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  1. Isn't it going to be funny/ironic that XRP is the hated bankers coin, yet once the dust settles, Ripple and XRP will have done more than any one else to legitimize crytpocurrencies and bring them all into the mainstream?
  2. DLT: Implications for banking

    Awesome, nearly 1/4 of those slides mention ripple
  3. Brad Answers Your Questions from Swell

    Did he say that though? I think we all wanted to interpret it that way, im as guilty as anyone. But i think he chose poor words when just trying avoid a question and say that you need to wait for swell to see what comes out of it. Then we interpreted his coyness as saying yes. As a side note the Gates foundation announcement is pretty significant, just not directly to XRP to moon the price in the short term.
  4. Asked about XRP at Swell

    Is it right to assume that IBM/hyperledger, R3 and anyone else that comes along, will want a digital currency to go along with their networks? Banks dont seem in much of a hurry to start using the currencies at the moment but its not something that can be thrown together last minute. XRP is by far in the lead. XLM seems like a little bit of a mess but made a big move with IBM. Is there anyone else to consider?
  5. Asked about XRP at Swell

    Why do you keep saying this? Its great to be pro Ripple/XRP and defend them but lets be realistic about the competition SWIFT/CLS + IBM/Hyperledger = clients for XLM as a partner of IBM https://finance.yahoo.com/news/ibm-announces-major-blockchain-solution-040100106.html http://www.bankingtech.com/1034772/ibm-and-eight-banks-unleash-we-trade-platform-for-blockchain-powered-commerce/ Dont think i need to link SWIFT or CLS to show how many clients they have
  6. Because the panel was there for other bankers, not to pump XRP. Ripple is trying to get its foot in the door to get other banks and FIs to start using their network for now and then hopefully/probably start using XRP in the future
  7. Yesterday was crazy

    There is definitely a hate train against Ripple. People love to see it crash and never come to its defense. This will continue until investing in crypto becomes more mainstream. I wouldnt call others childish, I would call them opportunistic. Majority dont care that XRP is well positioned for the future and has a good chance to taking the #1 spot in market cap. That may take years to happen and there will be 100 other chances to earn 1000% gains by jumping to other coins (and maybe get burned). I think some of the problem might also be people who expect the crypto market to function like the stock or other FX markets. Its not, maybe some time in the future it will when it matures and gets more regulated. But for now it is heavy with manipulation. The strategy is either HODL or jump from pump to pump. Maybe divide your funds and do both. As much as you or I feel that XRP should be off and running, the fact is that it is pumped and dumped like every other coin on the market until FIs or bank step in and start eating it up.
  8. Take it easy It was posted in the altcoins and non-ripple fintech section. why troll in this section if you only want Ripple news? I like to know what others banks, alts and fintechs are doing.
  9. Stellar and IBM

    Doesn't this make you think... with all of these issues how did they get the partnership with IBM and hyperledger? and why try to use XLM instead of XRP if they are so far ahead? I dont know the answer to it. But i dont think people should be so dismissive about it. Im not talking about you, just the sentiment of XRP chat in general.
  10. Stellar and IBM

  11. And now they have a 1 year trial with the potential missing piece
  12. I'm not selling any XRP but I am going to buy some XLM to hodl along with it.
  13. Do you really believe that? If SWIFT and IBM come to the banks backing Stellar and are telling them that its a good solution and the majority of banks would say no and go with the new guy(Ripple) who is unestablished? Like i said before, I still really like XRP, Im a big hodler but I see this as a serious move by the competition and dont think it should be brushed off so easily
  14. Yes but doesn't this return to the same argument people make about XRP, that banks don't have to use it? Same argument you made could be made against XRP. Banks will just use their software. XRP's real use comes with remittance payments and eliminates counterparty risk. