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  1. The science has finally spoken:
  2. Gensler is one of many. The new administration will be created of many people. I don't see any reason to panic, actually I am more bullish than in 2017. Calm down and hold your zerps.
  3. I hope it did not hurt to let you know that XRP does NOT use mining - just in case...
  4. The price can rise only if it’s widely seen as a useful digital asset on a useful payment network. ODL and LOC strongly support the usability and usefulness of XRPLedger. I believe Ripple will make the LOC product “two-way”, not just to quickly distribute their XRPs regardless the overflow of new XRPs on the destination markets, but they also show businesses how efficient, easy and comfortable the technology is. Businesses will then finally start using it independently from Ripple and will be sourcing XRP from local markets, which will ultimately push the price higher. In the end, the ent
  5. I think this is wonderful news. Like that using the ODL product, Ripple has finally found a way how to fully unleash the power of their 45B XRPs. The effect can only be positive on ODL use and XRP usefulness. Long term definitely very positive on XRP price and short term I am not so sure how it will be played out, but my guess is that once this line of credit product is available, we will start to see the price steadily going up. Ripple has a team of devoted and motivated professionals of various crafts and this is what makes the company a true and only winner.
  6. I like it. The more, the merrier. Other shitcoins/shitnetworks based their whole existence on tokens issuing, and now I can't see any real reason why XRPL+Flare can't have done it better and actually the right way. This space is huge with many opportunities and many busy years are coming.
  7. It sounds like Lemonway joined Nium payment network, which is also formerly known as InstaRem. VISA invested in InstaRem in 2020. Link: Lemonway Joins RippleNet to Power Instant, Cost-Effective Euro-to-Euro Payments
  8. Yes, quite impressive! I hope that people behind RTGS.global and their (very limited) fan club can see it too...
  9. CryptoEri did a great job in debunking this case... I think this "yet another Ripple killer" is actually very soft, very human, harmless, toothless and 100% vegan.
  10. It's like that @LetHerRip is in constant need for some mental support to hold his own XRPs... RTGS.global is no real threat to Ripple, nor to SWIFT, it's just some wasted resources and a few weak hands shaken off.
  11. Let's hope for that long anticipated "in the blink of an eye" moment...
  12. 1/ Account Delete does NOT delete the account's history. 2/ The deleted account can be brought back to life simply by sending at least 20 XRP to its public address. You should keep the account's secret if you want to use it again.
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