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  1. good stuff i really appreciate the posts any idea what time later today?
  2. found plenty of youtube vids on my last few updates personally i wait a few weeks after a new firmware comes out to make sure its fine. as mentione by @tev the coins are in the blockchain and i have my recovery phrase i don't think cloning it is a bad idea
  3. nice i look forward to it! im very honored to be invited by you
  4. yup im chiling next bull run im def paying off the corvette i don't feel bad about the price today
  5. i was like this for some time until it started falling below .47 and into the 30s. i still took out more then i have invested back since the last bull run so really ive never lost a dime on xrp
  6. what i can afford to lose what could disappear tomorrow and i would be fine
  7. oh man ill be at work this happens roughly every month on that calendar?
  8. houston texas here we need a texas meet one day!
  9. the crazy part is how long before people realize (if they haven't already) they can just send btc or ltc to each other and only pay the transfer fee not paying the extra fees they want to implement
  10. hahah wish this would have worked for my friend i have done some trades im just careful about it
  11. i sold a bit around 2$ as well started buying more when it got down to .47. im just cautious since i saw what happened to my buddy
  12. watched someone turn 14k xrp into 7k dec 2017 when we were bouncing between .20-.29 for the month or so before that.
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