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  1. Woohoo.... someone here has quite a strong legal opinion and apparently wants to save us ignorant fools from ourselves. As a completely unlettered ignoramous can I take this opportunity to thank you for your righteous indignation on our behalf. Now if it’s ok... I’m going to ignore your opinion completely. Time will sort out who the fools are... it could be me. Or not.
  2. Which is, I think, a stoopid rule. It’s heaven for the fudders to throw their misleadingly titled articles in here.
  3. Oh, ok then, apparently I was unsuccessful in convincing you not to be so dogmatic. (see what I did there? )
  4. I’m not an expert but I believe: If you go to https://www.theworldexchange.net/#about and then disconnect your computer by unplugging Ethernet cable turning off Wifi etc then you have a page that has the required libraries already in your now-offline browser. If you “login” with your secret key and it doesn’t complain, and gives the correct public address, then that is enough in my uneducated opinion. It has used that key to calculate the public address and if that matches then you are golden. Close the browser and clear your cache. Unless you have some malware on your computer sniffing your keystrokes, that caches offline and then when connected reports back to the hacker... no one saw it. This assumes you also don’t have your phone or laptop camera anywhere near the keyboard and or screen. All of this is for you to consider and research yourself because as I said... I am not an expert.
  5. Any three economists can give you four differing opinions. You have one. So does he. That nearly sounds like a belief rather than a science. But you state yours as though they are incontrovertible facts... which is bold if not foolhardy. What’s that old joke? "An economist is an expert who will know tomorrow, why the things he predicted yesterday, didn't happen today."
  6. It’s interesting but not out of the ordinary. If you believe Ripple (and I do) then on average they are signing two or three new customers per week. The South America connection is interesting I suppose... although we do know they are actively chasing customers on all continents and have already announced some other South American partners.
  7. But what if the stand has one of these... then the price could be a zillion dollars per Zerp. Size of stand at Sibos has more to do with Marketing budget than anything else. Who knows... they may announce anything or nothing... predicting that from stand size is silly.
  8. The xrp existed, like all xrp exist, in an account address (or a number of account addresses). A Wallet is what that address is confusingly called. Ripple owned them. Ripple had the keys. Ripple then created escrow transactions which simply mean that the XRPLedger knows those xrp in those accounts can not be involved in transactions until after the escrow period.
  9. I find that if someone doesn’t have logic on their side they are likely to attack the person rather than the idea. You seem to want to demonstrate that for me. Thanks.
  10. I don’t think that is a supportable view. Ripple have had a track record for a few years now of sticking to the sales at rates that they publicly declare. No others in this space can say that to my knowledge. Furthermore they decided themselves and publicly stated, BEFORE all the hullabaloo about their sales, that they would effectively reduce them by no longer using the Coinmarketcap figures. So in effect they have a track record of a steady rate and then recently reducing it. Btw these rates were in effect when runs have occurred so we know they do NOT stop a bull run. Also they recently indicated they would be sending institutional otc buyers out to the public market in future if the required liquidity is available in the relevant region. No other company does this to my knowledge. So to assume that they will suddenly abandon all that and start dumping doesn’t seem to have a supportable basis in my opinion.
  11. What would you do with a long-idle $1,000 account in a bank? I think it’s reasonable that XRP will reach $50 (and certainly possible to be much higher). If so then that 20 XRP is $1,000. By that time it’s also likely the reserve amount will be lowered to say 1 XRP. That would mean you could access the bulk of those funds. Also it’s no trouble to ‘own’... just keep the keys safe and ignore it for a while and see about it later.
  12. It might depend on the level of interest and uptake of the Bakkt offerings. If it starts doing big volume then that might trigger interesting price action. Lets hope it’s not a giant shorting party... but I don’t think that’s likely. The ‘physical’ settlement is the potential magic ingredient here. Have to wait and see. I’m such a newb I don’t even know how or where to look to see how it’s going. Oh well, I’m sure someone will be letting us all know.
  13. I’m sure they are aware of this, and that there are probably technical issues... but I really don’t like the pay everyone model. I want to allow or disallow payments. I would also like to throttle up and down the amounts. And pay-as-you-go not subscribe. It may be curmudgeonly of me, but I’m not in until at least some of that is available.
  14. No idea at all. Maybe Bob might indicate if he ever sees it in use. Bob might be unwell at moment... haven’t seen him here for a while. I hope he is ok.
  15. That article posted above by codius about ending the centralisation debate... as soon as the “expert” says that “transactions can be rolled back” you know it’s a load of crap.
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