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  1. No threat to Ripple, it's actually great. Read the article like this: Corporates need MUCH better service than they were receiving from banks and from SWIFT so far. When they learn about Ripple, they will integrate Interledger and #XRPtheStandard within months. SWIFT #RIP
  2. I think that all people get a chance like this about once per life, unfortunately most of us don't know when and where it was. You are a lucky man to see that life-changing moment happening in front of your eyes and we are happy with you! Still it's great time to purchase more XRP tickets to the future...
  3. This kind of soda is very tasty indeed. Welcome here!
  4. It's already become a habit of Ripple - stealing someone's over-hyped show... I love that!
  5. Ripple Jet Fuel Day - July 10th

    Happy Jet Fuel Day to everyone!
  6. Nine Things You Need to Know About XRP

    I especially like this paragraph:
  7. That's why the "bank holding my XRPs" idea is cool.
  8. I think there is nothing wrong about @muratcolakdemirci's enthusiasm. Actually I like it and agree with him on a couple of points. Hello man, welcome here GoldenBuffalo! @Dizer, until XRP reaches $1, we will continue to enjoy the opportunity to buy 4x more at ~$0.25. Your offer will be good then, sorry.
  9. Paper wallet - New Member

  10. From Gatehub to Kraken

    There is no problem with sending XRP from Gatehub to Kraken. Just make sure you've got your Kraken address and destination tag right. The Gatehub alert only tells that the address is outside of Gatehub - you can ignore this. Also, it's good practice to test the transfer line with small amount, like 20 or 100 XRPs. After about a minute you should see your XRPs credited to Kraken. When everything is alright you can repeat the transfer with full amount. EDIT: Stories about money disappeared in the middle of transaction can be heard in Bitcoin or Ether or other altcoins, not typically with Ripple. This technology is WAY superior to mining-based blockchains.
  11. I agree with @Vertigo. Currently high activity in Korea does not mean that XRP was kidnapped there. Soon there will be similarly high/higher volumes seen in Japan, India, larger Asia, Gulf & Middle East and finally also Europe and the USA will catch up. The volume will be much larger than it is now and Poloniex with its infamous pumps and dumps of totally scammy coins will soon be irrelevant. I think this is only the beginning of a beautiful trend!
  12. Long time lurker, finally joined!

    We have been holding a place for you. Welcome!
  13. XRP 2.0

    https://ripple.com/category/dev-blog/ https://ripple.com/build/
  14. XRP 2.0

    Ripple core software is currently 0.70, so we first need to get to 1.0 release.
  15. Good find! And it does not matter if it's 2013, because this is how money moves since the middle ages!!!