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  1. Dimension Data on BrightTalk

    And as pointed out above.... they move some money and have some know-how.... so their opinion has some weight.
  2. Need diaper guidiance - bitstamp

    If you withdraw XRP from an exchange and send it to the Ledger public address then all that is charged is a minute Ripple fee ( < 0.01 XRP) and whatever the exchange charge you to withdraw... generally nothing I think. The XRP coins are transferred from one ledger address to another.... they are not traded or exchanged. So you effectively loose nothing. The only time the price matters is when you finally come to sell some.... then you will get a market rate at the time. Sending XRP is the beauty of Ripple..... you can send them to anyones' wallet anywhere on earth.... instantly, for practically nothing. What is really happening is they are being moved to a new address in the distributed ledger.
  3. USB stick transfer safety from Offline wallet

    Step 1 would protect you from getting an infection from the online PC so is probably good practice but could get expensive even with cheap USB sticks. However if the cold wallet Pc is infected with this very sophisticated malware for hunting secret keys (obviously most malware wouldn't be a secret key grabber) then when you transfer it to the online it has the chance to 'jump the air gap' and report your key back to base. I guess im mostly wanting to know if a dos dir command will see all files on the USB. Option 3 looks interesting thanks... not sure if the Rippex wallet presents qr codes though... will investigate.
  4. Hi team, I am wondering about vectors for a hacker to get the secret key of a cold wallet. As part of the process of validating the wallet, I would sign an offline transaction onto a USB stick and then take that to a online wallet to import the transaction. Now if the stick is empty apart from the signed transaction file, then all is well. But is it possible for malware to have collected the secret key, and put that somehow into the USB stick in some way that injects it into the online PC for transmission to the hacker? So it would need to be invisible to me on the Windows PC, but able to inject itself automatically into the online PC. Personally I think that is either very unlikely or impossible.... but I don't really know so I am asking the techos among us for an opinion please? I realize it is at the very least, only a low probability.... but i would like to know for sure if that is possible. If it is possible, is there any way I can check the stick from the offline computer before taking it to the online one? In Windows if I start a command box and type DIR J: will it reveal any 'hidden' files? Thanks for any input.
  5. Need diaper guidiance - bitstamp

    I dont understand how your xrp stash grew? Is it possibly because you had a limit order in at a certain price and some of the order was filled but not all... so you saw your xrp balance at 281 XRP then later the rest of the order filled and your balance became 317 XRP. Thats the only way I can see how your XRP balance would go up. Have a look at your transaction history.
  6. You surprise me... do you not think XRP is a good bet? All crypto is a risk, but I would think XRP is one of the least risky. Why did you advise to leave XRP alone?
  7. Newbie still hung up on "activation" concept

    If the destination wallet is a Ripple wallet that you own then you can either leave dest tag blank or if the site insists on a value put a zero. Note: Always test first with a token amount. Eg 30 XRP
  8. Newbie still hung up on "activation" concept

    Removed dup post
  9. Computer for Cold wallet

    I'm not an expert but my understanding is that any kind is fine so long as it's not ever connected to anything at all... Just monitor mouse and keyboard. The more techo amongst us know of the best options but you're 85% to perfect just by being forever offline. The more security conscious will advise encrypting it... and that's good advice... but if it's never a connected computer then thieves would have to steal it physically to have a chance of getting your Zerps by somehow cracking the wallet encryption.... so choose your protection level as you see fit. @Xilobyte has a tutorial somewhere on here if you want highest security.
  10. New Petition on Change.org

    Dear Ripple. I have been good this year. For xmas please give me a new home and a boat and a really really nice car. Also donuts. If not I will moan and carry on like a sooky-la-la.
  11. New Petition on Change.org

    Un-freakin-believable. Ripple don't owe you anything. Your noise is a fart in a cyclone... Ripple is a juggernaut that is on track and will proceed appropriately. The lockup is a minor player in XRP price.... it's important but way less than usage. Impatience is folly. You are wasting all our time with this nonsense.
  12. The Whales Of The Crypto Ocean

    What is it called if your in now, but you are not smart? So I am in the 'Dumb luck' group?
  13. The Whales Of The Crypto Ocean

    Haven't finished reading... but you have a typo... 'wallet' instead of 'whale' in 2 or thrid paragrah... EDIT: In later paragraph(s?) also.
  14. New Petition on Change.org

    I was rewarded when I finally relented and went and looked at this childish petition.... I had a quiet chuckle when I saw his empty threat at the end. I guess it's nice that some folk are walking on a different plane than the rest of us.. Having the odd crazy makes things interesting I suppose.
  15. ... to buy more xrp

    Genius.... Love your work..... please keep investigating and reveal more of what is REALLY going on... Im staying glued to Polo so I can see when the 16M buy comes in....