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  1. 2030 and people will say “It’s still early.” Adoption is key, and there’s a big lack of it!
  2. It really comes down to that: If the buy side will be done directly from Ripple's OTC wallets this is nothing but another masked dump ploy from Ripple (1bil Coil cough cough)... I hope this is not the case here, but thinking how "transparent" Ripple has been lately, expectations should remain really... really low
  3. They’re throwing shit against the wall and hope some stick...
  4. All i can hear is typical crying from our lying Bradley 😁
  5. Seems like i entered a ponzi back in 2017... at least my money saved some gorillas and helped buy Mr. Thomas his fifth house
  6. Well, convincing Bradley zo stop lying would be something...
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