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  1. 'use strict'; const RippleAPI = require('ripple-lib').RippleAPI; const api = new RippleAPI({server: 'wss://s1.ripple.com:443'}); const acntA = 'r**************1'; const acntB = 'r**************2'; const acntC = 'r**************3'; const acntD = 'r**************4'; const acntE = 'r**************5'; const acntF = 'r**************6'; var myStash = [acntF, acntA, acntB, acntC, acntD, acntE]; api.connect().then(() => { for (var i = 0; i < myStash.length; i++) { var acnt = myStash; api.getBalances(acnt).then(balances => { console.log(JSON.stringify(balances, null, 2)); }); } });
  2. That Raymaeker guy really seems tired and spent lately, almost like he wants this races to be called off. After two blockchain attempts with no good results his position probbaly is not very strong. SWIFT may want to "redistribute" him and find someone who can deliver better (attempt #3 - but isn't it too late for this?) or who will not be that much in opposition to a real blockchain fintech.
  3. Guys, it's not about the East coast losing connectivity, it's about Byzantia. Their generals have a plan for this and the East coast is covered too!
  4. Swift's second blockchain project ends after only about 2 months. And it seems that there will not be a 3rd one... Interestingly, they can't keep pace with Ripple!
  5. Two crypto-kids trying to tell others that their own toy is the most-best and ours is not.
  6. Call me old-fashioned, but I think we should keep this precious forum spare of any politics.
  7. @papa, I hope then that someone at Fed is reading this!
  8. Brad Garlinghouse was interviewed on Bloomberg yesterday. [ Jump to 14:10 ] https://www.bloomberg.com/news/videos/2017-02-15/full-show-bloomberg-technology-02-14 He was interviewed at Goldman Sachs Technology & Internet conference. My feeling is it was a very good interview, educational, he has explained differences between traditional cryptos like BTC and Ripple. At banker's conference he mentioned how technology giants like Alibaba etc move towards providing services formerly provided by banks. He has even mentioned XRP a couple times. And there also was a ref to "peanut butter manifesto". Good job!
  9. You are probably right @lucky, it really seems that Bletchley is the target #1. On the Ripple-positive note, I believe that most of the "blockchain" projects (including Bletchley) are well, just projects - too far away from at least a PoC quality and completeness. KPMG should be smart enough and also have ready Ripple solution, in case that main project participants would ask for something that really delivers and is ready for full-scale deployment.
  10. @cmbartley - the above text was copied today from KPMG's site and it is not about some "form-less", any-purpose blockchain, but it does sound like they are talking about Ripple.(https://home.kpmg.com/us/en/home/insights/2016/09/kpmg-and-microsoft-blockchain-services.html) Azure has dozens sites worldwide, why would they select Frankfurt and Singapore as first nodes, unless this is finance/banking oriented? I am 99% positive it's about Ripple! EDIT: A few more details here: http://www.tmcnet.com/usubmit/2017/02/15/8496058.htm
  11. These two companies are said to co-launch "blockchain nodes" around the world, first locations are Frankfurt and Singapore. Nodes run on Microsoft's Azure platform, which has high availability worldwide. KPMG is known Ripple partner. There is no further info on what technology is being used. Let's hope that the nodes run rippled servers and that "this is the beginning of a beautiful partnership"! FULL TEXT: https://www.cryptocoinsnews.com/microsoft-kpmg-co-launch-blockchain-nodes-labs-in-frankfurt-and-singapore/
  12. You will.
  13. If he really does not want to see any post, any tweet, any message, any info from even unknown members of XRP community, then how he can have any credibility? Where is his professionalism and factual independence? How can anyone in Japan trust a person like that? Perhaps people should know about his fanatical and insane behavior. Totally unprofessional and zero credit.
  14. Mr Robot... Again that strange feeling they are talking about Ripple! And one more detail - here is a still picture taken from that episode. Isn't the man on the painting actually Brad Garlinghouse? (Just a little graphic editing joke by me. I hope he doesn't mind this...)