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  1. @dilee, please do not forget to post your new findings. Thanks.
  2. You should run the distribution analysis on public keys (if not on secret keys), ideally in binary form. As @EasterBunny outlined above, base58 representation is introducing irregularity that goes against simple text distribution analysis.
  3. Excellent as always and thanks for saying that - I was waiting for that day for quite long time...
  4. SWIFT is NOT a powerful enemy. And Brad knows what is he selling and he also knows how to sell it best.
  5. Shorting a stock is a terrible strategy. Shorting a digital asset, which can spike 300% virtually any day, is a bankruptcy guaranteed. Those kids are totally irresponsible. There's a lesson to be learned.
  6. Just knowing the source ( not meaning you @AgamemnonUA ) was enough to know what BS it is.
  7. Rumor? https://www.jpmorgan.com/global/blockchain https://www.jpmorgan.com/global/distributed-ledger-technology
  8. Duke67


    I sometimes tip XRP 0.67 @xrptipbot, just because it rhymes with my nick... What's going on? Any links?
  9. It's not a Coinbase twitter..., we may skip this poll and I suggest to forget about Coinbase as we don't need them
  10. Duke67

    Sold all my XRP

    Sorry to see you are holding DOGECOIN now... Cheers man! See you at $10 party!
  11. Digital assets reduced to XRP exclusively is perfect outcome! It's actually going much better (and faster) for Ripple than I though even a few months ago. Bitcoin is almost the land of nobody that has already released its best, Ethereum can watch their SEC subpoena because unfortunately for Vitalik's fanboys they slightly underestimated the legal side of this business.
  12. What about starting here: https://ripple.com/build/rippled-setup/
  13. Duke67

    Give you Hope, I will travel to Europe in May

    If you are not tempted enough by what have @teddybear suggested, you may go east from Lausanne to Vevey and Montreaux and pay respect to Charlie Chaplin (grave) and Freddie Mercury (statue). (Knowing all this insider information I would stay at Lausanne...)