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  1. You have just described all of crypto. I have no idea about the tran... just couldn't resist your question. Sorry.
  2. I know very little about trading. Are you saying there is a second set of order books not visible to retail traders? I understand that OTC is not visible to anyone but the two parties involved. You seem to be suggesting there is another set of orders available to be viewed by higher tiered investors. Have I understood correctly?
  3. Tinyaccount

    As predicted

    The tricky bit of this is that ostensibly the parties are not in some agreement... we are told the buy and sell is on the open market.
  4. Tinyaccount

    As predicted

    Yes maybe there is a significant change required to an exchange to enable XRapid. I think the method you suggest is essentially my second option of locking the bids and asks in for the duration of the transaction. I've seen no real discussion of the mechanics of this.... probably because there is no public information yet. I'm hoping someone will explain or release more info in time.
  5. You will have to excuse our scepticism. A brand new account that seems knowledgable about crypto and only seems to be saying "the sky is falling, run for your lives" seems an unlikely turn of events.
  6. Tinyaccount

    Xrp xmas presents

    I used an old version no longer current so can't help you with that one. You could go offline with Theworldexchange or Bithomp tools or use an app like ToastWallet offline. Lots of other options, but I can't guarantee reliability or security of any even though I personally would trust all of those I mentioned. But people using old versions of Safari were bitten by a bug in some cases, and there are other security implications no matter how you do it, so it's not a comfortable thing to do recommending software. Really you need to look at the options and decide for yourself I'm afraid. It's a sorry state of affairs but it is exactly what the bleeding edge of technology has always been like.... uncertain and full of potential pitfalls.
  7. Tinyaccount

    As predicted

    I've repeatedly heard that price locked in thing.... the only ways that can happen that I can think of are: - XRapid does a speculative api buy and sell then reports back prices for approval. If not approved it presumably reverses its trades hopefully not loosing much on spread, commission and slippage. - the exchanges allows XRapid to enqueue bids and offers at each end and then if trade proceeds they are executed, if not they are released back into the order books. Bad luck to you if that happens to your bid or offer as a retail trader and the price moved away from you in that period (some seconds at least). - XRapid makes a best guess at costings and it proceedes on a "all care but no responsibility" basis. - XRapid makes a quote based on current order books and then Ripple guarantees to make up any losses. - market makers are employed who stand in for Ripple as above, with the Incentive scheme essentially guaranteeing them a profit. I don't know if there are other ways ( I'm sure I've missed some) but I would love to know the actual method.
  8. Tinyaccount

    As predicted

    Yes that's an interesting aspect that I have been waiting to understand... price locked in. That means that the exchanges would need to be doing something different than what they currently do. The order book will have some matches pre-made which might affect trading in unexpected or unintended ways. The intricacies of trading are beyond me, but as I understand it, when it gets into industrial strength trading then low latency traders (on the order of milliseconds) are advantaged. How blocking of some bids four or five seconds into the future affects trading is something I haven't seen discussed as yet. I'm sure the smart heads at Ripple and the exchanges and institutions are aware of the consequences and are on top of it all. I would like to hear more on this though. It might have consequences, or it might be irrelevant, I don't know.... but I would like to.
  9. Tinyaccount

    As predicted

    Yes please. Can I order that for tonight? I’m ready now....
  10. Tinyaccount

    Other currencies on XRP-ledger

    It’s a way of encapsulating the value of anything on the XRPLedger. Imagine MercuryMint wants to issue gold and silver medallions worldwide and is willing to trade XRP for them (or anything else on the XRPLedger). He can issue MMG and MMS tokens and anyone that buys one with XRP is able to redeem it for a medallion. That means other folk can now trade MMG if they think there is, or will be, a scarcity and it’s value can climb. (Or fall) But also it is a provable and fast and convenient way to pay for the medallion. Anyone anywhere can buy one. Of course you will have noticed there is a “trusted party” in this transaction... MercuryMint. So long as they value their reputation they need to actually send a medallion anytime someone pays... just like most current commerce. They also need to ensure they don’t issue more MMG than they can produce in the real world. So there might be good reasons in the future to possibly issue these IOU currencies on the ledger. Interestingly their counterparty risk is what reveals the wonder of XRP.... no Counterparty.
  11. Tinyaccount

    As predicted

    I agree with most of what you are saying but I can understand someone claiming it can work fine at 10c. It all depends on your definition of working fine. If you only are moving small payments at a low volume percentage of the target exchange, then sure, it will work fine. But as soon as the volume of XRapid becomes a bigger part of that exchange volume, or you wish to move larger payments, then a low price won't cut it.
  12. Tinyaccount

    Do Mods Still Read PM's On This Site?

    Good heavens.... are we sending super sensitive stuff to each other? Why the concern? If you don't trust the site use any of the zillion other Comms options available to pass the love notes. It is just normal security... assume everything in clear text is readable so if its mission critical send via a secure channel. Otherwise just accept their word (but still.... don't send your wallet keys ) But if I had to bet I would take these guys at their word... To me it seems they have a history of honest dealing.
  13. I want to buy some... where do I get these amazing swimming trunks? Oh, and are they safe to wear?
  14. Tinyaccount

    Bearableguy123 Thread

    The other thing I would add is surely you only have to wait a few weeks if you are to be proved right... why get all hot and bothered now?