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  1. i think this is a good conversation to have although im usually one of those full of "hopium" im also patient and basically ready to go down with the ship. xrp will either be the best investment of my life or the worst but im still in the green even at .29 im only commenting because i just found out you can change your secret keys with a xrp wallet and never knew this. im not saying everything here isn't accurate but is it possible for some of these wallets to have changed hands and have new owners? see schwartz response https://www.quora.com/When-will-Ripple-remove-or-reduce-the-20-XRP-reserve-It-feels-like-I-got-robbed-since-I-can-t-sell-those-20-XRP-for-fiat
  2. ya hErd him didn't you? if you dont belive just call his sponcer
  3. https://mobile.twitter.com/kingblue_XRP/status/1135933401586966528 Anyone can pull logs, the issue here isn't direct donations they are the super chats... CKJ and I were going through these this morning... he missed some... He is now going to go through the two videos and make sure he gets the right total and everything sent to Stjudes -KB what else is there to say...
  4. i even had the bell on but i mean never in my suggested vids or anything. i do like your vids better then some of the newer guys
  5. youtube gives no notifications ! didnt know you were still making vids man
  6. good stuff i really appreciate the posts any idea what time later today?
  7. found plenty of youtube vids on my last few updates personally i wait a few weeks after a new firmware comes out to make sure its fine. as mentione by @tev the coins are in the blockchain and i have my recovery phrase i don't think cloning it is a bad idea
  8. nice i look forward to it! im very honored to be invited by you
  9. yup im chiling next bull run im def paying off the corvette i don't feel bad about the price today
  10. i was like this for some time until it started falling below .47 and into the 30s. i still took out more then i have invested back since the last bull run so really ive never lost a dime on xrp
  11. what i can afford to lose what could disappear tomorrow and i would be fine
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