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  1. I propose: Ripple Rocket/Ripple Rise (Boom) Ripple Rave (Bubble) Ripple Rend/Rupture (Bust)
  2. Ah, okay thank you. I believe I understand now.
  3. You could probably classify most high risk investments as a "gamble". I still think there is a difference between investing and straight up gambling though.
  4. This part confuses me. Wouldn't the equivalent be something worth the same amount? As in, $2756 = X Amount of BTC = X Amount of XRP. I may honestly be missing something and would appreciate if you elaborated a bit on this. Thank you.
  5. Ruvort

    Forum update

    What is the invite link for discord? I'd like to join.
  6. What makes you say this? I am certainly curious because I am looking to buy into XRP and would love to enter at a price close to that.
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