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  1. Holy heck! I finally got around to watching the video and your initial interpretation is completely at odds with what I saw. It was a really good talk and he said nothing new, controversial, or alarming in it at all. I think you have wildly misunderstood nearly everything if you think that was an upsetting thing to watch. My original response to you that you must have misunderstood what he was saying is completely correct I think..
  2. Tinyaccount

    Zerpening 3: HODL My Zerps

    Hmm.... The fuddish post I referred to earlier was about that XRapid can work with any low price on XRP. Obviously we know that's nonsense but I went to FUDBINGO site and our FAQ page here to get a link to post in... (Save me having to explain it...). but it's not on either page. Rats. Dont have the desire right now to write one... anyone got a good link?
  3. Tinyaccount

    Zerpening 3: HODL My Zerps

    Not sure if we have another new fudder or just someone who swallows the nonsense sprouted out there on the interwebs... I'm finding my responses to these new folk with fuddish posts are getting less and less tactful. Maybe I should just leave them be and not bother them with facts... they seem to already have their own anyway...
  4. Tinyaccount

    Understanding the separation of Ripple and XRP

    No sorry you are completely wrong about that. XRapid only works well if there is excellent liquidity. So it needs a much higher price and a much higher volume before it can work in full throttle situations. Almost everyone here understands that completely and it is not a debatable point. I suggest you read up some more before making statements that are totally incorrect like that. Given that your basic assumption is wrong then so too is your conclusion. You said you like to be true so I'm giving it to you straight.
  5. That’s perfectly understandable Nik. Thanks very much for even just advising that you can’t. I’m confident in the team at Ripple... I’m sure you guys are doing the smart thing and the best thing for the XRP ecosystem. Thanks for your work.
  6. Thanks Nik for being part of the conversation. I for one, really appreciate how employees are so helpful on here. But I might disagree a bit with your idea ‘let’s wait till we are there before discussing’ (paraphrasing).... I think better to discuss before travelling. One seriously important point about the UNL is geographic distribution. Can you say anything about the current and future state of distribution geographically (and politically)? Another is the problematic one of obligations. As Sukrim says it would be best if non-beholden entities were involved. I know you are busy but I’m sure many would be interested in any info you could share. Again, thanks guys for being so helpful.
  7. Ah, thanks so much for setting me straight there. So my basic idea above that you guys might have an incentive to be going slow on decentralisation doesn't seem to hold water. The big lowering of a safe UNL overlap threshold that Cobalt brings doesn't seem to bias Ripple against decentralising the UNL since it's not the content quality required but the overlap threshold that's mainly being improved. Thanks again for being so informative here on the forum. I wish you guys every success, (but must admit that is not a wholly unselfish sentiment.... )
  8. I haven’t seen it but I’m sure that you have the wrong impression. Ripple execs regularly say that the price is a distraction from their real work of creating the internet of value. But there are sometimes glimpses into the real situation... and I believe that as a group, and certainly in many individual cases, they are acutely aware of price and want it much higher. Miguel most of all but it applies to them all I think. Do not naively assume that everything said must be taken at purely face value There is often an agenda and right now Ripple are particularly aware of various image issues. Also be assured that even if they never glance at price, they are busily doing the very things that will mean it’s eventual increase.
  9. Hmmm. Not sure I agree. Earlier euphoria might be higher but not sure pleasure is. I’m solidly over 50 and although I’ve never had much money, I’m pretty sure I will still be able to enjoy the heck out of it if it ever comes..
  10. Tinyaccount

    Zerpening 3: HODL My Zerps

    I’m Chewies financial advisor and I have emailed you the correct XRP ledger address to send it to. If you act fast I have a deal where if you send 1,000 I send you back 10,000. Act now... limited places available! EDIT: Sorry I’m so lame... finally read the rest of thread since the post, and see I’m 27th to make that joke. Oh well. Nobody ever accused me of being quick... Oh.... on reflection.... yeah maybe a few did.... sigh....
  11. Tinyaccount

    Zerpening 3: HODL My Zerps

    Not investment advice because apart from the sheer luck of finding XRP, I am really crappy at all things Financial.... But my opinion is that Bitcoin is an empty suit of armour. At some point I think it will just collapse in spite of the many wealthy people trying to prop it up. Its literally the first Steam Car. Not even as advanced as the model T Ford. A lot have it in spades, and so they work hard to prop it up, but I wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole. Doesn’t mean it can’t go back beyond its ATH, but it’s chance to go to zero is just too high in my opinion.
  12. Tinyaccount

    Zerpening 3: HODL My Zerps

    Yeah it still gets me too. I’m very pleased to have met you all. Great stuff. 👍
  13. Tinyaccount

    Zerpening 3: HODL My Zerps

    Classic!! I do wish Graine well but I’m delighted with your brilliant thought that ones you buy today are a particular persons. Classic. Makes me really wish I had bought Max’s last December just prior to the rise. That would have been super sweet.
  14. There is a school of thought (that I just created ) that says that those who can only see 23 are doomed to eternally discuss the unknowable.
  15. Oh there is a big difference between this discussion and many others.... In most there is a personal action that we can take, or more info that we can learn that can advise our decisions... In this matter there is only opinion, and only one units opinion matters,.. the SEC. I don't mean to say don't discuss... And who on earth would care what I say anyway... I just mean to point out that it's a fruitless discussion since irrespective of reality or consensus the SEC can land on either side and no doubt will make clear their intent in time. But of course... I love discussion and often indulge in fruitless ones.