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  1. Not using of upcoming digital assets standards to fix the debt situation would be a terrible mistake.
  2. Brad Garlinghouse: “It’ll start to ramp in Q4 but really we’ll start to see more consequential volumes in Q1”
  3. First, I hope this news is not fake... Second, while to some people this may sound confusing (why Ripple is not giving that money to developers??), I love it because now it's all about networking and linking in. Having smart connectors and doers on our side is exactly what Ripple and XRP needs. Ripple - Great job !!!
  4. $7 I would not be surprised at all. It's quite doable. And XRP will go even higher than that, no doubt about it. Timing remains to be an issue as it's impossible to guess. Patience is the key here and not everyone can handle all the stress. I wish you all - dear XRP holders - to stay strong and "invested" in, because nobody knows when this super coin starts mooning hard...
  5. To whom the letter would be sent to? To Brad Garlinghouse? He's CEO of Ripple Labs Inc. not of the XRPLedger. Sure, they own quite a lot XRP, but many of us own some too, so basically Ripple is only an owner of a large XRP stake. Maybe they should send the letter to @TiffanyHayden, because she's the CEO of XRP. In any case, who will have a final say in this is a judge, it's not the SEC. They can only have a legal opinion. Power of that opinion is exactly the same as the power of Ripple Labs Inc, you or me.
  6. He's a XRP hater, so it's not likely. @BobWay's version will be much better anyway.
  7. For the last few days daily volume on Kraken is about 50M XRP, on Bitstamp about 80M XRP and your fantastic story is about a 7M XRP transfer... Take it easy Rex.
  8. Click your account on top right corner Chose Ignored Users Add @Anton Click Save Done
  9. Imagine that even hard core Bitcoiner who is in this business for 9 years can't explain BTC to family and friends...
  10. The answer is in the name - "Interbank Information network". They can't do "settlement", only exchange of information. So basically this JPM project is something like SWIFT 1.1. BTW, the word "settlement" can't be found in the original text, so I wonder how you managed to get it to the title of this thread. Please correct. Thanks.
  11. Then it was not that early 2017... but have no worries mate, XRP is a very specific beast that is not going to let down those who can see through. Patience.
  12. If you really invested in early 2017, then you must be sitting on 15,000% profit. Not good enough? BTC can only dream about that kind of surge!
  13. Very simple, because it's a professionally-run company.
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