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  1. Most people feel the lock up is already built into the price, so I don't buy it.
  2. Yeah but you can't just announce the lockup and then do a mic drop. People who aren't familiar with it will need some more details.
  3. Normally, companies release a big announcement at the beginning of a conference, so that they have the next two days to elaborate on it, publicize it and allow for better digestion of the info. They get all their partners talking about this new talking point, customers getting deep dives on the details and maximize the publicity with all the important speakers they brought to be quoted referring to this new item. Waiting for the last day means they don't have something that they could frame a conference around, that should lower expectations in my opinion.
  4. Does it show any transaction history?
  5. Because Veritaseum was just trying to hold out long enough for more suckers to buy their coins. Reggie made millions of these poor suckers and every day they can stay open, with even a worthless "report" to pretend they are doing anything is more time to collect suckers. Anyone associated with this coin should be immediately called out for scamming or helping scam people out of money. Oh, and they don't even pay the people who provided info for the fake @ss reports they are selling. @CrypToe
  6. If R3 failed to meet their obligations in the TPA first, Ripple may have a leg to stand on. But I'm no legal expert.
  7. Its not, but the Banks who made the USC are names the media understands to be smart so they assume the tech is good by virtue.
  8. The mass media going to avoid what they don't understand. Ripple doesn't fit the same mold, its boring to watch and the use cases don't sound flashy to the average person who reads cyrpto articles. They want hype, massive dramatic swings and content that is easily digestible, gets people excited one way or another and creates a basis for following said media outlets. Ripple is like the Honda Accord of the crypto space, it has no advertising and gets no love from the flashy car coverage articles. It will be the biggest seller year in an year out but no one talks about it or gets overly excited about selling or owning one.
  9. Still waiting on that Jamaican stock exchange deal to change the game and hand you the crown jewels/keys to the internet from 1994 for free?
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