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  1. not really a materialist i just like the weight of money
  2. oh i will definately be watching this. thanks for letting me know
  3. Since janurary is over and we have heard good news on crypto as a whole from the us government i would advise you to invest now because imho things are going to continue to turn green leading into Q2. $1-2 is a steal for the price of xrp in 3-5 years dude
  4. I'm not sure about minimal fee's but I usually buy litecoin on coinbase as its quicker and cheaper than etherum and bitcoin. I then go onto shapeshift.io to convert my ltc into xrp and have it sent to my ledger nano s. That's how i've always done it and will continue to do it until i can buy XRP right out with FIAT.
  5. > sign up to coinbase and buy litecoin as its the cheapest and sends quicker > sign up to gatehub >use shapeshift.io to send the litecoin to xrp to your chosen ripple wallet (gatehub)
  6. buy 10k worth of litecoin (cheapter and faster) and use shapeshift.io to send it to your ripple wallet. wallet type: ledger nano s
  7. https://cointelegraph.com/news/uks-royal-mint-launches-gold-backed-cryptocurrency
  8. thanks for the post. can't wait to get buying
  9. even if it did are you gonna sell on a korean exchange? the diff between their price & our price is only by afew cents
  10. if they did have a gun, and they killed him, how else would they get his Bitcoin? this is what i dont understand when people have a gun to their head, its like, if i'm dead, how are you supposed to get what you want, especially if its crypto. tragic story though *posted in the wrong section
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