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  1. Yeah, thought I show my other side. A few mins ago I was trashing a slightly more intelligent version of another "when will be be $ XYZ?" post. Slightly more itnelligent, but... still trash. Boy it's soooo boring atm. PRice is stalling out. I guess $1.30ish is the new $0.20. BEtter not llok at the charts at all. only once every 6 months.
  2. I'm sure you are a hero to them in many ways, bro. They just don't say it.
  3. Got figures to back up the correlation? It's called humour. Some find it funny others not so much.
  4. Sorry bro. OK, then, here's a FUD: "BANKS WILL CREATE THEIR OWN COINS. NO NEED FOR XRP. DUUUH" Can I have a consultation now? DAMNIT?
  5. How do you know that? Lemme ask my crystal balls. @tzuvi can you do the same on your end, pls? Oh, and while you're at it, launch an inquiry for the S&P500 prices for early February. Let's do some front running.
  6. @johnlogan maybe wants to be negative.
  7. Cashing out

    It's right what you say that they might connect you to the right people. My point is more that actually setting up an infrastructure is hardly worth it with 7-9 figures. No need to bow, I respect strong people who stand up against harsh words.
  8. Wtf???? Nice that you caught the whole quote. Hey @johnlogan the anarchist meeting is on the other side of the shore at the BTC forums. If you think crypto is taking food out of the bankers mouths, ya need to push that red button, which says "sell". (or grow up, alternatively...) Oh, unless, of course you think that banks will pass on the total fee reduction to their clients. Also, you ever heard of that thing, that more volume at a lower margin can wok, too? Especially, when the hurdle of using the new product (read: create more volume) is being decreased, like uhmmmmm 7 seconds for a settlement at the cost of a fraction of a penny? I suggest you go ahead and sell your 517 xrp before they crash. I'm gonna go back to playing CS GO.
  9. Cashing out

    That's how he Swiss did it 80years ago
  10. New Kid on the Block: Reservoir Lite

    Totally. Besides, what was that kitties thing again? Some games? Time to stop playing games and start delivering real world solutions.
  11. @Pablo remember that retrace comment? Got filled?
  12. It's not what you have, it's who you are. We ain't taking nothing with us when we pass away. Inner peace is what matters, not belongings.
  13. Cashing out

    Dunno. My best guess is that they'll go with decentralized exchanges. Omnibus accounts pool investors under one big clean name and cannot be traced back. MiFID II will make them somewhat obsolete, but you can easily hide flows into investment funds.
  14. Cashing out

    OK. Looks clean. That being said, without being able to comment with much more details, you can still launder some cash here. Try to find "Omnibus account".