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  1. @danimaltex Nope nothing conclusive, they said during the broadcast they're letting the market decide who is the 'winner'.
  2. After reading a bit more in the report, I'm changing my earlier assumption. The above image only tells us to what extend the Task Force agreed with the Qualified Independent Assessment Team (QIAT), an external team who did their own assessment of the proposals. It says nothing about the actual scoring.
  3. They did quite well, but as you can see: FIS/The Clearing House (TCH) did better. TCH is focussing primarily on a new real time payments system for the US, which suits the use case and criteria of the FED better I think. More info on FIS/TCH: https://www.fisglobal.com/About-Us/Media-Room/News-Releases/2016/FIS-and-The-Clearing-House-Prepare-RealTime-Payments-to-Go-Nationwide
  4. Here´s the summary of the Task Force assessment comments, which can be found in part 2 of the faster payments task force final report.
  5. @baggy23 uh oh, lemme guess.. because of market cap? The bridge will be as strong as the weight it needs to carry. Multi trillion dollar industry anyone?
  6. Thanks for the responses, makes a lot more sense now. Selling at exactly the wrong moment would be painfull indeed.
  7. Hi guys, I’ve been into crypto and trading now for about a month, so still a complete rookie. I’ve been lurking on this forum for a couple of weeks and have been learning a lot from you guys, so thank you for that. There’s one thing though which I can’t seem to understand. I see a lot of people say: HODL, don’t sell, it’s not a loss untill you sell it for a loss, price drops are just an opportunity to accumulate more etc. The thing is, I just don’t see the logic behind hodling in a market where the prices are dropping due to upcming events (uncertainty due to the possible changes to Bitcoins transaction capacity), which almost certainly causes prices to fall even further. Please explain to me why one would hodl in the following scenario: Due to upcoming events and uncertainty in the market, the prices are falling. Suppose I bought XRP for €500 euro a few weeks ago when the price was €0,21. This gave me (500/0.21=) 2380 xrp. If I sell this right now for the current price of €0.13, I will get (0.13*2380=) €309.40 euro. That’s a loss of (€500 euro – €309.40) = €190.60. Now let’s say the price drops further down to € 0.10, and at this point I buy in again for € 309,40. This will give me (309.40/0.10=) 3090 xrp, which is (3090-2380=) 710 xrp more than the 2380xrp I originally got for my €500 euro. So, in a scenario where it’s quite certain prices will fall, why wouldn’t you want to sell for a loss, only to make more profit further down the road?
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