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  1. iLeeT

    Mercury-fx using XRP

    Can some brave soul please find the tx(s) on the XRPL?
  2. What's wrong with the thread, it gives you more info and insight about the first bank to use xRapid? There are some nice follow up comments and links. Or we should just open up threads and hype like headless cheerleaders? Maybe throw in some castles, bears and 4 digit price predictions.
  3. They could just get a pile of XRP (probably as part of Ripple's war chest incentive program) and use it for xRapid txs. I think even David said a long time ago that it'll probably be better to hold a pile of XRP instead of multiple currencies. Also, I think he mentioned that one nice way to do it is to wait for xRapid txs on the selling end and then buy it from there. Even if they are using a flow like e.g. USD -> XRP -> XRP -> MXN you'd still need some prefunding/dormant capital. In the ideal future world if most of the system is hooked to xCurrent you'd be able to top up your exchange account in seconds and then withdraw from the destination account in seconds. So the ideal flow would be e.g. IBAN -> money transfer -> USD arrives on exchange in seconds -> XRP bought in seconds -> XRP sent in seconds -> MXN on destination exchange -> withdraw -> MXN arrives in destination customer bank account in seconds. I think Ripple went with the MXN being the first corridor as the Mexican domestic system is relatively fast so the withdrawal part takes much less time.
  4. iLeeT

    Tiff Hayden is XRP Trump

    I'm not sure if this thread is actually a joke given that the author is not a new account. It literally takes 2 brain cells to figure out that they are not the same person. I'd also pay a bit of respect to both of them as they try and fight FUD and spread awereness on a daily basis - not an easy task to deal with this. I'd personally would never have the nerves to do this, so kudos.
  5. Good job man, congrats. I was planning on doing something similar, but never had the time to do it. Do you use machine learning for sentiment analysis etc.? As a suggestion, perhaps you could also integrate somehow Google Trend data on your site. Usually price follows trend charts in most cases. If you hook up the XRP tipbot to your site, I'd be happy to donate ;]
  6. The old classic: "The fastest way to send money right now from NY to London would be to go to JFK, take out $5,000 in cash, and fly it there."
  7. One good thing about EOY is that probably some of the delusional 589ers would be gone. I see that the new date is now end of Feb, but hopefully with each next date pushed back we get rid of more and more scammers.
  8. They'll list other coins being paired with XRP as well - TRX and XZC were first because of their donations, I think that was pretty clearly explained.
  9. I'm pretty sure that's actually not even a new video, I think I've seen it before. So two of the 12 days countdown is a 10k donation of a coin that they were most likely being gifted when listing anyway.. and a reupload of an old video. That's bad even for CB standards lol
  10. iLeeT

    Evidence of XRapid at Work

    Because most likely xRapid is not live yet and there's no volume. Publicly admitting this might drop XRP price even more so my best guess is that's why they are not disclosing it. When WU, MG, MercuryFX and Cuallix were testing xRapid they had probably around 20-30 txs in total between them. WU had about 10 txs which is laughable (I think WU and MG announcements were just paid partnerships/publicity stunts). MercuryFX had 1 if I remember correctly, and Cuallix had 10-15. Not sure MG tx count was publicly announced so can't say for sure there, but I can't imagine it's a high number.
  11. I hope Coinbase doesn't make a single penny in XRP trading fees.
  12. It's obvious what Coinbase problem is - they see Ripple as a competitor and they have a lot of BTC and ETH so they don't want to lose market share even more. I think that's obvious even to children.
  13. XRP ain't reaching 589 anytime soon. You ain't pumping the price for anyone else so you can exit your position. You can go now.
  14. Ah yes. Because 589 has so much to do with the topic.
  15. iLeeT

    MUFG bank will use XRP?

    It's probably xCurrent in the beginning, don't think Ripple have an xRapid partnership with a brazilian exchange similar to Bitso, Bittrex etc. The BRL pairs have pretty low volume so I doubt there's any liquidity yet.