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  1. Also maybe the countdown was a slap in the face to SWIFT for uninviting them to SIBOS. The conference is a big deal -- it will open the eyes of a lot of key players.
  2. I did check on bithomp and it still shows my balance so I hope I can regain access to my account with a recovery seed that's not working
  3. My password and recovery key arent working. I had 2fa setup. Its saying incorrect password, and I tried to reset it and its saying incorrect recovery key. Thoughts? I don't see why the recovery seed wouldn't work to allow me to change the password. I submitted a support ticket so hopefully theyll remedy the situation. Is there anyone on here to message?
  4. We should all comment underneath their post about RIPPLE
  5. Aren't they referreing to SWIFT Hyperledger? The inferior technology to Ripple?
  6. Agreed! It's going to be a volatile and wild ride going forth -- but each time we'll be breaking through new resistances. No different than BTC in its earlier stages or even now!
  7. Who would be the source of said algorithms? How does something like this work?
  8. Jeeeezus the speed at which this thing climbs and drops is insane. I am going to need balls of steel when we get into the higher price ranges
  9. Welp. Maybe this is what he meant by shorting lol. Who the hell is selling so much XRP off?
  10. He probably has points on a teleprompter that he has to address and just doesn't have all the info ready to go off the top of his head. But he does say some interesting things
  11. If one bank using Ripple caused this much of a price increase -- imagine when 100 banks do???
  12. He says something scary at 17:38. "short ripple". Im going to have to call Bull**** on it. What do you guys think?
  13. This has the potential to disrupt the Identity Verification space "A new startup called Civic, launching today, wants to help Americans stop becoming victims of identity theft. The company is aiming to topple similar identity protection services like LifeLock by focusing on a broader market than just credit monitoring, while also allowing people to respond to fraud alerts in real-time in order to prevent the fraud from actually taking place. Today, most paid services will monitor consumers’ credit reports for fraud, but that means they’re alerting customers that their information has been compromised after the fact. Civic aims to change that by actually alerting users via a push notification to their smartphone, or a text or email when their Social Security Number is being used at the time of the transaction. This gives the consumer power to deny the transaction immediately." THIS IS HUUUUUGE
  14. Because, IF moon is for certain, then more tokens at a cheaper price is ALWAYS preferable to less coins at a HIGHER price in my opinion.
  15. I honestly hope it goes to below .2 one last time before the moon. I really want to secure more at that sub .2 price. Doesn't seem likely at this point though
  16. I think a better strategy is just HODL, and then BUY if and when the price dips!
  17. I think as far as blockchain goes -- Vinny Linghams Civic (CVC) seems to be quite interesting at the moment. And verge (XVG) as well. Any of you guys have opinions on these two as co-investments to the wonderful XRP?
  18. I hope one day when the time is right the messages on here turn from HODL to "CASH OUT!!!"
  19. I cannot wait to see this market cap grow beyond anything imaginable and our minds be blown. "Then one day you are on top and they say you are an overnight success, a natural. You smile, you know."
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