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  1. Yeah fair enough, I must admit that is true. I don’t know how or why you hold these timelines though. You do cop a bit of stick for the unrelenting ‘bad’ predictions, but my beef is more for the pessimism without (as far as I know) a supporting rationale. I can think of a number of reasons for a rise. I do wonder what your timelines and reasons for stagnation are. But yeah, so far your score is much better than mine as far as predictions go.
  2. It’s good to finally hear from an expert. Especially one so mysterious that he only ever posts unrelenting pessimism without ever needing to provide a rationale. Thank you for showing us the light oops, I mean darkness.
  3. That’s just your speculation. I think the market is a genius and prices coins brilliantly. It’s proving it as we speak... dropping XRP price because it’s being used more. /s
  4. I had a bit of a look and it’s still beta and doesn’t seem to have the exchanges we are interested in as yet. But I could have missed them and it probably will improve once into prod. But yeah, the method they are using which rewards small spreads and devalues orders away from the mid point (ie the big buy and sell walls that in some senses are not real) seems fair in principle. If it is really fair in practice then it’s history is a proxy for ODL ramp up. We just have to remember that these are the guys who suddenly without notice pulled Korean figures out of the mix and made XRP look bad as a (deliberate?) result causing a dump.
  5. That sounds great compared to my world... Santa IS real, he is sleeping with my wife, and her religion is Christmasology. Fml.
  6. As much as I am annoyed at CMC for deliberately tanking XRP price a couple of years ago... this new liquidity metric they are using sounds fair dinkum. Perhaps all you need to watch ODL staging?
  7. Well it sure feels like it’s just going to bleed out. But that can’t be the case... a lot of people are hard at work expanding the corridors and volumes right now. The volume will soon blossom and so will the price. So my heart is sad at the constant sagging, but my head says it won’t last.
  8. It’s not necessarily as straightforward as that. Different market makers may use differing strategies to arbitrage. For instance a trader-oriented MM might trade the XRP into BTC if she sees an upside there, and park it for a while before later selling the BTC for Mexican Pesos. In later stages of the game a Mexican car manufacturer might buy the XRP using their Pesos to pay their Indian parts supplier in India via an XRP transfer and exchange to INDR. The whole thing is a liquid shape shifting amoeba able to extend out in differing directions as needs arise. To simply state that it is a binary and simplistic relation using straight paths is perhaps not going to describe what really happens.
  9. That’s the end state. The final destination where #XRPtheStandard. Banks, Pension Funds, SMEs, Corporations... all hold their treasuries as XRP. The do that because it is the centre of the network to any other currency. It’s essentially stable in price with a gradual uptrend because it’s central to global commerce. Most people won’t have it apart from in the “low risk” portion of their pension fund. Those that do have it will just keep it in their bank account. If you have a child going to another country for a while and you need to send them funds you’ll just send a XRP amount because that can be converted to any currency they need on demand if they travel. To be honest, in that glorious final InternetOfValue end state I’m not sure there is any need for a company like Moneygram. However I imagine that there is a long period before their current business model goes obsolete... they may pivot to another use case during that period. But in the medium term, perhaps he alludes to the idea that as the IOV is unfolding the Mexican, Phillipines or Venezuelan recipient might not need the instant conversion to the local fiat... they may prefer the XRP in their bank because of inflation eating their fiat value. Everything I’ve said here is entirely possible, and even sensible, but that does not unfortunately guarantee that it will occur. The world would be better off if it did, but we don’t always walk the most efficient path...
  10. Yes and yes. If my understanding is correct XCurrent uses a transitory private permissioned blockchain (I’m guessing an adapted XRPL) to send payment messaging between agreed participants. The path and fees involved are all upfront and the payment message changes prefunded ledgers.
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