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  1. The half that matters is. Same for nuclear missiles - those countries which matter have them. And no, they are not the richest countries. Just saying...
  2. Btw the math is idiotically simple. You check out how much fiat you transfered to the exchange and divide it by all XRP you have.
  3. Occasionally you'll see a "Hodler and lurker since 2016, just made my first post, wanted to say how fun this forum is" kind of post. Those are the big guys hahaha
  4. "Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer." I also believe that XRP is a very real threat to anything big - Central banks and correspondent banks. Small and decentralized is beautiful.
  5. You do not seriously expect anybody who accumulated before December 2017, let alone before January 2016 to publish this info, right?
  6. He is slowly realizing what it means to be on a lot of people's ignore list.
  7. @Zerp I have a simple solution for your "concerns" about market cap. So since at price X, the market cap would be too high for your taste, I suggest you sell before that magic number of yours and look for another asset where you still see room for growth in terms of market cap. I'll have a drink on you in my modest Swiss Chalet when I cash out at XRP/USD = $5'000
  8. He basically personally owned all of Egypt. Gib dir mal den Scheiss, Alter....
  9. Aha. And what stops Chris from accepting a tender offer for his stash of XRP?
  10. Your logic is so flawed, it already hurts. So, you don't agree with @Ripple-Stiltskin, but you present no argument against the irrelevance of market cap. Let me be clear and debunk your short-sighted thinking: Market capitalization is a function of price times supply. If the asset is to handle high $-volume transactions without causing too much volatility, then the market needs to be "thick" (as opposed to "thin"). High supply and a high price per unit make the market thick, as it limits the impact of a single transaction. In other words: If Ripple wants to revolutionize the way money travels, they actually need an insanely high market cap.
  11. Yeah... Jeff Bezos can sell his Amazon stocks without plummeting the price, amerite? Don't bogart that joint, my friend. Pass it over to me....
  12. Cute. But still FUD. On other forums I frequent, I'd call you a concern troll. How about you do some effort in proving yourself wrong, which would involve googling historical net worth of individuals? (Hint: the lousy 70-90billion USD of Buffet et al. are not a benchmark)
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