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  1. Thanks for that but that was what I thought so it still leaves the questions above outstanding. I appreciate your reply and I wish you well with it... I'd really like to know the exact situation though. Was Gatehub using the bad BigNumber lib and are they reimbursing losses. It sounds as though they were and they are.
  2. So can I just ask to understand... What actually happened? Was the secret incorrect for the address? If so was that because Gatehub incorrectly generated it or did the local browser? Are Gatehub wearing the loss and fixing it for people? Any extra info you could provide would be appreciated.
  3. It's Happening? The Zerpening!

    Yes I think that's the nub of the problem. I can imagine a scenario but it's only one in a large possible range and therefore not likely. If Weiss rating is high for us and lower for others, if market report is all good (that's a given) and also hints at actual production usage numbers this quarter, and then Western Union, Uber, and Air-BNB announce and produce buzz.... if Arlington make good news.... If some dark horse rises as a partner.... And if there is regulatory support for Ripple that becomes apparent.... that would start the FOMO and the permanent decoupling. So what are the odds of that?
  4. It's Happening? The Zerpening!

    I think it will go lower as BTC falls further. As painful as it is to watch.... it is necessary I think if XRP is really going to disconnect from BTC. If BTC falls enough and XRP can singly rise (with the inevitable XLM on its coat tails) due to some good announcements, then the decoupling might finally really happen. That's the silver lining in this painful market for us I think.
  5. Your logic is flawed sir. If Ripple wanted a non volatile price (they do ultimately, but only because of, and after, a large rise in valuation) then they could have just left the 55 billion OUT of escrow and let the price stagnate in the low twenties... cents. And I'm afraid that I can't buy your read on the political situation in South Corea. Its a furphy that 'Ripple want the price stable and low and not to surge'. I thought it was a dying piece of FUD but it appears to have reeled you in at least... so maybe it's not as dead and discredited as I thought.
  6. It's Happening? The Zerpening!

    Sure... it's a word.... you just coined it. But unfortunately it's the hens teeth of the crypto world.... Ripple could solve all the worlds problems tommorow and by nighttime there would be a thread about the conspiracy to trick everyone into loosing all their problems.
  7. No it doesn't. He is saying they want separation from the process in the same way a judge might recuse herself from a case that she has a personal connection to. So they employ a third party to do the sales having specifically instructed them NOT to affect the market. The exact reverse of your inference. Not if the experts are correct. And I guess that's why they are getting paid to do it and you and I are not... they ARE experts.
  8. It's Happening? The Zerpening!

    He is just pointing out that the blockchain in and of itself does not bring everything to the party.... it's missing the secret consensus sauce that gives XRPL the advantage.
  9. Final Settlement with Jed

    Thanks for being so helpful on here. Does that change with XRapid usage? In other words are the market makers that put out bids and offers putting them on the ledger as Bitso:Mxn ? (I probably have the symbols wrong..). Or do they use the exchange APIs and somehow XRapid knows.... This is sounding wrong. My money is guessing 'on XRPLedger'. I'm side betting that Jed is hoping for more adoption to speed up his volumes...
  10. It's interesting isn't it, that no amount of truth ever puts this to bed. Its also interesting that exchanges issuing their iou's on all the various coin types that people 'hold' there, can decide at any time to freeze any of these coins including the big fella BTC, but only XRP ever gets a mention in the Freeze FUD. XRP CAN NOT BE FROZEN. (Sorry for raising my voice... ) However, exchanges can freeze withdrawals on any damn thing they like at any time and fight it out in the courts afterward. This is but one of the risks of 'holding' your coins on an exchange. On the other hand that would be a bad move and I imagine it would generally only happen in the event of bankruptcy which is another of the risks of 'holding' on the exchange.
  11. Even newer update: There is some doubt about the situation and the numbers so it's actually too early to make any findings. Still.... we live in hope. More will come clear over the next few months I think.
  12. @Hodor is a good man.. we all know it, and if anyone ever needed it... here is just more proof. So this is an interesting item that we need to keep an eye on because we all are very keen to see how this plays out. I still think that ultimately more volume means more price support, but Finance is not my area of expertise... relaxing by the water is what I'm best at...
  13. I'm so glad I used the word Tentative. This appears to be a bit murky, and unless usd is purchased via XRapid on Bitso (in addition to the Peso buys) I can't see why it would be a higher XRP price on Bitso.
  14. Yes that's why I used the word Tentative. Our hopes are high but let our expectations be more reasonable and always fact based...
  15. You are welcome. New info just in.... Hodor has just started a thread on this exact point... the price of XRP on the exchange used for Mexican/US XRapid corridor has a higher price than other exchanges. That's very good news for the question of what effect XRapid has on price.