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  1. I'm shocked people still fall for these twitter scams.. they've been around for ~2years.
  2. That's a good question. It would be interesting to see how the market will react - I think the narrative that BTC is digital gold and a safe haven might be pushing it a bit, e.g. when the yield curve got inverted all markets tanked, especially BTC, so at the moment it doesn't seem to act completely like gold. If people start seeing it as a safe haven it would mean that crypto/XRP will do OK-ish (at least not lose much value in terms of USD), but otherwise - I expect a significant price drop due to lack of buying power.
  3. Even if they burn 50% of their stash this won't guarantee a pump in price anyway (at least not a sustainable one). The amount left is more than enough to keep the programmatic sales for a decade.
  4. "Garlinghouse said he expected “over $1bn of xRapid volume” by the end of 2020." Hehe, another one worth going into my collection of Garlinghouse quotes.
  5. I fully agree and tbh btc seems much more liquid so it should make sense but Ripple are not going to commit suicide like that I'd imagine.
  6. I was talking about the xRapid product.
  7. Not true, it was planned at some point, but at the moment it's exclusively XRP, was confirmed by someone from Ripple a while ago.
  8. I wouldn't say it's a stable coin, it was 50c 3 weeks ago which is quite the decline.
  9. Well I thought this is a discussion forum so I'm just giving my 2 cents, whether I'm right or wrong I don't care that much as long as I make mostly good trading decisions.
  10. At the end of the day it all comes down to supply/demand. XRP's attempts to catch up to the rest of the market were brutally brought down multiple times so speculators don't want to put too much money which means there's less demand.
  11. Arguably this is bigger news for BTC than the SBI exchange for XRP imo https://www.coindesk.com/beating-bakkt-ledgerx-is-first-to-launch-physical-bitcoin-futures-in-us Not to mention the fact that SBI VC launched BTC/JPY trading pair as well as XRP/JPY so not much difference there (there's no volume yet so maybe in 1 year or so we can see which pair has more volume)
  12. So I guess that's more of a wink than a blink, eh
  13. Seems this guy was pretty spot on when it comes to predicting the amount of $ sold in programmatic sales: As far as the report goes - meh. The only positive change is the OTC sales.
  14. I doubt there's a single person on this forum or on twitter that is not aware of Member Berries and his memes/trolling.
  15. I don't fully agree with that to be honest, quite a lot of key people have left Ripple in the past couple of years - although, you have a point that most of the new employees haven't left (pretty unlikely for a person hired on a top position at a company to leave after 18 months though.)
  16. There's two sides of everything though - you need pessimists as well so that we go into some sort of a discussion, otherwise it's just blind hyping which is equally bad for the space. I don't have that much against ultra speculative threads and opinions - the problem is, especially on Twitter, most of the users are not believing it as well and are trying to pretty much mislead every crypto new joiner by promising them triple digits and screaming HODL while secretly dumping their bags.
  17. @tulo Isn't this the same thing as what happened in Nov 2018 i.e. this thread:
  18. Wait what? They've invested 300k in XRPL Labs - I thought they were funded for 2 years and they are a couple of devs so 300k looks absurdly small amount, especially compared to the other genius Xpring investments. Amateurish stuff.
  19. I sold ~90% of my stack around January when I saw the amount of XRP going out from both programmatic sales wallets in comparison to the real trading volume and when I saw none of the xRapid promises come true. But I still have around 10% and still care about the future of XRP and the tech as it is one of the very few in this space that's pretty damn good so it hurts a bit to see how things are developing. I'm ready to rebuy most of my stack, even at a premium if I see adoption and the ecosystem evolving.
  20. This one in particular рissed me off: Basically, developers with a proven track record and knowledge of XRPL (creators of Toast Wallet) proposed to develop XRP payments mechanism to enable more people to actually use the damn thing and the response from Ripple was - eh mate, you won't be profitable for us, let us invest in some random companies that don't give two fuсks about XRP and XRPL but they would be good for our Ripple shares down the road. Meanwhile we'll 'distributing' XRP based on an inflated wash trading volume, but you keep buying it as Euro Exim bank and SBI will launch soon. Sorry, end of rant.
  21. Maybe I'm missing something, but aren't they trying to just open up a digital assets exchange (VC = virtual currencies) - how is that revolutionary? Even if it's xRapid enabled this would mean they have some APIs that you can hook up to, I doubt they are trying to reinvent the wheel.
  22. So if we don't pay someone or some entity we don't have the right to criticize their work, some logic this.. What are we suppose to discuss on a forum then - just be some blind cheerleaders? If I'm a lead of a feature/release and my release gets delayed by 2+ years I'd be fired after 1 year max.
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