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  1. Finally, the rumors is killed... So now let's focused on the real things
  2. Gwada97159

    Institutional Direct Sales

    I guess nothing but the fact is Ripple takes the profits form these sales... It is just a bit weird.
  3. Hi Folks Quick question about the institutional Direct Sales which increase up to 581% form Q2 to Q3 SO my question is about where does the money go when ripple sells XRP to institutional ? Does the money go to their account? Considering the XRP is not a security ? Can Ripple leech the profits of these sales ? Something is cooking in background
  4. Gwada97159

    How Are We All Doing?

    I am good, on my way to Briens
  5. Thanks ;=) Testing to Production makes the paradigm change
  6. Let’s seat together and talk about the coming next FUD...
  7. Mercury fx ltd, cuallix, catalyse corporate Federal credit union
  8. Gwada97159

    xRapid Live Now !!!!!

    Moon moon moon live the 300
  9. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/10/01/ripple-xrp-cryptocurrency-product-xrapid-goes-live-for-first-time.html
  10. Gwada97159

    There Is Chance For Ripple (XRP) On Coinbase

    Boring topic: https://cryptocoincharts.info/markets/info https://data.bitcoinity.org/markets/volume/30d?c=e&t=b https://www.coingecko.com/en/exchanges coinbase = altavista, Binance = google
  11. Gwada97159

    Is a dump incoming?

    Target is the price in regard to the utility of zerps. I am in since 1.5 years. My strategy is based on 6 years. I assume the price can hit around 300~ 600 $ based on what ? My assumption I have been through a lot of studies and forums, even if more than trillions market cap seem to be impossible, 600$ is still feasible.
  12. Gwada97159

    Is a dump incoming?

    I bought at .10
  13. Gwada97159

    Is a dump incoming?

    wow OMG please the current price is +80% in regard to the last week.... People on this forum are so childish sometimes. XRP is a long term basis investment.... DO YOU know what does that mean ?????????!!!!!!! more than 4 years is a long term investment. Be brave please, and dont make a drame at every negative slope ?