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  1. Yes I agree. Wishing doesn’t make it so. My faith is in the fact that various teams in differing enterprises are all actively working towards a useful (sufficient liquidity) XRPL. I’m hoping they have a plan and that it works. Time will tell.
  2. I’m not sure I follow the logic. In my opinion the fact that XRP is not a favoured toy of the current (massively thinned down) bunch of crypto traders doesn’t affect any of the points I made. So then saying it’s not performing well during this winter (and now spring? Or is that too early yet?) doesn’t have a bearing on what would happen on an actual bull run. But also, you say “for years to come” but I’m not sure I understand what you mean? That things will improve in many years? Then what will have changed? Or that the current crop of whales and traders will have the market as their plaything for many years? To be honest your view, though understandable, just looks like a feeling more than a reasoned position. Forgive me if I’ve misunderstood.
  3. Fair enough... yeah... crypto is a snake pit. I really hope that isn’t the case for the ODL enabled exchanges though.
  4. That is true in some cases. I think the major ones are less like that nowadays though. One would hope for instance that any ODL enabled exchange doesn’t behave like that. I was aware of this when I made that statement... I think it is largely true. But yeah, buyer beware unfortunately, on some of them.
  5. So what’s changed to make that unlikely or impossible? Well, there have been many people burnt by crypto who wouldn’t now touch it with a barge pole. The reputation of crypto in the main stream media is a mish mash of being either a criminal enterprise and/or a bubble. So any one coming in would probably now need much more than just white papers and hype to support their investment decision. So that would point to thinking it can’t happen again. As against that... back then there were serious hurdles to investing, long waiting lists to get on to an exchange, slow fiat rails to the exchange, a lack of information and storage solutions for new investors. Additionally, buying XRP often involved buying Bitcoin first then transferring to another exchange then trading for XRP. Since then fiat on ramps are everywhere, and all of those issues are largely or completely mitigated. The exchanges have undergone torture tests and are now much beefier. Even so, the percentage of people involved in crypto last time was very low overall. So if new money did want to flow in it could do so much easier than in the past. That fact in a fomo situation would be like rocket fuel to the price in a much greater way than last time. But why would money come? Firstly people have short memories for getting burnt... witness endless boom and bust cycles in housing. Secondly, this time around there is likely to be much more legitimate enterprise activity. Real and legitimate large companies are now moving into the crypto space... German law, other countries... they are all, in various ways, legitimising the concept of crypto investments. In many countries across the world the previously unaware populace are being exposed to blockchain technologies. Main stream media who are largely antagonistic at the moment can turn on a dime and then start shouting ‘the bigger the base the higher in space’. IF there is a bull run then it is likely the media will do exactly that.. and remember that the blockages of the past largely no longer exist. This next one could be much much bigger...
  6. Dunno but it doesn’t happen to me. Perhaps the AI that runs XRPChat misunderstood you when you said you’d like to see at least a doubling...
  7. Yes very. I’m thinking (based on nothing but gut feelings and some experience in project rollouts) that we are due for a jump in ODL volume. I’ve been watching the steady rise and don’t think that is going to continue... I think it’s going to jump up soon. If ODL is going to be used by multiple entities in multiple corridors in significant volumes in a reasonable time frame then there will need to be a significant ramp up process. It can’t just steadily inch upwards if it’s going to scale. It will need jumps and a steep curve. Just my thoughts at the moment. Thanks so much Jas for the excellent work.
  8. It is a fact. A fact that has been understood and known all along. Nothing changed about that. There has been no change to ‘the agenda’ as you put it.
  9. I have some that are available to everyone for a mere $0.0001 per drop.
  10. I’m fairly sure it will go much higher. But apparently not sure enough to tell my boss I’m retiring now. Sigh.
  11. @Nicolas if you wish to run an AMA here we can start a thread and title it: “Nicolas from FlashFX - AMA - live at 0100 UTC 19thJan” or some such. If we make it for in the future, people will be able to pose questions in advance to give you time to compose answers and then when you arrive you can paste the answers in and the ‘live’ portion will begin. Just offering this as a suggestion, you may want to choose a different medium or format. Please just let us know if you wish to do that or something else or have reconsidered and prefer not to do it. Thanks for considering it. .
  12. Anyone that doesn’t want to have to wade through his long posts to get a sense of his opinions... this bloke thinks that Ripple are possibly ‘too stupid’. Yeah right.
  13. I have used your services and found exactly this... helpful friendly and competent experience... wow... thanks for calling in. One thing I’m wondering about... if you look at https://utility-scan.com/#/dashboard (which may, or may not, be telling the whole ODL story) then you see a regular large type of payment happening. So as I mentioned in my post: And I was wondering about the configurability of ODL... are you able to real time adjust the volume flow or is the flow adjusted programmatically to accomodate liquidity and costs concerns? I have plenty of questions but don’t want to flood you. We can make a thread here specifically for an AMA if you want to do that... entirely up to you of course. The liveness of a thread is not perhaps the same as Twitter but if you advise a time I’m sure you’d get many people ‘live’ on there. Anyway... I’ve said it before... you guys are great and I wish you every success. Thanks.
  14. I was going to say something similar yesterday... it’s ironic that the reason SEC wants to have a say on these matters is to protect investors... and their reluctance or inability to have that say in this case is exactly the thing that is hurting investors the most. Very ironic.
  15. That’s is certainly looking true as things stand... but do not forget that it could change tomorrow. On any particular day the SEC could issue clarifying guidelines or determinations that would clear the way for XRP. So we might be just days away from regulatory clarity. Or not.
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