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  1. Duke67

    Sold all my XRP

    Sorry to see you are holding DOGECOIN now... Cheers man! See you at $10 party!
  2. Digital assets reduced to XRP exclusively is perfect outcome! It's actually going much better (and faster) for Ripple than I though even a few months ago. Bitcoin is almost the land of nobody that has already released its best, Ethereum can watch their SEC subpoena because unfortunately for Vitalik's fanboys they slightly underestimated the legal side of this business.
  3. What about starting here: https://ripple.com/build/rippled-setup/
  4. Duke67

    Give you Hope, I will travel to Europe in May

    If you are not tempted enough by what have @teddybear suggested, you may go east from Lausanne to Vevey and Montreaux and pay respect to Charlie Chaplin (grave) and Freddie Mercury (statue). (Knowing all this insider information I would stay at Lausanne...)
  5. https://viraldocks.com/us-federal-might-accept-ripple/ 3 reasons: Conclusion: The news was originally reported by Aru https://mobile.twitter.com/aruae86 - thanks!
  6. Great reading on Ripple origins. Tons of unknown details on Jed, family, Kim, friends, partners, Powell, Stripe, departure from Ripple, copying from Ripple, Stellar issues. Written in 2015, still valuable today. BRAVO @chrislarsensf, @JoelKatz, ArthurB on #XRPtheStandard http://observer.com/2015/02/the-race-to-replace-bitcoin/
  7. Duke67

    Accessing Gatehub Ripple Wallet

    ALWAYS setup 2FA on TWO devices simultaneously (phone+tablet, or phone+old phone).
  8. Duke67

    rippled sign offline

    When sending XRP, just use "Amount": "100000" - ignore the currency field, as XRP is native to XRP ledger... ... and soon native to the world banking system as well
  9. Duke67

    Speed and scalability Ripple

    I agree with @RippleRicky. They should start 5+ years ago and they would need to navigate the waters that successfully as Ripple Inc. had. Now it seems it's too late for them as the winner is firmly on the path to the finish line. #XRPtheStandard
  10. Duke67

    Tax Optimization (EU)

    In EU we have a ruling that Bitcoin is a currency. Now it's up to country's legislation how a foreign currency called Bitcoin is taxed. (EDIT) Links: http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/european-court-justice-ruling-bitcoin-currency-exchanges-are-vat-exempt-1525169 https://www.ft.com/content/806728f4-78af-11e5-a95a-27d368e1ddf7 https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-10-22/bitcoin-virtual-currency-exchange-is-tax-free-eu-court-says-ig21wzcd
  11. Duke67

    Bank-level security wallet

    @P3T3RIS, you may also want to consider "dual" online-offline computers/devices setup based on XRP toolkit. This kind of setup provides even higher level of security, than a single wallet. https://github.com/Duke67/xrptoolkit-nodejs https://github.com/Duke67/xrptoolkit-android
  12. Nice try but unfortunately all options are not the right parallel to Ripple's growth. Life's going much faster now than 10 (FB, GOOG) or 30 years (mobile phones, Moore's law) ago. XRP can easily see $10+ in 2018.
  13. It was great to see @JoelKatz again and I'm happy to see the community cheering. At the beginning of the video we could also see Chris Larsen (one of the founders and former CEO) and this was great too! Guys remember that without these two great people there's probably no Ripple today, at least the company and it's vision would be much different...
  14. On top of that, I think the $1 resistance will probably not be that hard. Many people were planning to do a partial selloff when XRP finally hits $1, but in the light of recent news and the prospect of further growth, who really will be selling? Fast lane to $10!
  15. Duke67

    Ripple Jingle

    I love it. I love it. I love it. Ripple has amazing people!