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  1. Very simple, because it's a professionally-run company.
  2. On top of what @Sukrim has said, you should avoid SWIFT as a plague.
  3. OfferCreate burns fees (at least 10-12 drops), so indirectly it could "push" the XRP price up...
  4. Duke67

    Hi! I'm Bob

    It's fantastic to have @BobWay on XRPchat and I am enjoying this long discussion of great questions and even greater answers. May I predict that this single event will ultimately lead to better understanding of XRP potential and broader acceptance and trend reversal?
  5. Just a little correction: "The Case Against BankCoin" by Brad Garlinghouse was published on August 24, 2016. Ripple is YEARS ahead.
  6. This is Frances' experience listed on LinkedIn. I can only find 2 years of work as a contractor for RBS, from 2000 till 2002. Also, no record between 2002 and 2011. She is anything but banker...
  7. @dilee, please do not forget to post your new findings. Thanks.
  8. You should run the distribution analysis on public keys (if not on secret keys), ideally in binary form. As @EasterBunny outlined above, base58 representation is introducing irregularity that goes against simple text distribution analysis.
  9. SWIFT is NOT a powerful enemy. And Brad knows what is he selling and he also knows how to sell it best.
  10. Shorting a stock is a terrible strategy. Shorting a digital asset, which can spike 300% virtually any day, is a bankruptcy guaranteed. Those kids are totally irresponsible. There's a lesson to be learned.
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