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  1. Hello XRP community, Thank you guys for last time the issue has been resolved  https://xrpl.org/known-amendments.html#fixmasterkeyasregularkey  Good work everyone!! there is something i'd like to consult with you guys, is there anyone who would know the one has the secret key of the genesis account on ripplerm.wallet? In particular, the person who sets regularkey rBmVUQNF6tJy4cLvoKdPXb4BNqKBk5JY1Y to Ripple's known genesis address rHb9CJAWyB4rj91VRWn96DkukG4bwdtyTh I would like to get in touch with him, does anyone know who is it?
  2. Thank you @nikb for clarification, still the question remains, after bug fixing what will happen to the users who fell for this bug?
  3. I think this is quite different from what I want to say. People can try to set regular key to any other address and then disable their account's masterkey then set regular key again to their original account. That account will be forever lost, since there is no way you can unset that disable master flag while the master key is disabled, which brings to me this question, there is maybe no mechanism in ripple to check which address is valid for being a regular key to your address.
  4. It turns out you can set regular key to be the same account as yours. Steps to forever lockup your account 1. AddressA set AddressB as regular key 2. AddressA sets disable master 3. AddressA sets AddressA as regular key So now AdressA's master key is disabled since step2 and its' regular key is also itself which has been disabled. I guess during the implementation of this function, there is no mechanism to check the address's account flag should not be set in order to be valid for regular key's role. For me, it's really difficult to understand, why would it be allowed to set the same wallet address to be your regular key? What would be the logical explanation for this?
  5. My previous thread is about setting the regular key and using disable_master function (turn on/ turn off). Now I've understood how to do the above-mentioned task. However, the real questions is after setting the regular key and disable the original secret key but forgot the regular key's secret key. I do still own the original account address and it's original secret key. Is there any possible way to regain the control of my original account? (the status of that account is disable_master flag on, with regular key setup and PasswordSpent flag on.) Is there any possibility or steps that I'm missing ? Thank you so much.
  6. Yeah, I finally understand that regular key means another pair of account address and secret key. (I was always thinking , it's just a key and I won't need a new secret....) so I use bithomp to generate a new pair of address and it's secret key, then use it with my test account. So on ripplerm, first step is to click set_regular_key button, put in the regular key. 2nd. Set_account_flag , select disable masterkey = turn on. 3rd. Go to top of the page change your account address into the regularkey(address) you've previously set, change the secret key to your regular key's secret key. Then from here, you can either go to set account flag and make disable_masterkey turn off, or just use your regular key to sign any transaction. You don't need any fund in regular key account
  7. I still get the following message when I tried to turn off the flag "disablemaster" using ripplerm Account Set Status:[PRELIMINARY], Result: tefMASTER_DISABLED: Master key is disabled.
  8. so in theory any account with master disabled, just login to that ripplerm wallet upload address + master key + regular key and you should be able to sign transaction, even if you master is disabled, is that correct? coz before I've created a test account, after acquiring my regular key, I tried to disable my test account master key. And using that ripplerm wallet I was still unable to sign transaction with my regular key. So obviously, that test account is failed.
  9. Could you elaborate that? Which command should I use and where should I key in those command lines? I hope I can learn how to do that
  10. I have a friend whose ripple account is currently master key disabled and I think he has a regular key. If that's the correct regular key, how can he re-enable the master key. Or if that's the wrong regular key, he might have mistaken other key as ripple account regular key. What should he do to re-activate his account? Reading through the documents on ripplelabs, for master key disable and regular key, there aren't too much information I could use, or maybe I just couldn't understand it. Please kindly help me on how to enable the master key again? thanks
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