'm a happy hodler. I hope when things blow up we have a meetup of people from this forum who made it
  10. Which makes the corruption possibilities even moreso in my opinion. I hope things stay as peachy as they are and there's no inside nonsense going on that ruins things for all of us.
  11. "As this threatens SWIFT (unless they are completely on board) and the US dollars’ supremacy in the economic & financial markets, I would not be surprised to see a false flag attack, in which the NSA attacks Ripple and blames it on North Korea or China. Frankly, this would be a cake walk compared to Stuxnet or WannaCry and they could probably hand the task to an MIT intern. Where semi-centralization is Ripples strength in terms of transaction speed and regulation, it is also the biggest security flaw and may open it’s user to some heart ache, hair loss and heavy drinking over the next seve
  12. So basically the more news gets out and the more people start trading -- the higher the price should go. What was the initial news that caused the jump from 0065 to .4 in the first place? Or what bigwig made a purchase to drive up the price in such a way?
  13. Hello xrp wizards. I wanted to grasp the concept of volume a bit more as it relates to xrp's price. Does volume simply represent "the total amount of xrp tokens traded in a 24 hour period"? If so, even though banks dont "need" xrp to do transactions -- wouldn't the volume increase significantly once more banks start doing cross border payments with xrp, and if so, what can/will that do to the price?
  14. Now that gatehub is back I want to move everything to a ledger wallet. Is this what everyone recommends? https://www.ledgerwallet.com/apps/ripple
  15. Has this happened before? Are they just updating, or is it more serious?
  16. Anyone else having trouble logging into gatehub?
  17. Hi all, perhaps someone could help or provide a link? I have my xrp stored in an online exchange at the moment and purchased a Trezor device for BTC. Does anyone know if I can store XRP on the same Trezor along with the BTC?
  18. Some people seem to get it right a lot of the time. Matt on the crypto news youtube channel is usually spot on with his "Wycoff method" predictions.
  19. I have a paper wallet for my btc, but havent figured out the xrp paper wallet yet
  20. I am solely on gatehub too. I have 2fA enabled. If the gatehub website were hacked, would 2fa not mean a f'ing thing, or is the account still secure? Hodor??
  21. I found this online and thought it might interest some:
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