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  1. @zerpdigger it's the value equivalent label so that you don't do the math yourself when you are paying, at the end of the day it's just an XRP on chain transfer from one wallet to another, what you are going to do with the received zerps is up to you. I'm not sure what exchange Wietse uses for the value calculation though, I've asked him on twitter, he might reply soon. I agree with @TheXRPer - barely anyone would use that, but I see it more or less as an advertisement/brand thing. For example, at our pizza place there are hundreds of people coming in and out each month so having a label similar to the Visa etc. ones might make some of the customers curious a bit about XRP and crypto in general.
  2. So when I generate the qr code how is the customer paying me - by scanning the code via xrp tipbot app? I feel like there needs to be some rebranding or a separate app as it's not really only a tip app anymore, serves multiple use cases now. And iirc the tipbot app was limited to 20 xrp max, should be much higher if it starts targeting retail payments (not sure how would deal with money laundering then though)/ Anyway, great stuff from Wietse though, as usual. The app is still a bit glitchy in terms of UI looking a bit messy on my phone, but it's the initial version after all. // Edit - just seen that the max XRP on the tipbot app was increased to 400 XRP so it should work ok for small payments.
  3. Maybe I'm missing something, but I can't see any mention of Corda Settler in your quoted statement. Even if they've tested Corda Settler (and using XRP as a settlement option) why would that increase volume and price - Corda Settler is not a product like xRapid, it doesn't communicate with exchanges APIs.
  4. Ripple stopped selling for about 10 days in September, prior the price increase, I don't think the pump had anything to do with tests, especially corda settler - you can see the xrp related commits on their repo happened mainly in November and afterwards, the settler product was nowhere near production ready back then, let alone doing stress testing. People again are trying to see things that aren't there imo.
  5. I'm not saying that the actual volume increase in the past couple of weeks is entirely fake volume - no, there's some volume increase mainly because of BTC. However, if you look at this - https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ripple/#markets and you look at the top exchanges by volume - ZBG, Bit-Z, BW.COM, FAT.BG, ZB.COM (twice, this exchange should be the same as ZBG btw) - the volume from these exchanges is over 700M - I mean, really? There are a lot of articles out there that you can search for and that illustrate how many unique users per month any of these exchanges have.. there are very few exchanges with real volume e.g. Binance. One of the reasons these exchanges do so much wash trading is advertisement - you open up the BTC exchanges by volume and the top 10 you see are some completely anonymous crap exchanges. To answer your other question - if two exchanges are hooked up to xRapid the transaction has to hit the XRP ledger, yes.
  6. The China influence on BTC btw also means that it can never be globally adopted, even if we assume they can make it fast, cheap etc. in the future. I can guarantee you that if banks/FIs consider integrating and using BTC for payments, bridging etc. a gigantic red light will start flashing on the monitors of the risk department guys as soon as they figure out that 70% of the hash power is in China.
  7. Fair enough ;] let's wait and see what the future holds, hopefully we'll all be still here to see it.
  8. Different people, different views - I'm not saying that literally nothing is happening, but my main definition of 'something happening' is basically what the CEO of Ripple says which is - major banks using xRapid by eoy 2018 (I didn't believe that statement not for a single second as Brad previously had similar statements that weren't true, but that's not the point). Plus, the famous tweet that 3 out of the major 5 transfer money companies are implementing xRapid and there are more in the pipeline (boy, that aged well). I have been involved in large enterprise projects for the past almost 8 years, I'm a .NET team lead and work on a very large project for one of the biggest banks in Europe so I have a bit of knowledge how large projects work (especially in finance, I was also a release manager for a while). Sure, there are delays - although, in our project everything with a delay of more than 2 months is absolutely catastrophic for business. Note that I'm not claiming that xRapid - the actual tech project - is being delayed, from a tech perspective that's actually one of the easiest projects you could have - in its core it's essentially some connectivity between various APIs with some features on top of it. I'm pretty sure the project is pretty much feature complete (at least the main features). What's concerning is that there's no adoption (or at least not the one that meets CEO's expectations) even considering the fact that Ripple have a massive war chest which they can use to incentive usage. If we are talking about SBI though, it's an absolute joke for anyone developing software. If I was in charge or working on a project that delays its release for 2 years I'd be sacked at least 1.5 years ago.
