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    I like the carpet - it's from the RippleCharts, right? The venue does not seem to be as ** @pompous-p ** as the one of Sibos, but there is a lot of cool and fresh ideas all around anywhere SWELL conference. PS: Make sure to return the computer leased from SWIFT after the event's closing...
  2. JoelKatz sees partner FOMO

    I don't know exactly the original source/forum, have found it on twitter:
  3. Some XRPchat members may feel unsatisfied by what's coming from SWELL so far, but look at what @JoelKatz has said today:
  4. ILP will be then enjoying liquidity also from Hypeledger based networks. Great to know.
  5. IBM - Ripple Technology

    Hmm. I even don't like to offer my take on your bitter post. Just a few quick comments: IBM's business and revenue is on constant decline for about 15 years. In an attempt to stay relevant they've chosen Ripple technology in the cheapest available package (Stellar) They've produced ONE specific x-border line just for selected/limited number of users between UK and Philippines This line will be kept live for a few days/weeks/maybe months until the budget holding the line exhausts This is not even a PoC
  6. Finally also a page at Coindesk, though I had to ask for it... https://www.coindesk.com/gates-foundation-use-ripple-interledger-tech-mobile-payments-push/
  7. This was announced at SIBOS - what irony! Ripple has 2 currently running events this week...
  8. Let's SWIFT dream a bit...

    If decision makers at SWIFT are smart enough, they will find a way how to make this partnership happen, because there really is not much left for them in future. Maybe all they would like to do now is to offer Wim Raymaekers a golden parachute, so then SWIFT can abandon foolish dreams about their own blockchain and focus on how to adapt Ripple technology.
  9. I would say that Bank A was smart and now is sitting on a nice bag of profit. Bank B is also doing smart because building a digital cash reserve will pay off very well within relatively brief period of time.
  10. Finally decided to make an account!

    @pucksterpete, thank you! This is oil the painting version of Ripple Supermoon, currently hung on a wall at @MundoXRP's house (at least I hope so).