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  1. timcoinNY

    Brad sharing profit confidential article

    It is in RIPPLEs best interest to have XRP price higher = more liquidity = more usage = higher price. So we need a initial pump to prime the PUMP. All we do is buy.. sit back and enjoy the ride. Sell the dog... buy all you can now. By 2020, you may be very sad if you didn't at least try to understand RIpple/XRP potential 2017.
  2. timcoinNY

    Thoughts from an Ex-Banker-VP of Tech

    @The_Phoenixed_Banker Jamie Dimon Is that you???
  3. timcoinNY

    Will Ripple announce operations in China during Swell?

    Ripple is HIRING for a JOINT VENTURE IN CHINA. That says it all.
  4. timcoinNY

    Ripple Labs v. R3 (actual court documents)

    BRJ - Thank you for breaking it down!
  5. timcoinNY

    This Cryptocurrency Could Be the Next Bitcoin

    bring on $2!!!
  6. timcoinNY

    Bought 12K XRP This Month - In It For The Hold

    Glad you are on the train.. but with 100 BILLION COINS, it will not be as fast while in the adoption phase. We need MASS ADOPTION first which increases the value of XRP which gives everyone more Liquidity.... as more Banks, Central banks, and people use it the more it will go up. $100/coin is not unthinkable.. with some many Trillions in transactions daily, I can't even imagine how this will play out.. but I'm hodling a ticket on the moving train! Once we get to $1, it will mean we are at critical adoption & liquidity ...100 billion marketcap.. then it really goes up fast from there. first 100 billion is the hardest!
  7. Coinbase just got a 100 million round of funding at a valuation of 1 Billion... plans include Adding other currency besides BTC, ETH, & LTC. So in theory.. they could add all of the top 10 marketcap coins.. XRP being one of the Major ones imo. It just a matter of time... HODL!!