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  1. Haha. You didn’t look at the timeline did you? I got sick of this place while the price was still on an uptrend. Before the Chicken started a ruckus. Before the market tumbled. Unfortunately although the price looked ok the number of morons was also on an uptrend... which made the neighbourhood undesirable to me. You were one of those folk whose posts encouraged my hiatus. I come back to check in and I find the empty vessels still making the most noise.
  2. Oh dear. Seems I missed a bit of a ruckus. A couple of folk here know that as of a few days ago (well before the ruckus) I decided that the now-normal negativity and vitriol here at XRPChat was too annoying, and the time I spent here daily was too great, for me to continue in that way. So I’m trying to disengage somewhat.... ( I’ve tried and failed previously because of poor self-control, so ultimately, if I can’t disengage enough to avoid spending too much time here I will have to totally disengage.) Meanwhile I see some significant people in the community have done a one-eighty degree turn and now feel that we might be being scammed by Ripple. Fair enough... I’m not buying into any of it. I’ve made my bet and will ride it all the way up or down like the ignorant little retail investor that I am. I’m really just posting this to say thanks very much to all of you who have helped me in numerous ways here, and especially to those many of you who made me laugh out loud on many occasions with brilliant posts and memes. I also wanted to explain my absence to those wondering why that loud-mouthed XRP maximalist Tiny isn’t making an alternative case in this current ruckus. I do hope those who are seriously doubting their XRP investment are wrong to be concerned, but time will tell I suppose.
  3. You throw that accusation around waay to easily.
  4. And yet it is absolutely ripe with possibilities. A damn shame really.
  5. Yep that’s what this forum needed... another Captain Bloody Obvious.
  6. Nah sorry if I wasn’t clear... the miners SELL. They mine new coins then sell them to fund their enterprise. So every day 1800 or so are newly created and sold. That volume of sales is not wildly different in relative terms from Ripple sales volumes. Worth remembering when you start thinking that XRP isn’t rising because Ripple sell.
  7. Clearly if they didn’t sell there would be higher prices. But half a percent higher or ninety percent higher? I dunno. But by the same token (if you’ll pardon a weak pun) all the miners selling Bitcoin every day at a near parity in relative volumes doesn’t seem to have stopped its price rising. Another aspect of this is what is happening needs to happen... the circulating supply needs to increase if it’s going to do it’s intended job. So thank you for telling us so. But how does that change anything?
  8. I thought that’s what we had to do anyway? I’m not sure how much longer I can keep on buying $50 worth and then sending it to you though...
  9. Yeah you are... you got your missus to save your sorry arse with her sweet selections when your pathetic picks go belly up.
  10. Yes I’ve had that thought (that it could be some sort of protocol deadline) in the back of my mind since I first heard of this (but am stubbornly trying to keep it down there... )
  11. The way to look at this is not at each individual transaction. If that direct transfer was happening then that would place a treasury demand on XRP. The bank would need a stockpile. That is demand. Volume, demand, supply, the node connectivity value... they all play into the value proposition that ultimately sets price.
  12. Absolutely they don’t want risks... my experience agrees. I also have many times been there just in case. But the facts are against you I’m afraid... all these banks actually ARE doing something this weekend. They obviously don’t think it’s too risky. It could be nothing other than a random coincidental bunch of banks doing an ordinary maintenance release. ( Or it could be what we hope but don’t say out loud. ) But even if it was a Ripple XRP Big Bang (don’t get my hopes up...) that’s not inordinately risky for any individual bank. They can each go or not go and they will all be fine on Monday no matter what... they either implemented or backed out. The contingency planning has it covered. Either way they are fine. They ALWAYS have a fallback option. [Edit: I should clarify... sometimes being there is just being available with remote access... maybe really big things you actually are there physically, but often it’s just a on-call thing. So when I think about it I haven’t been on site, just in case, more than a couple of times. All the rest were not just in case but because I needed to do stuff or I was at home remotely accessing or “on call”. Thought I should clarify....]
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