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  1. @tomb, this is so cool that I had to retweet it twice!
  2. Don't worry dear R3 guys, stay positive! At least you had a nice 2nd blog post yesterday!
  3. @jimbob, mailing a check to an exchange/gateway in Europe could also take between 2-6 weeks until your money is credited to your account. You will definitely need to wire the money. Since check processing is so time consuming and also very costly (up to 2%) they even do not offer this option for deposit.
  4. They could simply take the SBI Japan RC-cloud app, translate it and polish a little and voila we have an ApplePay!
  5. This works! Thank you!
  6. I am not an expert here, but it probably just scans source files for lines like this: var kp = require('ripple-keypairs');
  7. @tulo, just run "npm init" before "npm install..." and that will generate the JSON for you.
  8. There is no function like "generateWallet" in ripple-keypairs, only "generateSeed". I think that @Professor Hantzen forgot to include some additional dependency.
  9. Well, that was simply a sarcasm. I wanted to recall how some of the doubters here think. You may know me as a 100% Ripple man...
  10. Still, no issuing address, no Ripple account, it's practically nothing. Where is a proof that XRP is really used? We need the real evidence! If I can't see it it never exists... (The above is pure SARCASM, of course...)
  11. Brad Garlinghouse on Ripple - SWIFT rivalry:
  12. Ten New Customers Join Ripple’s Global Payment Network MUFG BBVA SEB Akbank Axis Bank YES BANK SBI Remit Cambridge Global Payments Star One Credit Union eZforex.com "Banks were chosen" - amazing! This is exactly how to market this exclusive club. The 2nd level customers should either wait a few months or alternatively they could contact SWIFT that specializes on lower-end week-long payments services... --- Ripple Insights: https://ripple.com/insights/ten-new-customers-join-ripples-global-payment-network/ Coindesk: http://www.coindesk.com/ripple-touts-blockchain-standards-push-10-new-banks-join-network/
  13. Bitcoin gangs pretend strategy but it's a mere improvisation.
  14. If this proposal becomes a law, then people will be searching for a cheaper solution. We know that BBVA has realtime and inexpensive money link to Mexico and that means that Ripple & friends will be also benefiting on this.