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  1. So In early August I bought my first xrp. And I held. I held through the 3.2.1, I held during swell, I even have a mug that has the XRP logo on it, saying HODL. But I have changed the way I look at xrp, and while I do hodl some, I often trade it for other tokens in order to capitalize on some gains, and then re accumulate xrp again. It's pretty stable and we can see even in the worst blood, it doesnt really drop below .19 or so. And it will often jump up into the mid .20s, so it's better than a savings account in my opinion. I will hodl xrp as a storage space like tether (with the potential of gains), with very little volatility on the downside. I will not marry myself to any one coin from here on out and will shift between them to take advantage of gains from potential news, while always hodling some xrp. I shifted some into b3coin 3 weeks ago and some into Lisk, and they have made staggering returns that I simply wouldn't have had, had I just HEDL'D all my xrp.
  2. After SWELL do you really still think that $173 day is coming? Just curious.
  3. That bank owning bi*ch at SWELL sure didn't seem to think so.
  4. Yes, the official date directly from Ripple themselves is........ . . . . . . . . . . . . .................. "By the end of the year"
  5. I don't trust psychics either. I've never met a wealthy one. They're always in some little 500 square foot palm reading kiosk. If they were real, they would be the wealthiest people in the world and rule the Earth.
  6. They conveniently fail to mention the picks he got "wrong" though. No oracles in this space except for Satoshi Nakamoto.
  7. Headlined by Teeka Tiwari--- they will be giving an emergency briefing online tonight at 5pm and again at 8pm on repeat. Predicted NEO, and Ethereum (and OMG). Teeka will be announcing his pick to get into tonight, and most crypto investors look to him as an "Oracle" so to speak. I know you didn't ask me, but I couldn't resist
  8. Welllll, 5 years is a long time, who knows what will happen in the space. I'd need to see what happens in 2018 before I can make a prediction like that, because as of now, I see the price .2 in 5 years
  9. I really don't see what the problem is. I bought in August, and I'm still 20% up on my investment despite the price lowering. People who bought a year before me are up way more. Not sure what other investments out there would have given me 20% within 1-2 months, but there arent many
  10. I could have had double the xrp I have now if I had sold at .3 during the 321 and swell pumps. Instead I hedl'd. Oh well. I am happy with my Hodlings though, got in at .17.
  11. I would be very shocked to see $5 in 5 years.
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