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  1. Even the approach to that monthly sell out situation would be a big speculators bull flag. So once it’s clear that they actually will hit a monthly sell out, then that’s when I would expect the start of a speculative up pressure. And that point of apparent inevitability could easily happen this year.
  2. That could happen much sooner if the ongoing ramp up in monthly sales continues or accelerated. August next year I think I calc’d just continuing the linear growth trend. Could be sooner if it is a typical adoption curve and accelerated.
  3. It’s not about the funds. It’s about certainty of XRP supply. The escrow made a 55 Billion XRP dump impossible. It was a signal to the market that the XRP would be a steady supply rather than a sudden dump. That still works no matter who is the legal owner. Obviously Ripple have runs on the board with regard to good stewardship of the ecosystem so it would be a bad idea to sell to anyone else unless they too are perceived as good stewards. In my fantasies I hope they sell or handover to the IMF.
  4. Just want to add to my incredulity at anyone thinking that would be a red flag to regulators.... this in a world where derivatives and their pricing are smiled on by benevolent regulators.
  5. Sorry? Why would you think that is illegal? Anywhere. What possible law or statute would it violate?
  6. No it’s not a matter of voiding any conditions. The escrow still stands. (The ‘controlled by consensus’ thing is a red herring to this discussion.) The reason you ‘own’ xrp is twofold... legally in your jurisdiction you paid for them, and practically because you hold the secret key. (Unless they are on an exchange... in which case you hold their promise). So to sell escrowed xrp just transfer money (the legal part) and transfer secret key knowledge (the practical part). The new owner won’t want Ripple still knowing the secret key, so she will create a new key and disable the old. Now she owns the escrowed xrp legally and practically (and Ripple don’t). She can’t access them till the escrow date passes though. But that doesn’t stop her from borrowing against them, selling them, or otherwise just sitting on them. The Jed thing... that too is a lot more complex than many think. I have my own personal theory (with little evidence) that he has now been already settled by Ripple and no longer has the XRP. Ripple are smart and know Jed well, so presumably they have taken appropriate steps. I just have to hope so.
  7. Actually that is not the case. Almost everyone seems to miss this fact. Ripple could sell the lot today if they wanted to and had a buyer. Or any portion at any time. It would probably (but not necessarily) be sold at some sort of a discount because it is not yet out of escrow, but if they want to sell OTC they just supply the new owner with the secret key to the addresses. She can then simply set new regular key and disable master to have ownership transferred. Another thing folk seem to be missing is the price effect the first time that the monthly ‘drop’ doesn’t meet the demand will have. That will (under most scenarios) long before the total escrow period has elapsed. This whole topic is more complex than is often thought.
  8. The value of XRP is in its utility. Which has only.just begun to take form, and is at a tiny fraction of its eventual situation. The price of XRP is whatever the tether-wielding crypto-kiddies currently think it should be. Neither situation is going to last.
  9. Ah sorry... I’ve been stupid. I thought you were saying the exchange is going down... Yeah ok... the gateway aspect... yeah sorry I don’t normally pay much attention so I assume you are correct. Sorry for my red herring.
  10. Multiple trades per second taken just now from Bitstamp app...
  11. No not at all sure of anything but Bitstamp normally does goodish volume and those millions aren’t suddenly going to stop....
  12. Just wondering if there is any update on this issue? @nikb @BobWay
  13. Go to the exchange that you bought the xrp from. Get the wallet address (starts with ‘r’ ) from that withdrawal transaction and plug that into https://bithomp.com/explorer/ If the last transaction listed is that withdrawal then all is well. Just a matter of getting the wallet software pointing to the correct address.
  14. My hopeful theory is that the utility will not take as long as many suspect. Because an organisation can onboard via API in the first instance, it means that once it’s clear that Ripplenet is the way to go... new orgs can hop on quickly via API (XVia) and meanwhile take longer to go full suite. But the XRP usage can be done quickly. There are other tech precedents... TCP/IP was slow to start but the big onboarding happened fairly quickly once it was clear which way the wind was blowing.
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