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  1. Also it should be said that for an exchange the proper and best way for them to operate is to use a pooled wallet not individual ones.... hence the need for a destination tag.
  2. Much better, thank you so much for the excellent work you’ve done for us all. In case your interested in further changes... I’m not sure that there is any point to five decimal places when talking billions... or even just down to 19 or twenty. Why does anyone care about the decimals? Just trying to offer suggestions... not at all critical because I really love what you have done.
  3. Of course I don’t. Now.... Your chart etc is all pre usage. If, and is an If, XRP becomes the standard then things could be entirely different. I’m sorry if I didn’t make the “iffy” and “future” aspects clear. Also I apologise if you weren’t speaking to me and I piped up like an idiot....
  4. Ah yes no one could disagree with that. Yeah a balanced portfolio across all asset classes is certainly desirable. At least according to what I read... never having had to worry about it until now. I didn’t mean to imply otherwise. I just wanted to say that in my perfect scenario XRP will be the Swiss Francs of old. Or the doubloons of the future.
  5. Tinyaccount

    4.4.0 Update

    I’m seeing some laggy script type artefacts.... eg I ticked a thank you on a post and the posts above changed from the greyed out heart to be a coloured Thank you icon. After scrolling a bit they returned to grey hearts. Never seen this type of thing previously. Also the forum feels more laggy. That could be subjective and incorrect though.
  6. If the perfect scenario came true... then every XRP you convert into fiat will be risking value loss by moving out of the standard and into the insecure realm of fiat. It may be that your wallet will be like a treasure chest... the doubloons inside are permanent stores of value. Much safer than a national currency. Thats my dream anyway.
  7. Oh I may have misunderstood you... the “some people” you were referring to were Ripple. (If I now have it correctly). So you were saying that we shouldn’t be asking some people (eg Ripple) to not aggregate data because in fact it’s public and anyone can do with it as they please. So your opinion is that Ripple have as much right as anyone else to display charts. I’m sorry I didn’t understand it more quickly. I’ll shut up now.... (unless of course, I’ve gotten the wrong end of the stick again... in which case I’ll have to make further apologies). BTW... my opinion is that CM probably is correct in the effect he describes, but I don’t think the solution is less involvement by Ripple. The long term solution is the utility that is current and growing. That’s just my view... I’m generally wrong....
  8. I’m not sure how to say this. I’m slightly worried about but also pleased to see this dev take up of ledger capabilities. I wish you all well, and hope you all bloom into giant services. But at the same time I’m slightly worried about something that isn’t discussed much (at least to my knowledge these days it hasn’t been...). My concern is around the possible ramifications of us all pulling open the curtains behind which enterprises normally function. Banks are all about privacy, and I do wonder what the ramifications of pulling this data apart might be in regards to their possible take up of the technology. I’m sure that Ripple have worked through all this and have a way for enterprises to ensure the privacy that is both their expectation and their right. It’s a bit of a double-edged sword that the ledger is both secure and public. But irrespective of any slight misgivings I might have, there is no way to stop human ingenuity, so trying to avoid looking into the ledger would never work. So knowing that deep data mining is inevitable on the ledger, I guess I just have to trust that Ripple and R3 and everyone else developing payments applications are able to assuage and mitigate any client fears about their privacy. I assume that these ramifications have all been discussed and dealt with in the Ripple/R3 organisations, and therefore will not be an issue. At least I hope so.
  9. Huh? What am I missing? Did a post get deleted or something?
  10. Thanks for that... but let me be age-ist for a moment and guess that you are not an older person... I’ve found that over time the chances of anyone answering more than one question per email or post is rapidly diminishing. Folks seem to be less able to manage lists. Ok, now I’ve got that rant off my elderly chest.... I was also asking about release conditions...
  11. Also how do you envision point of sale working? Will I be travelling another country and I can pay via xrp? How do the businesses get on the platform?
  12. I’m starting to see a bit of your vision.... a very nice idea. You are going to use the amazing capabilities of XRPLedger to enable micropayments and cypto safe lodged bets and promisises and streams of payments. All via your platform. Nice. In the Sport arena who is authorising the escrow release after the team wins? And is it a XRPLedger escrow? What are the release conditions?
  13. The Fund page on you demo has a spelling error. Chariry instead of charity. Just letting you know.
  14. Woah.... I can now follow the Twitter link and see the threads. It’s like trying to drink from a firehose. I’m going to have to either ignore this for a bit until some consensus arises on the project or perhaps read some now and again over a period of time. Not sure when you want people to take your Twitter survey... after seeing one flashing gif, or after watching the vid, or after reading the 33 case studies? I do want to wish you every success though @Error ... you guys certainly seem to have done a huge amount of work.
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