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  1. Sometimes it just needs a bit longer to recognize a user, please try again. It works on Chrome. Try typing the user name really slowly.
  2. Dear XRPchat users, This forum is changing its character recently, which I believe is another proof that something is happening and that this time it's different. I've discovered a new function of this chat and want to share it with you as it might become handy these days... To ignore a user: 1/ Log in to XRPchat (don't stay guest, because the feature is not visible then) 2/ Click your user name in right top corner to see a drop-down menu 3/ Select Ignore users 4/ Start typing user name that you want to ignore (start with @). 5/ Select other options where exactly you want him to be ignored (posts, messages, signature, mentions, chatbox) 6/ Click Add User So now, if you find my postings or occasional rants in zerpbox annoying, off-topic, low value, or anything - you have the chance to stop me.
  3. @cmbartley, honestly I do not take care too much about that machine. It always starts with contacting RL1-5 and very soon, within a minute, about 20 connections is being established. There is a mechanism to build a network of nodes automatically. "Historically" my validator shows 0.99+ agreement rate, so I guess it's being accepted.
  4. I knew it! Welcome here @miguel. Excellent job so far!
  5. Dear @ElMoskito, I am sorry but you are WRONG. I did not intend to go open with this, but your furious and nervous comments force me to tell you a little story of my own validator that I am running since about October 2016. I am not a Ripple employee and never was. After I set the machine up (~2 hours), the node was accepted within some 30 minutes. My impression was that it all was fully automated. Currently it has 21 valid connections to other validators and nodes. You can go, pay a few bucks for your very own virtual machine, buy some cheap certificate and within a couple hours a new validator called "ElMoskito" can be running too! How would that be possible if RCL is centralized in the way you try to suggest?
  6. We all miss the reason why the document is primarily written in Japanese... I think it's something really hot brewing in Japanese market and this is to comfort them. I think live XRP trading on SBI is within days now. I love this kind of 2017!
  7. Finally someone at Ripple put 2 and 2 together and started to debunk many of XRP myths. Eventually crypto investors will learn to love Ripple. Current Bitcoin turmoil in China will also help...
  8. Love it. But why it's only available in Japanese? EDIT: The link and the title should also be in English and also findable from XRP portal
  9. Thank you for sharing. Miracles can happen, even if it's scientifically proven impossible. BTW, I like mostly the story of the "modernist cuisine chef".
  10. FULL TEXT: http://www.earthport.com/news-insights/news/earthport-blockchain-offering-secures-fintech-finance-award/
  11. 1/ The new wording of the document will help with Ripple adoption 2/ ILP still needs liquidity providers to be functioning efficiently 3/ XRP is the best ILP fueling currency
  12. Maybe. But India's market is pretty huge. That will provide the balance.
  13. The company is called SEAM, they provide solutions to COTTON traders, so quite naturally they have chosen Hyperledger FABRIC software. What chance could Ripple have? It's good because it's blockchain tech deployed at solving a real world problem.
  14. It seems you are right and we will have to leave that all liquidity and market making on the market itself. No shortcuts.
  15. More volume available at tighter spreads means lower XRP fluctuation and improved stability and this will make more market participants to choose XRP to transfer money. Maybe this could be done at the protocol level via Multisign and SusPay.