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  1. Hodor -- if you HAD to take an educated guess....what year do you think we will hit the late majority and laggard stages for Bitcoin and XRP? Also -- at which stage would you say the prices will peak? Or will they continue to increase even at the laggard stage?
  2. I have to guess that some people became very wealthy last night on this forum. And all I have to say is congratulations to all of you and I hope this ride is bigger than any of us imagined.
  3. Was just going to post this. MOVE OVER MOTHERF****S!!!!!!!
  4. About to CRUSH bitcoin cash. Move over Pseudo Bitcoin.......Prepare to get ZERPED
  5. In honor of today -- I am liking every single thing everyone posts, even if you ridicule my moms ****** In honor of 2 the moon! Spread the love
  6. In December / Jan Ripple is going to lockup 40 billion coins in an escrow account to be released 1 billion a month for 4 years into circulation. Also the banks are supposed to go live and actually USE Ripple "by the end of the year"
  7. Xrp continues to go up 24/7 babyyyy! F**k market cap!!!!
  8. Naysayers--- wait until china, India, and Russia come onboard
  9. This is a foreshadowing of what's to come in December Jan! A glimpse
  10. I dont care --- we just hit 1 billion volume on coinmarketcap!!!
  11. this is new money coming in too. When the price stays the same but the volume doesnt move then its just sideways movement like weve been seeing. When the price AND volume go up, thats NEW money babyyyyy
  12. With 160 employees and 100 banks behind them, and companies like Google -- it really can only go up eventually.
  13. Sorry! I meant a link to the show. The day you posted, the actual show didnt pop up, but now it does
  14. CNBC just released a horrible cryptocurrency portfolio recommendation, and XRP was part of the pie. All the old people watching CNBC would probably die before figuring out how to purchase it and will stick to their McDonalds coffee and mutual funds most likely
  15. What brand encrypted USB do you recommend?
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