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  1. There is no problem with sending XRP from Gatehub to Kraken. Just make sure you've got your Kraken address and destination tag right. The Gatehub alert only tells that the address is outside of Gatehub - you can ignore this. Also, it's good practice to test the transfer line with small amount, like 20 or 100 XRPs. After about a minute you should see your XRPs credited to Kraken. When everything is alright you can repeat the transfer with full amount. EDIT: Stories about money disappeared in the middle of transaction can be heard in Bitcoin or Ether or other altcoins, not typically with Ripple. This technology is WAY superior to mining-based blockchains.
  2. I agree with @Vertigo. Currently high activity in Korea does not mean that XRP was kidnapped there. Soon there will be similarly high/higher volumes seen in Japan, India, larger Asia, Gulf & Middle East and finally also Europe and the USA will catch up. The volume will be much larger than it is now and Poloniex with its infamous pumps and dumps of totally scammy coins will soon be irrelevant. I think this is only the beginning of a beautiful trend!
  3. We have been holding a place for you. Welcome!
  4. https://ripple.com/category/dev-blog/ https://ripple.com/build/
  5. Ripple core software is currently 0.70, so we first need to get to 1.0 release.
  6. Good find! And it does not matter if it's 2013, because this is how money moves since the middle ages!!!
  7. The first step to understand this is to understand well enough how the system works today. If some smaller bank, for example Volksbank from Austria, wants to keep transfer line with the US, then they need to open account with one of big US banks, let's say Citibank, and keep some money in it. This is the "nostro" account for Volksbank and "vostro" account for Citibank. Then when an Austrian person wants to transfer money to US, it looks like Volksbank decreases his domestic account balance (and most like still keep these money in Austria) and just contacts Citibank with an order (here comes SWIFT) to transfer money from Volksbank's account with Citibank to the destination account with the same bank. No real physical "transfer" happens, it's just a few ops in Austria and in US. You can imagine that it's costly, requires man- and IT-power and it's actually real science to keep this setup running and optimized. And it's just one bank in US for Volksbank, they surely want to trade with at least 30-50 countries around the world... How easy and comfortably this can be done via XRP, RCL and ILP we all seem to know very well.
  8. BBVA Eyes B2B With First Real-Time Blockchain Payments Fine things to take away: 1/ It's a SAP solution (and SAP has thousands of banking and corporate customers around the world) 2/ SAP and BBVA use Ripple and not Hyperledger or R3 nor SAP's private blockchain clone 3/ BBVA tried Dwolla at first only to find the right choice later (why o why they did not come here to XRPchat earlier to learn about Ripple!?) --- FULL TEXT: http://www.pymnts.com/news/b2b-payments/2017/bbva-real-time-cross-border-blockchain-ripple-payment-b2b-reconciliation/
  9. @zerpdigger, so many comments in your own post... This must be a new record at XRPchat. Congratulations! If this group of new kids can survive next 3-5 years and there is a solid and quality work done, then perhaps we may consider this legitimate. Ripple competitor? No.
  10. search for info on nostro accounts
  11. BITCOIN KILLS BANKING REVISITED: THE RISE OF RIPPLE AS TROJAN HORSE (THE END OF BITCOIN DOMINANCE?) This is a fantastic and must-read article summing up Bitcoin, Ethereum, ETC and Ripple. Annrhefn (the author) - good job and please keep writing! --- FULL TEXT: https://annrhefn.wordpress.com/2017/06/11/bitcoin-kills-banking-revisited-the-rise-of-ripple-as-trojan-horse-the-end-of-bitcoin-dominance/
  12. @Wilbur14, yes sometimes enabling 2FA is difficult to setup because of UI, terminology etc. It's also good to set 2FA on 2 devices simultaneously because it's easy to have your phone lost or have a device reset. If you have 2FA enabled on 2 devices you would always have access to your crypto assets.
  13. I've also noticed another new one - JonHQ.com - great to see new validators!
  14. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L !!!