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  1. While I agree that many people have traded their BTC for XRP. The other reason we have seen a sharp drop is because at least some of these relatively large BTC players and I call them BTC player because they are still finding value in BTC for god knows why, decided to switch back to BTC when XRP/BTC trade gave them a +10% return.
  2. DS is smart enough not to waste his time with this idiot. Plus, that's the kind of attention CSW is seeking anyway, don't give it to him.
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    Red Day

    That's a good question. I don't remember exactly, but there was some sort of scenario where all else would go bust and then XRP would rise..anyway. Maybe it was another cryptic personality.
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    Red Day

    Wasn't BG referring to a set-up like this?
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    Red Day

    this isn't about XRP..let them burn!!!
  6. What amazes me is that whenever XRP starts appreciating in price we see these 'concerned citizens' coming out of the woods to claim it is a security.
  7. Coinbase can continue to be big in US. But they don't have the monopoly anymore which is why they mattered last year. There are multiple exchanges giving access to US customers and even more so across Canada and the rest of the world. Anyone who wanted to buy XRP can get to XRP easily. Besides that Coinbase pump is just a pump and dump for daily traders, goes up for speculation, crashes down due to lack of utility.
  8. Well Ripple is just opening another branch/office in Dubai pretty soon. I don't know how many offices they will have operating by the end of the year, but they have created a global presence. The company has grown from merely 150 members to 290+ (almost 300) in a year. And the people they hire are all top notch engineers, managers, researchers, communication experts etc. All of this growth costs money. In addition, Ripple has committed to giving away more than 50 million USD to several charities including the school programs, universities' research initiatives and other funds. Not to include their investments in startup companies working on several relevant applications using xrp as a mode of payment/settlement. So, I would say they are mostly investing in growth and partly donating to create awareness/goodwill. That's pretty much where the money is going.
  9. Charity, investment in XRP ecosystem, Ripple's expansion into new territories, new functions. If I remember correctly, back last year December, David Schwartz had said that if the price and volume were high enough, Ripple could simply offer to pay SWIFT (all its fees) as an incentive to takeover SWIFT network so that could be a potential expansion if the price does go up.
  10. The die is cast... Nik shared this quote last week out of the blue. The same quote was also shared as part of a hint/riddle in a picture posted by BG123 back in May this year.
  11. You are either clueless about Ripple's strategy, or you are simply trolling people here.
  12. Are members here still buying ?
  13. The die is cast... Nik shared this quote last week out of the blue. This was also shared as part of a hint/riddle in a picture posted by BG123 back in May this year.
  14. I wanted to open a thread on the trading pairs. It seems that XRP is actually acutely overlooked/restricted access to in many exchanges (even supposedly favorable ones). This extends not only to fiat pairs but also to the newly launched fiat-pegged crypto currency pairs. For example while it is possible to find USDC (USD Stable Coin) pairs for BTC, ETH and BCH, it is not possible to find it for XRP on Poloniex. On Binance, which is supposedly better, the situation is worse, even though they have other pairs available for BTC, there's no TrueUSD or USDC and more importantly no fiat pair for XRP. Only the soon to be dead (probably) USDT pair exists. Bittrex which is again supposedly an XRP friendly exchange offers TrueUSD (Trust Token) as BTC/ETH and USDT pair but doesn't offer an XRP pair. You may look at this and say, who cares. But for large players who want to rapidly move fiat-pegged money in-out of crypto exchanges having direct access to a digital asset where they can minimize fees will be very important, especially when hedging trades. Obviously there are many issues with USDT (the ominous Tether) and it may fail, but that doesn't mean fiat-pegged cryptos will cease to exist. On the contrary, this will be a growing space and we need to make sure that XRP is directly accessible via fiat-pegged currencies, especially the newer more reliable/trustworthy ones that are launched recently. Perhaps we can get some insight on it from @miguel