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  1. Maybe off topic, but not that much: WSB followers are mostly crypto gamblers and most of them are maxis and banker’s coin haters. If the victims on the Walls Street have at least 10 brain cells functioning properly, they would buy all XRP from all crypto exchanges and then also call Montgomery St. to purchase all the remaining escrows. They would single handedly provide a major multi-generation innovation to the financial system, make themselves a leader and a center of a positive change, make most of the remaining crypto (BTC incl.) obsolete or unimportant and also effectively
  2. 2015 was rough. Wendy went from luck to f**k within 3 weeks...
  3. @xerxesramesepolybius you call this jerk a leading lawyer ??? Steven Palley is deep balls in Bitcoin because his brain can't understand anything beyond that.
  4. If you can handle anything that works with node.js in an offline regime, this is all you need: https://github.com/Duke67/xrptoolkit-nodejs
  5. Are you an investor? Or a gambler? In other words, do you own a Ripple stock?
  6. Based on the comments it also could be that I occasionally stepped in a schoolroom again, but that's okay.
  7. This case actually confirms that Ripple investors are in the game for XRP, not because of "the software".
  8. I've just briefly checked fees and did not see anything unusual - fee is consistently 10 drops.
  9. How Chris Larsen felt when he was writing that particular email and which words exactly he used is totally irrelevant. The judge will be evaluating hard facts. Wording of an email and "feelings" expressed in it will not have any impact on her ruling.
  10. Gensler is one of many. The new administration will be created of many people. I don't see any reason to panic, actually I am more bullish than in 2017. Calm down and hold your zerps.
  11. I hope it did not hurt to let you know that XRP does NOT use mining - just in case...
  12. The price can rise only if it’s widely seen as a useful digital asset on a useful payment network. ODL and LOC strongly support the usability and usefulness of XRPLedger. I believe Ripple will make the LOC product “two-way”, not just to quickly distribute their XRPs regardless the overflow of new XRPs on the destination markets, but they also show businesses how efficient, easy and comfortable the technology is. Businesses will then finally start using it independently from Ripple and will be sourcing XRP from local markets, which will ultimately push the price higher. In the end, the ent
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