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  1. They gave a vague lockup date of "by the end of the year".
  2. For sure, if you just assess the past few months btc has outperformed XRP, and AOL outperformed Amazon in the late 90s as well. I consider xrp more of an investment than a day trading asset, especially this early on in their timeline. Gotta give them a chance to work their magic, go live with banks, lockup the escrow...I'm still happy hodling my stagnant xrp. I have btc as well which I plan on holding for at least 5-10 years unless something catastrophic happens but that's just me. The day trading is too nerve racking for me.
  3. Crash to .09 - .1. Only the strong will survive and thrive. Hodl positions.
  4. Joel Katz said in this forum: 7) Now, say you're a company like Apple with a huge pile of cash. If you want to snap up other assets cheap, you'll need to hold the asset the people selling want. If they're going into any of our corridors, they'll want XRP, so you would want to hold it. 8) If that succeeds, it should massively increase the price of XRP. Let's give them time to get to steps 7 and 8 Hodl
  5. I mean.....if it hits .13 I would still say you should get 10xrp Your post does say .12- "ISH"
  6. I have 2fa enabled, but was still worried, until you gave me this response. Ordered my Nano s. My gatehub account was "denied" though, yet I still have an xrp balance. Does this mean I can send or receive xrp, just not USD?
  7. Curious -- since Ripple is the controller of XRP -- if an exchange like gatehub or poloniex happened to be "hacked" causing users to lose their XRP, would Ripple be able to reimburse xrp to those users who filed claims?
  8. Interesting. They're selling account starters. Genius IMO because of so many people who are clueless. The first bit of xrp I bought btc on coinbase -- but from then on I just prefer paying cash in person and having it sent direct to gatehub or nano s
  9. I can sell xrp on localbitcoin for cash to many buyers in my area who would love that 3-5% cash in their pockets
  10. Here comes that argument again. Last time I brought this up they closed the thread. Lots think that market cap is irrelevant if lots of people/big institutions begin to buy.
  11. Xrp never hit that .4 mark until a few months ago though. After antshares hit .4 it crashed for about 9 months just like xrp. Let's see what happens the next .4 rally. IF it ever hits .4 again it will most likely be when the banks start putting that use case to action. Then we'll see if it can continue to increase in value. I'm very curious to see what the price will be after the 1 billion a month escrow is fully circulated. And that won't happen for 4 years
  12. It's going to hit $2. You just might have to wait 4 years to retire instead of 6 months.
  13. The next time it reaches .39 - .41 will be a test to see if we can break through to .7 or higher. We're all just hoping that this happens December-Jan.
  14. Definitely, but XRPs use case hasnt even been implemented yet. So any information about current price isn't as relevant to its true value once banks all over the world begin to use it. If banks are using it for a year to transfer money all over the world and the price is still the same I will wonder what the deal is.
  15. It makes no sense because it's comparing apples to oranges. The two technologies are at completely different stages in their development and implementation. Comparing BTC to XRP is like comparing Michael Jordan to a varsity level high school All Star. Compare BTC to XRP once the 100+ banks begin to use the technology for at least a year or more.
  16. Before we get all crazy, let's not forget that NEO opened at .18, on September 9, 2016. On Sept 18, 2016, it was .42. On October 5, 2016, it was .18 again. On October 24th, 2016, it tanked to .08. It then stayed in the .12 to .16 range until March 29 2017, where it broke to .22. May 1, 2017 it was .36. May 24, .87. May 25, 1.74. June 19, $5.46. And the rest is history. Do you want to be one of those people who panicked on October 24th, 2016, or during the greuling October-March wait? Or do you believe in the potential of this great team and the actual power that we aren't even able to comprehend is about to occur in the years 2018-2020? If we're still sitting at .09-.16 by Summer 2018, then I'll be a bit concerned (and then go buy some more XRP).
  17. Fair point. I was speaking simply on the analysis of xrp price and value vs the price of btc. Luckily I bought my zerps when btc was a lot lower - but I still think In 2-3 years it will be worth it to hodl the zerps - something to think about though --you can buy xrp on localbitcoin with usd.
  18. Xrp/btc = loll. Horrible way to judge the success of xrp
  19. Wait until 2018-2020. Anything that happens from now to December is meaningless.
  20. If you look at the 1 year price history of NEO -- you can see many moments last year where it was floating around .17, .18, then even went down to .09 which probably freaked a bunch of people out....and then 9 months later...BOOM! Our time will come. Our product has a better use case --- banks will see the light, and then so will investors
  21. Agreed. It might be "the last" thing they're worried about but their investors REALLY worry about it either way it is very respectable that Miguel is taking time to respond to us and it makes me that much more confident in placing my money into XRP. I see the value in the company and what they're trying to do and I at least feel the honesty and transparency in Ripple and their mission. They're only trying to do useful things that will enhance the way the world sends money to one another.
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