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  1. Well, if Mark Phillips believes that then I think 10 000 / xrp is almost a certainty.
  2. You can have an instant settlement with xCurrent as well, which is what I believe they are talking about in this case.
  3. iLeeT

    Will Ripple XRP reach $1000

    Can we reach 40 cents first?
  4. Oh man, why do people keep replying to this chick, I mean, it's like talking to a wall. I'm pretty sure she understands that she's massively wrong as well, but she's getting paid to talk crаp so she'll continue doing it - don't give fuсktаrds free publicity, it's not worth it.
  5. iLeeT

    Has Corey Johnson left Ripple?

    I can't remember exactly when he said that, but having looked at the web archive for CMC even in low volume days in 2017 the XRP/MXN volume on Bitso was around 70k (it's the same today) .. XRP/KRW was in the millions, often times in the billions. Don't even want to mention December 2017 and then Q1 2018 volume as the difference is astronomical. Heck, even June 2018 had 600k volume on XRP/MXN on Bitso. Nowadays, out of the top10 XRP exchanges volume probably only Binance isn't wash trading - 80% of the total trading volume is pretty much wash trading. I think the only fiat pair volume that increased in the past 6 months is XRP/JPY.
  6. iLeeT

    Has Corey Johnson left Ripple?

    I'm pretty sure if he's getting axed there will be some conditions around it i.e. don't announce anything until a replacement is found etc. I like Miguel, but I think XRP volume, adoption and liquidity were a bit of a fail in 2018, if I remember correctly even Miguel said probably 1.5 years ago that if the volume is the same an year later then that'd mean he failed. Well, the volume is probably 20-30 times lower than the one in Q4 2017 and Q1 2018. Not to mention the fact that the current volume is probably 80% wash trading from exchanges like ZB. The true valuable pairs have appalling volume e.g. usd/mxn on bitso is 50k.. Don't even want to go into Brad's statements about major banks using xRapid in production by end of 2018 - I guess at some point heads gotta roll. About Cory - I never really understood what exactly his position was so with or without him.. don't expect any change. Obviously, not very good image for Ripple when appointing someone and then sacking him less than 1 year later, but this stuff happens in big companies.
  7. Well.. hopefully. But keep in mind that xRapid doesn't really use market orders so at the end of the day I hope it'll be a combination of true utility (xRapid etc.) + speculators' regained confidence in XRP due to the true utility. I don't think we'll decouple from BTC this year so probably the best bet is to just watch what BTC is up to.
  8. The chart of LTC was pretty bullish anyway and it broke resistence so the pump is not surprising. No whales are holding XRP down, there's just no volume and new buyers, that's it. Plus, XRP has to deal with selling pressure every day. XRP volume is roughly 400M each day, 80% of it is fake volume / wash trading, how do you expect the price to rise rapidly?
  9. They aren't a bank (although admittedly one could argue the same about Euro Exim Bank)
  10. Kitao retweets around 100 articles per day (if that's even him as I think someone else is running his account) - I wouldn't take his Twitter retweeting too seriously to be honest.
  11. Holy smokes, so when even Kitao expects 2025 you can safely add at least 20 years on top of it
  12. At least this time the memo isn't some inappropriate gif and we don't have 5 threads discussing 'how unprofessional from Ripple to do this'
  13. I expect more exchanges to pull off exit scams this year if the bear market and low volume continues. Some exchanges might just close down with a 30 day notice (e.g. Liqui), but most of them will probably pull off a scam, especially seeing how 90% of exchanges are wash trading.
  14. That's correct, I believe there's a timeout and if there isn't enough liquidity the transaction fails (I think this exact thing happened the first time xRapid was demonstrated at Swell). xRapid is bi-directional similar to xCurrent so market orders are pretty much out of the question .. the slippage would pretty much nullify the use of xRapid in the first place. Imagine you buying XRP for $10 000 on the one end, then send the XRP on the other end and realize there isn't enough liquidity - what do you do?
  15. I don't have XRP either. Plus, buying 1BTC for $3660 when the current price is ~$3420 - thanks, but no thanks.
  16. Who pays 13k for a single transfer anyway, unless they meant $13 lol. For 13k I'd hire a person, buy him a plane ticket and send him with the money to the destination (I sound like Brad don't I ) Furthermore, xRapid doesn't use market orders so it's impossible it can execute one tx worth 1M at one go.
  17. iLeeT

    New SBI presentation 31/01/19

    Is it me or they don't include the Virtual Currency exchange in the presentation anymore lmao
  18. How did you come to this conclusion? I had a brief look at the XRP integration to the Corda Settler and couldn't find anything like this - can you point me to the code that does that? In general, Corda Settler is fairly different than xRapid.
  19. Will be glad to see a similar article for WU.
  20. iLeeT

    BITCOIN ETF withdrawn

    Meh. This should probably be already priced in by insider trading and in general. The Sunday sell-off might have been that actually.
  21. iLeeT

    Brad @ wef Davos panel discussion

    I rarely bother watching these panels, but the participants seem actually pretty smart which surprised me nicely.
  22. I have 5-6 concerns, but seeing the goal of the author (just create a controversial thread and then disappear) I won't do him this favor.
  23. I'm pretty sure Coinbase stated 4-5 months back that now they have the right to list securities as well so this FUD is a bit obsolete - I think the latest statement from them was that adding XRP would be too much development work.. Found the article https://www.coindesk.com/coinbase-claims-it-now-has-regulatory-approval-to-list-security-tokens
  24. iLeeT

    Mercury-fx using XRP

    Can some brave soul please find the tx(s) on the XRPL?