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  1. On the flipside -- despite BTCs recent drop, XRP still maintained its value. That gives me hope
  2. The wonderful thing is that if and when XRP moons, Gatehub will have a lot of explaining to do as to why they kept the 30xrp (its 30 on my gatehub account) from all its users. I've heard people say that Gatehub gives you the initial xrp and that it belongs to them, but that wasn't the case with me -- I had a friend send me 30 to get me started so those tokens are mine. I'm sure others on here have had the same issue on Gatehub after transferring over to a Nano. Even at its current price, they're basically taking $5-$6 from everyone.
  3. I am invested in BTC and a few other altcoins. As we see the majority of altcoins seem to follow the price of BTC to some extent - when BTC falls, so does the rest of the market for the most part. If nothing but a false rumor is enough to crash the price from 5000- 4000 in a matter of a day or two, wouldn't you say that is a hint that we are treading on flimsy ground and BTC is overpriced at the moment? I'm not saying that it's not going to rally to 7k and then 10k etc, but it just seems that if a rumor can cause such a crash that we might be overpriced.
  4. Anyone have the scoop on why XVG is flying the past 2 days?
  5. Not to beat this into the ground, but it is a very significant difference. Bank of America has a 2.19 trillion dollar market cap and CIBC has somewhere in the 36-45 billion dollar market cap. They're not even remotely in the same ballpark.
  6. Please tell me WHERE you are reading this? I don't see any Canadian bank in the top 10. Here, let me just paste the rankings for you: 1. Industrial & Commercial Bank of China, China — $3.47 trillion 2. China Construction Bank, China — $3.02 trillion 3. Agricultural Bank of China, China — $2.82 trillion 4. Bank of China, China — $2.60 trillion 5. Mitsubishi UFJ Financial, Japan — $2.59 trillion 6. JPMorgan Chase, USA — $2.49 trillion 7. HSBC, UK — $2.37 trillion 8. BNP Paribas, France — $2.19 trillion 9. Bank of America, USA — $2.19 trillion 10. Wells Fargo, USA — $1.93 trillion
  7. That's not what you originally said. You said they're bigger than Bank Of America. They are not.
  8. Sources? Those banks arent on the list http://www.businessinsider.com/the-biggest-banks-in-the-world-2017-4/#10-wells-fargo-usa-193-trillion-14
  9. Lets say XRP goes to $10 tomorrow and you wanted to liquidate it all for USD -- but you have your XRP on a Nano or similar cold storage device. What is the quickest way to convert to USD? What would be the quickest way to convert other altcoins like NEO, Iota etc?
  10. But this is not the case with XRP. There are a fixed amount that is actually depreciating over time.
  11. You guys are all awesome for the level of help provided. Some of the best I've seen on this forum and just goes to show the value of this community- I am very happy to be a part of this group.
  12. I do agree that when Bernanke speaks in October -- that could definitely spark the launch
  13. Fair enough -- But 3....2.....1 a moon reference with no banks going live is a bit of a reach, no?
  14. Amen. Transparency is what they claim is their strong suit when in fact it seems to be obscurity.
  15. Bernanke = ace up sleeve. Period. Say what you want about him like him or not he is well connected and will open doors.
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