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  1. It did seem like a scam last year.... is it possible though that some big players just deposit that amount of USD and therefore the tether is created legitimately.... and the big buys are what bumps prices?
  2. Yes I think BTC is the wind.... when it blows in the right direction then all coins move, with some moving better than others based on pent up news or buyers waiting for a sign. Also occasionally it acts as a vacume sucking the wind out of alts and climbing itself. In our case since we are doing comparatively well I think it's the three Prefered exchange thing. I fear a seemingly inevitable drop unless something significant changes from these past months patterns. I don't think the Bears are back in their caves just yet so a bit of fud or a concerted BTC short effort could undo us I fear. I feel bad being a downer but as good as this feels to see a gain... it is waaay to early to call a decoupling. It could be if things pan out but not yet my fellow Zerpers.. Soon(TM)
  3. Yeah I do see your point.... Ok... i can see why it's a thing for you. I've not really noticed people thinking that way. I've just assumed they realise huge supply will need huge demand.
  4. Tinyaccount

    Stupidest Giveaway EVER!

    5890 I never was any good at following the rules...
  5. You keep saying that as though everyone disagrees. No-one that knows anything about anything disagrees with that.
  6. Why does every new thread title seem negative? Is it just me?
  7. Tinyaccount

    Roger Ver apologies to Ripple on Twitter

    Yes and good on you for doing so. In this case it turns out to be old news, but so long as folk make an effort to check if it's been already posted, I think we are delighted that someone shares. So thanks, and don't misunderstand the intent of any of the above posts... no critisicm was implied I think. I hope you continue to contribute to this wonderful source of information...
  8. I don't know if you are serious or not.... If what you asked could be done, then there would be no risk to this investment. You could accurately calculate a price for XRP and there would be no speculation involved. So the answer is... There is no answer. Almost every single calculation I have seen (and that is quite a few) has fundamental flaws and NONE of them are worth the electrons they are written with. The fundamental fact is that if there is large volume trading, and real value in the use case, then over time that will eventually be reflected in the price and most of us here think that will be at least one order of magnitude higher than current. Perhaps many....
  9. Tinyaccount

    CasinoCoin Talk

    You buggers.... I’m starting to suffer from CSCFOMOitus. Quick!, talk me out of it.
  10. Tinyaccount

    Fighting FUD on FB/twitter/insta/forums

    I’m pretty sure our investment can protect itself. It doesn’t need us sounding like preachers of the good word. I am continually surprised by how seriously we seem to take ourselves... this thing is a juggernaut and will succeed or fail irrespective of our tiny hopes, dreams and actions.
  11. Tinyaccount

    Binance CEO + Michael Arrington Joint Venture

    I'll admit to being surprised the Arrington fund is so low in XRP holdings. He is a big booster of XRP on Twitter and has his whole fund set up with XRP as the currency.... it does seem odd to me that he feels the other coins are a better bet at the moment. Perhaps he has a clearer view than me, and realises that value won't come for a year or two, and so at this time he is not in.... but that still just seems weird to me. Zero doubt seems like a foolish way to live.... Nice slogan but bad strategy. I have the odd doubt, and this is now one of them. But I've placed my bet on XRP. I am willing to just wait till its clear that I was right or wrong.
  12. Tinyaccount

    xRapid Brings on Three New Exchange Partners

    Great news. I'm wondering how XRapid 'prefers' an exchange. With auto-path finding I'm assuming it might get multiple near-equivelant options in the future. So I'm guessing there is a default exchange list that these Prefered exchanges will be on for when it's going to use the default for any particular currency. One day in the future lobbying Ripple to be their Prefered is going to be a 'thing'. If I was wiser, and had funds for investing, there does appear to be clear indications what areas might be worth buying stock in....
  13. Tinyaccount

    BearWhale research

    Just wondering... maybe someone can say... From the XRP end can you query the ledger for trans to a particular wallet destination tag? So user number zzz?
  14. Tinyaccount

    How Do You Keep Up With XRP CHAT?

    I'm here a fair bit while waiting for retirement to happen after XRP rises.... pathetic, I know. I'm half tempted to create a club with me able to edit posts but no one else. In there I just post links to threads or posts that I read that I found interesting or useful. Lately it wouldn't have very much in it.... Any posts by others that didn't seem interesting I would delete. So you would be seeing MY selection of ineteresting posts and threads. It would not be a perfect system and it would certainly miss good stuff, but it might be one Tiny part of the solution. ( see what I did there? ) One problem is that I do occasionally get busy and couldn't keep up at times, as well as I'm famous for starting but not finishing.... so it's probably doomed to failure. Maybe someone else could do the same? It feels a bit draconian saying I will delete others posts but if viewed as just 'hey this is one blokes view of interesting' then it's not sounding so bad. If someone I respect does this instead I would be delighted.
  15. Yes but it is perhaps not what you are thinking.... The payment channel is like the existing visa system... It can be scaled horizontally... so if near capacity you just add more hardware. But as transactions occur, unless they are perfectly balanced in value in both directions, a net movement of value occurs. That is what is then settled with the on ledger transaction.... which can move any amount in four seconds or so. Currently on ledger load tested can do 1500 per sec trans. Cobalt is coming and that will bump that number up. Meanwhile payment channels are available now, so throughput should not be an issue since they are arbitrarily scalable. Although I'm supply answers here... I am not an expert. I have some IT experience and a fair understanding of transactional systems but the information about the Ripple software utilising the XRPLedger is not fully available as yet, so some of the above is filling in the blanks on what I know so far. I'm sure there are many here with a much better understanding than me, so you might get more detail if they chime in.