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  1. It's your money mate, do whatever you feel it's right and stick to your decision. Random people on the internet and Twitter can't guarantee you anything so you might as well do what you like, it's an unpredictable market. My 2 zerps (but pls, don't take this as a certainty) - xrpbtc pair looks pretty bad and I think it will retrace back to 4000-4100 sat levels (where the support is). Also, summer months are usually a bit slow in terms of price action so in theory you should have the opportunity to buy at a slightly lower levels. But then again, it depends on your plans - if you ain't selling in the next 5 years it doesn't matter that much.
  2. What do you expect Ashton Kutcher to be doing - writing code for Ripple? The guy most likely got a one-off paycheck for advertisement and that's it really.
  3. I only bothered to read the first document as it's pretty much a waste of time: - xRapid doesn't use market orders, and even if we assume it does and assume that it doesn't have a setting to put a limit on the slippage (which it has) and someone is dumb enough to execute a $50m market order when selling at the destination the slippage would be probably more than $40M. - xRapid is bi-directional so before it executes a payment it checks whether there's sufficient liquidity on both ends and only then it locks the transaction and executes. - This question from the file is absurd - 'Whom would sell his XRP for sub 1$ knowing on another exchange (where demand is high) he could get 500 times that price?' - Say you wipe out the entire order book, you lost about $40M on your payment and then your next idea is to start selling at the last price you bought? i.e. $500? Who exactly is going to buy from you when you could do it for thousand times less on an exchange like Binance for example? I could go on, but don't see the point really.
  4. The guy that wrote this has no idea how markets work or he's got a malicious intent similar to most YouTube hypers (or just a clickbait to get some revenue cash). It can indeed spike on a single exchange to 500$ but that's not sustainable for more than a few seconds and no one would just want to lose a couple of million dollars in 5 seconds.
  5. Holding during a bull run is easier and probably more profitable unless you are a very good trader. On the other hand, selling and buying back lower during a bear market is better. Just my 2 zerps.
  6. It's amazing how after 2 years BTC is still the same slow pile of sh!t and it's amazing how it's still the market leader by a country mile..
  7. Taking 10-15% of profits in 24h is still profits nevertheless. You can't time neither the top nor the bottom of the market, especially when it's this volatile. Not everyone aims to hold 10 years and be disappointed with anything less than 40000% gains. Some people simply try to make more money than traditional stock market (anything above 50-100% per year is fantastic), depends on the point of view.
  8. I'm sorry but that is an extremely naive way of looking at supply/demand.
  9. You only need to kickstart a bull run by printing money out of thin air so that you can hook up retail investors. Human's greed will do the rest afterwards.
  10. Tether printer Problem is it's being heavily investigated now so hopefully CZ will launch a stable coin soon and let the second round of printing begins. On a more serious note though - I agree with your post.
  11. As long as Vera says, I'm jumping on. 'Ripple promises to break resistance' Crypto 'journalism' is absolutely appalling.
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