  9. Main problem is, with the current speed of 'distributing' it will take decades (somewhere between 30-50 years, depending on volume) before XRP is distributed. I know most people here are long term holders, but some of us might not be alive in 50 years to see the phase after the distribution And in general, usually distributing means sharing something between a number of people - selling XRP on the open market is just that - selling. Note that I don't mind Ripple selling to clients OTC, but selling on the open market as well seems weird to me, especially if they are cash flow positive as they claim. I'm not saying I'm surprised they are doing that though, it's their stash after all, I perfectly knew about the poor distribution before investing so jokes on me I wouldn't even mind for them selling on exchanges if the effect on the ecosystem and usage of XRP was actually visible. But having sold more than half a billion $ worth of XRP in the past year or so and literally have almost 0 adoption and volumes (fiat pairs, not the wash trading) lower than 2017 - something doesn't feel right.
  10. Yes, and unfortunately the volumes are pretty crap (and actually times lower than what it was 1 year ago) Bittrex XRP/USD pair - $67,461 Bitstamp XRP/USD pair - $2,261,534 Bitso XRP/MXN pair - $83,740 For reference in March 2018 the volume was Bitstamp XRP/USD pair - $31,377,200 (ranging between 2M-40M) Bitso XRP/MXN pair - $1,312,670 (ranging between 200k-2M) Bittrex XRP/USD wasn't available back then. Not sure how can I get the Coins.ph volume.
  11. It is an xRapid tx, yes - refer to this post here: Also, the xRapid demo video: https://vimeo.com/270767129/57d78f8db1 That doesn't necessarily mean that this destination tag is what mercury fx uses though, might be using just a testing account, or even JK's account. But yeah, this destination tag is something to consider.
  12. lol, take a chill pill son. What I was implying is that the daily volume between those two exchanges is not much and you could do an analysis on destination tags and hence narrow down the xRapid txs. And yes, it's very much possible (as various people pointed out in this thread).
  13. So 1 year ago when xRapid wasn't 'live' the XRP/MXN pair was in the millions, now it's $100k. How many people/txs do you think there will be from Bitstamp to Bitso daily when the volume is that poor? Surely, you should at least have some set of txs that might be xRapid, no?
  14. I think they were also using, at least initially, the USD -> MXN corridor. The only xRapid tx that I know of which JK posted about 1 year ago is this - https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/transactions/29E4F8E81B3E5F5E5A9A5766D1C56992E6D4F18ED62DFBEC3FBCE14189FEE871 Note that the two wallets are actually Bitstamp and Bitso. I guess, if we search for some small outgoing transactions from Bitstamp's wallet to Bitso's wallet we could maybe find some xRapid txs, but I don't think anyone was able to track it.
  15. Every person with a double digit IQ would understand my actual question, but you decided to be original for no reason. Keep hunting for those likes.
  16. So where are the txs on the XRPL? Has anyone actually found an xRapid tx? Where's the Bitso XRP/MXN volume?
  17. Problem with most of the Youtube channels is that click-bait titles, hype etc. is getting you views (as you are basically saying what people want to hear). And views = money. Most of them have bought near the top and are now a bit desperate. Although I can't imagine they give too much of a fuсk about XRP (valid for other crypto Youtube shillers as well btw) as long as Youtube cash is flowing. A couple of years ago I've watched some crypto channels occasionally, now I just scan through Alessio's videos from time to time and that's about it.
  18. Maybe because the actual CEO of Ripple said there will be adoption by the end of 2018 (not to mention his 'cat out of the bag' phrase in 2017). Because he said there will be major banks using xRapid in production by end of 2018. Maybe because of this: We are not talking about accomplishing everything in the next few months, but at least 10% of what they (not the community, Ripple) actually said they'll accomplish in 2018. The only 'bank' that's supposed to go live with xRapid by end of Q1 (which is soon btw, so I guess that'll be another misleading information/deadline missed) is very far from a 'major' bank.
  19. While that's true, more than half of the volume now is fake/wash trading - look at the top15 exchanges on XRP trading .. ZBG, ZB.COM, bit-z etc. The fiat volume is what matters at the end of the day, and the fiat volume is pretty appalling. The only volume increase in the past 2 years is probably the XRP/JPY pair.
  20. 20 April, Amersfoort. If it was in Amsterdam I might have joined, but have no idea how to easily travel to this place.
  21. I think she was just appointed for the XRP logo campaign, not sure if she even still works at Ripple tbh.
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