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  1. well I do wonder if it will surpass 70/80 cents or just dump straight to lower 40s, crazy stuff this is
  2. Well we still have Binance to come out with a statement... Biggest exchange in volume... ODL is dropping to very low levels aswell... Don't want to spread FUD, just looking at the facts or do you think new announcements wont make any differences anymore?
  3. Crawl, walk, get hit by a bus and fall off a cliff...
  4. With this downward pressure 10-15 cents becomes real... Binance next?
  5. Well in 2017 btc corrected and money went to alot of altcoins. Question is, will history repeat itself and this time, will xrp be left behind? What would be your guess?
  6. BTC is correcting as we speak, question is how far. One thing is for sure. If btc corrects to say 23k (likely), xrp will tank with it...
  7. I fully agree @Julian_Williams This quote hits the nail on its head: "What I cannot stomach is the thought they were running bots that sold off XRP at an advantage to ordinary investors in bear market conditions at the same time as they were reassuring the public that their business was supporting the roll out of XRP." A single lie discovered is enough to create doubt in every truth expressed. I believe in the technology, but at this moment I have a feeling of disgust for the sheer greediness of the execs.
  8. The chart looks like a big panic drop since 2018.... Anyhow to what level do you expect it to drop? xrp 0.07 and btc 3000?
  9. Good afternoon, Im a huge fan of Ripple but once in a while I open my eyes to other very interesting projects. One of them is Elastos and I am still trying to get my head around it... I just wanted to share this with the community and let me know what you think about it. Below a beginners guide/explanation: link on reddit:
  10. So, I was driving back home from work and thinking about ripple and my investment. I admit I never expected the drop to be this huge and sometimes it makes me doubt about holding. For about 5 minutes I was driving behind this vehicle en suddenly I saw it... This is my sign that holding will pay off.... Power to the Hodlers! (oh and because of Hodor and his impressive writing skills! :)) Cheers
  11. With all the good news that makes sense :D.... To be honoust... I expected a correction but not by this magnitude jees....
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