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  1. It does not matter and it never was meant for the retail. RippleNet users are free to create plentitude of tokens and name them however they like. XRP can be successful even if it's being only used to facilitate all that services - ODL, StableCoins, Sologenic type of coins, tokenized-whatever-coins (stocks, bonds, real estate...), loyalty coins...
  2. Libra is designed to directly compete with main world fiat currencies within their own areas of interest, while RippleNet+ODL is helping fiat currencies to achieve crypto-like features in terms of speed and cost of exchange. Maybe they will try to launch Libra on some markets in 2021, but I simply don't see how this concept could become mainstream on a worldwide scale. @tulo, I don't need to study that whitepaper to see the big picture. Diving into much technical details in this case actually distracts you from seeing what's really important. It may give you some edge in nitpicking over tiny details, but that's basically all. Libra is not going to happen. Are you ready to take the McAfee's challenge here?
  3. 1. Libra is actually another fiat. Who would like to see a new one to compete with? 2. RippleNet+ODL is a technology enabling superfast value transfers within the current fiat world. I believe this case is closed...
  4. That "Respected Trader" is CryptoManiac101, so better stay skeptical about these predictions...
  5. I think that Ripple feels their solutions can now be finally marketed simply as RippleNet and that XRP is no longer something that "is not wise to mention". Times when they had to disguise their crypto XRP-based system under names like xCurrent or xRapid seem to be over and now it's simple RippleNet. Excellent news!!
  6. Based on your "Joe" reference you do not seem to be someone who "has been patiently holding for 6 years".
  7. It's the traders who hold both XRP and MXN, sellers and buyers, people like you and me. The multitude of it creates deep pools of liquidity. That's why it takes some time...
  8. You seem to forget what liquidity actually means. It's a sheer pool of orders waiting on markets around the world and backed by real money, nothing like BitMex "entertainment" nonsense. Where can you see XLM trading at any significant volumes? Almost nowhere. The market also has to be organic. Some simple distribution of 90B XLM to SWIFT users will not work. There must be real holders who paid real money for their tokens, otherwise it's not a market and the entire structure does not hold. So calm down Freaky. XLM liquidity is about 2 grades lower than on XRP markets. Ripple is doing it very well.
  9. Zuckerberg was probably too testy on how powerful his platform is and let himself loose a little too much while forgetting that there are much bigger players than him... Libra will need to be completely redesigned from Facebook-coin utopia towards a 100%-FIAT-compatible service. If they are smart, they will license xRapid and make of it a user friendly feature perfectly integrated into FB. This way they will be in full compliance with local governments, while giving their users great new set of functionality. Zuckerberg's shareholders and masters will see a way how to grow further. Everyone is happy. Dream big, but keep it real.
  10. Kahina Van Dyke! https://fortune.com/2018/07/11/ripple-kahina-van-dyke-cto-david-schwartz/
  11. That sounds great to me. XRP in use by MoneyTap is a very positive shift. Crawl. Walk. Run.
  12. Ripple was quoted 5 times while Bitcoin was not mentioned at all... So much for the Bitcoin "adoption".
  13. Tiffany also needs some private life, not spending her whole life on twitter arguing with idiots. She and her family deserves it a lot. And I am sure she is still XRP holder and supporter. EXTREMELY BULLISH.
  14. Not using of upcoming digital assets standards to fix the debt situation would be a terrible mistake.
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