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  1. XRP chat has 10,000 members

    @Jarkko is the user #10,000 - welcome. We are growing fast!
  2. Help Please

    Ethereum lately provided a lot of its "enterprise" capacity to CryptoKitties, so this is probably why the network is a bit slower than usual...
  3. I agree that hashing methods might have some weak points that remain unknown to us for now. My point was that the level of threat from "Window.Crypto" is ***MUCH*** larger than from hashing itself.
  4. It's clear like a sunny day that math behind crypto is rock solid, @nikb has provided a couple of good examples. What is unclear is the safety of "window.crypto" libraries in our web browsers and we know that Ripple JavaScript leverages those heavily. If entropy generators are not good enough, I could also imagine situations when you get a seed from clipboard content, or last Rand generated, etc etc (see the recent findings that @Professor Hantzen refers to on the previous page). I suggest we do some detective work also in "window.crypto" direction.
  5. XRP usage by Banks Confirmed!

    Intention is the mother of execution.
  6. SF Bay Area meet-up

    If you guys can schedule it for Jan/Feb, maybe more zerpers could fly in also from Europe.
  7. We all know that Ripple contracts include terms prohibiting this.
  8. I quite liked the timing as well. Should Ripple do this one week earlier, it would go unnoticed because of every pair of eyes was on Bitcoin. Now, when new crypto-gamblers are already in, they can watch and learn. There is a chance they will finally uncover Ripple as well.
  9. Escrow!!!!

    I love it!
  10. While unaware public finally understands 2-3 features of 10-year old Bitcoin technology, true leaders work hard on making things happen. Public will also catch up, just allow them one more year or two. #XRPtheStandard
  11. Erste Group & Ripple

    That's definitely worth going further after details. Europe still looks like they are focused on innovation mostly inside of the Eurozone, so any reference like this is welcome. Thank you for sharing this info!
  12. Quick question for the og zerpers

    And it really was very good, woody aromas, maybe some tobacco aromas as well, a gentlemen type of cognac - excellent.
  13. HODL is only visible for Firefox old versions, v.28 and older.