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  1. You make some fair points there, but there are some things to consider. Like I said, BTC model with miners dumping all the time is just as flawed. But you can still see it has an impact on the price, if you look historically bull-runs are around/after halvings.. which is expected. Also, keep in mind that BTC volume and liquidity is much better than XRP, the volume is usually about 7-10 times higher than XRP so it's easier for market to absorb over-supply. I don't agree that all alts are similarly down from ATH.. The difference between being down 86-7% from ATH and 94% is massive if you start doing the calculations e.g. XRP needs to do a 100% price increase from here to reach the 'down from ATH' level of ETH 'Everyone keeps blaming Ripple' - that's because it's an XRP-related forum I can talk about all other coins' flaws, but will go massively off-topic
  2. Well, Ripple are the major owner of XRP - I'd say it's normal for them to have an impact on where the market is going when it comes to XRP. What is your theory on why XRP is unable to catch up to the rest of the market when it comes to rallies (during the past 1 year in particular) - genuinely interested, I'm yet to hear a valid alternative argument. The only one I've heard is - 'well, the market is manipulated and whales are suppressing the price of XRP as it's a threat to BTC'. But, then again, aren't whales considered the ones with a lot of XRP?
  3. How? Even the CEO of Ripple admitted they sell OTC at a discount with a lockup period in one of his interviews. The price last 3-4 months was dropping as the market follows BTC when it's dropping (mostly trading bots etc.). The problem is when BTC starts rallying - that's when XRP was really left behind due to selling pressure. Now it's a little to late as for me at least, the market for XRP speculators was pretty much killed in Q1 2019.. Crypto in general is not very liquid so if you think cashing out on $1B in 2 years has no effect on the price, then you underestimate the basic principles of supply/demand and how trading works
  4. That doesn't mean it's a good thing. I never liked the bitcoin model with mining and constantly dumping coins on the market as well.
  5. Fair while? They've stopped selling on the open market 2-3 months ago, hardly considered 'fair while'. Plus, OTC selling has an impact as well as people are buying from them OTC with a discount and a lockup period with the aim to sell it at a higher price on the open market. Of course, their sales are not the only problem with the price, but to say it's not one of the major problems, would be pretty naive. In Q1 Ripple sold about $250M worth of XRP based on a massively inflated wash-trading volume. During that time most alts pumped more than 100% while XRP iirc even decreased in value. By mid 2019 it was down 40% ytd, so I don't buy the whole 'their selling is not a problem for the price'. Not one bit.
  6. I think this will eventually be a bad thing for XRP holders, but I guess time will tell. Why it could be a bad thing - well, people were eagerly waiting for institutional investors and wall street money, what do you think these guys will choose and trade - an actual stock that also gives you some benefits and rights or a speculative token in a completely manipulated and unregulated market? I know what I would pick. Also, I'd imagine a lot of XRP holders will hedge/sell some of their holdings for an actual Ripple stock. Still, it could be a positive in the sense that they'll probably stop selling XRP on the open market which is better than nothing I guess.
  7. What in the actual fuсk is this, lol Even Coil's business plan looks decent compared to xSongs.. and that's saying something.
  8. I don't think that's true, especially for EquityZen. From their FAQ: What am I purchasing when I invest? - When you make an investment on EquityZen, you are purchasing ownership in an EquityZen fund that owns the shares of the company. You will not own the stock in the company directly. Do I own the stock in these companies? No, you'll be a member of an LLC that owns the shares of the company. I don't think even if you were an actual shareholder in a private company you'd get access to a lot of things.
  9. That's the other option, yes. But then again, that's what regulators are for.. allegedly
  10. I think people that expect extremely low fees by MG just because they use ODL are in for a surprise. Even if 100% of their volume goes through the usd-mxn corridor and even if it costs them times less than before - they won't just simply lower the fees much. They'll lower them just enough so they can start stealing customers from competitors e.g. WU. The rest will purely be a profit. Down the line, if a lot of other providers start using ODL (or any other methodology that'll save them money) we'll start seeing lower and lower fees, that's what competition does. But since MG is pretty much first, I don't expect them to lower their fees much, even if they transfer money for a penny.
  11. No worries, I don't take the forum too serious anyway ;] Unfortunately, stopped caring much about crypto as well.
  12. Yeah, you are probably right. Still, if that's the case, this is probably the stupidest chart I've ever seen. Why even create a chart for this - just say account openings have increased 8 times since Nov 18th, what's the point even charting the 1 base number prior to that lol I'm still not fully convinced though, the volume on SBI VC Trade has been absolutely appalling - I won't be surprised if there are literally less than 1000-2000 accounts (which the chart would accurately describe) e.g. for the past 6h (and it's pretty much the same for the past couple of months) there are give or take 20-30 transactions in total, with total volume of about $10k - most guys here trade more than that on a daily basis. Thanks for the advise of curbing my impulse to find the worst in everything I'd rather not do it though, it saved me a ton of money during the past 2 years and critical thinking is quite valuable when investing in something, otherwise you'd end up with only cheerleaders that try to only see things that fit their agenda.. and you end up with.. well, the XRP army on Twitter. I think different opinions are crucial when forming your own.
  13. Slide 119 - 'In Response to Morningstar Japan's Announcement to Shareholders on the Implementation of Shareholders' Benefits (XRP), there was a Dramatic Increase in New Account Applications at SBI VC Trade' So, if I read the chart correctly the account openings increased from 1 (one) per day (probably Kitao and his family) to the stunning 8 people per day. #InTheBlinkOfAnEye
  14. Yeah, what's the point in making money all your life if you don't have a couple of years to spend it properly.
  15. He was a nice lad, likeable. All the best.
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