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  1. Tinyaccount

    Does xRapid effect volume? Analysis.

    Excellent idea and work. There was also an interesting idea that the exchange volume delta should be twice the XRPLedger delta if XRapid is a significant component of volume. This is because a xrpaid transaction involves a buy and a sell on an exchange with a movement via XRPLedger. So for each transaction twice the XRPLedger volume will be on-exchange volume.
  2. Tinyaccount

    How Are We All Doing?

    it’s an echo chamber.  it’s an echo chamber.  it’s an echo chamber. 
  3. Tinyaccount

    XRP is not going anywhere

    @Qasim_786 thanks very much for an excellent post that nicely sums things up. I'm glad you are as generous with your assistance as that. I agree with practically everything you said apart from the ignore 589 bit... So long as one is aware that no one really knows what future prices will be, there is often some interesting and perhaps accurate research done in those threads. Of course there is also some nonsense and far fetched hypotheses, but even then the poster generally say "with my tin foil hat on"... I say approach those threads with healthy scepticism but an open mind. I personally disbelieve the flat earth beliefs of some in that camp for instance. As much as I like your approach to your response, speaking more generally.... I do not like the trend of recent times to belittle and disparage those who choose to believe in the riddles of BG123. Not that you did that... but because it is common these days so I wanted to speak to it.
  4. Forgive my thick headed ness... I’m not seeing the awesomeness. Can you elaborate a bit please?
  5. Nice world image... what is it? Just a representation or a real world snip?
  6. Tinyaccount

    XRP adoption

    Sorry but that is clearly not correct. Imagine every bank in the world started using XRapid in every corridor. That usage might not create any new wallets at all. The exchange wallets would see a lot of transactions but not create wallet trans. It is perhaps some indication of interest overall but it is definately not directly correlated to XRP adoption.
  7. Tinyaccount

    No Reversible Transactions for Banks?

    The "to another bank" option has allowed billions of dollars worth of fraud to dissapear completely over the years.... XRP doesn't significantly add anything to banks risk that wasn't already there.
  8. Tinyaccount

    No Reversible Transactions for Banks?

    Um er,. I don't think that is how it works... The bank doesn't buy XRP.... a scripted set of automated transactions do it within XRapid. If in some way the bank is hacked enough to access down into core software then the XRP risk is the least of the banks worries....
  9. Tinyaccount

    No Reversible Transactions for Banks?

    I should add that reversing cross border transactions under Swift is problematic, expensive, and flakey so XRapid is a way better option.
  10. Tinyaccount

    No Reversible Transactions for Banks?

    I'm not an expert but as I understand it... It's true that an important part of banking is that they may wish to reverse a transaction. You can't revert a XRapid transaction. Blockchain is immutable. But you can reverse the transaction by sending the equivalent amount back the other way. It's not totally trivial because of fees but Xrapid knows fees in advance so it can be done. But also you should ask why are we trying to reverse? One big reason is because of the flakiness of the current system. That's gone with XRapid so a big percentage of the reason to even try reverting is gone too. Your question about incorrect address just can't happen..... The pathfinding is part of the Ripplenet advantage and will only go where trust is established. So overall.... It can be done but it won't need to be done as often.
  11. Which is why I never bothered to engage this stupid thread.... it was never going to be a reasoned assessment to arrive at 5c.
  12. Tinyaccount

    New Badge: Platinum

    Yep they are definitely platinum members... many of us owe them for the generous way they share their knowledge and skills. Good onya Karlos..... But you should be there as well. I know you won't want to award yourself the badge, but can anyone else agree with me that Karlos should have one? Guys?
  13. Tinyaccount

    XRP Chat Millionaires (Paper & Real!)

    If it ever moons to the degree that we have these sorts of problems, then just contact the exchange and ask for an OTC contact. I keep saying this but no one seems to get it... if you do become a big player the the various exchanges will assist you to trade any sized amount. From my reading here and elsewhere I believe the trades are often done at middle of spread current price with you simply paying the lowest rate fee they offer. This is the absolute last thing I worry about.
  14. Tinyaccount

    Sadad Bahrain (payment company) using xRapid

    Two... First is that this might actually be an inadvertent slip. That's happened with marketing materials many times in many companies. Second is that folks think Ripple drive the announcements... Instead it's the customers that actually do. Ripple will always be bound by the customers desires which might include non disclosure. There are competitive advantages to not revealing your hand in business.... Especially regarding your actual transaction cost which as we know is massively cheaper if using XRapid. I'm not at all certain, and this could in fact be just a screwup where they got the product name wrong and it's actually XCurrent, but if it's real it might mean that it's actually the Indian bank using XRapid. That would be profound on two fronts... firstly ITS A BANK. And secondly it is in India. That would mean that the regulators in India have signed off on XRapid. Lastly, please cool your jets... mine are overheating...
  15. Tinyaccount

    Sadad Bahrain (payment company) using xRapid

    Yeah that's the general view... I think the reality might be a bit more nuanced than that though. As always this is not investment advice or anything worth listening to, and don't forget to refrigerate your turbines.