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  1. https://www.kraken.com/en-us/features/fee-schedule
  2. Just FYI, the idea of a selfie stick was first introduced in a sci-fi comedy "I Killed Einstein, Gentlemen" (Czechoslovakia, 1969).
  3. 11 years old Bitcoin on the move today and we will be watching if there is more activity. It's a high time for Bitcoin 2.0 also know as XRP....
  4. Ripple = XRP It's the same thing. And it's easy to comprehend to every thinking person. Why? Because while software maybe is quite nice business, it has it limits and in today's competitive world, just delivering some banking software... hmmm, it's not enough and thank you, I am not interested. And neither Ripple investors are. Ripple as a software provider would be a huge failure. For Ripple to succeed, XRP must come into regular use as on-demand liquidity, value transfer and bridging currency. Current markets mean nothing, it's in infancy. BTC, ETH, Elon Musk, JK Rowling, blah blah blah. It's the past. It's just a distraction. Serious players are building now, building technology, educate the market, cultivate it, building market position, talking to regulators, preparing the future. If you can, try to stay not confused by price tags now, they mean nothing. Now it's just kids playing with postit notes pretending something more serious than that. Real valuation will be ultimately revealed and you bet that day is coming. Since we are mere speculators and we can hardly help Ripple with anything more than just shouting some enthusiastic words here and there, we should mainly stay calm, build our positions and navigate our financial lives through these rough waters.
  5. In 5 years, with slow and humble beginnings, this chat has 25,000 registered users. Can you believe it? HINT: The price will be following similar trajectory, no doubt.
  6. XRP is Bitcoin 2.0 - I love that when Ripple is bold and proud!!
  7. I've just added AccountDelete support to my old XRPtoolkit set of scripts. For me it works very well, it's a very simple nodejs script, though most users will probably wait for more fancy implementation with full UI. Full repository: https://github.com/Duke67/xrptoolkit-nodejs AccountDelete script: https://github.com/Duke67/xrptoolkit-nodejs/blob/master/delete.js /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // // Duke67 XRPtoolkit // (C) 2020 Duke67 (MrDuke67@outlook.com) // https://github.com/Duke67/xrptoolkit-nodejs // // delete.js - delete XRP account // syntax: node delete [XRPL|TEST] ACCOUNT SECRET SEQ DST DSTTAG // /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 'use strict'; const RippleAPI = require('ripple-lib').RippleAPI; var api; var net = process.argv[2]; if (net == 'TEST') { api = new RippleAPI({ server: 'wss://s.altnet.rippletest.net:51233', maxFeeXRP: '5' }); } else { api = new RippleAPI({ server: 'wss://s1.ripple.com:443', maxFeeXRP: '5' }); } /// /// HINT /// 1. use editor to preset the following variables with your data /// 2. create custom copies of this script for frequent payments /// var src = 'rHqaHPMmdWWSv2EmXGDwXmtgnC5hXR5zUy'; // account to be deleted var dst = 'r4qSyg6j77me6seoBEDKXF3tueFiZtP5t2'; // destination account var tag = '123'; // destination tag var scrt = 'spvdQ8sHG6wCP7K7nGHGUpe4LLFkq'; // source account's secret var seq = 1; // source account's sequence (to get this info, use XRPtoolkit-Android or account_info.js) var fee = 5000000; // fee (default is 5 XRPs (5000000 drops) /// process.argv.forEach(function (val, index, array) { console.log(index + ': ' + val); switch(index) { case 2:net = val;break; case 3:src = val;break; case 4:scrt = val;break; case 5:seq = val;break; case 6:dst = val;break; case 7:tag = val;break; default:break; } }); /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// var rawTx = '{"TransactionType":"AccountDelete",' + '"Account":"' + src + '","Destination":"' + dst + '","DestinationTag":' + tag + ',"Fee":"' + fee + '","Sequence":' + seq + ',"Flags":2147483648' + '}'; /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// console.log(); console.log(rawTx); api.connect().then(() => { console.log('WORKING:'); var sgnd = api.sign(rawTx, scrt).signedTransaction; console.log(sgnd); api.submit(sgnd).then( response => { console.log('RESPONSE:'); console.log(response.resultCode, response.resultMessage); }).catch(console.error) }).then(() => { console.log('AccountDelete is being processed by XRPL...'); }).then(() => { api.disconnect(); }).catch(console.error); console.log(); /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Just be careful. Do not expose your valuable secrets to anyone. Cheers!
  8. Allow me to stay a bit skeptical about what you are trying to suggest...
  9. Yes and no. Hodor's blogs were great, I too was enjoying all that information, always perfectly compiled and served regularly every few days. He was publishing it for quite long time, like 2 years, right? To me it was a murderous pace!! Impossible to keep it going for longer. Authors pay heavy price for creating their content. It's like feeding the poor, or educating unruly kids, you know what I mean. Not everyone can do that. And even the greatest ones are fully entitled to stop anytime they feel like it's enough.
  10. I am not, because let's be honest and admit it that Ripple has its own strategy and it's completely unrelated to any social media community.
  11. If a company says they are working on, basically defining the Internet of Value, then why the hell are joining this platform only now???
  12. There's usually a huge discrepancy between how we see ourselves and what our thoughts are in reality. Last couple of years I saw a couple of so-called conservatives or libertarians promoting many communist or socialist ideas. Also, when someone says he knows how markets function, that might not be entirely true.
  13. When I was running my rippled servers, CPUs were only taking some 5-10%. Something else must be running in background. Or are you experimenting with your own builds?
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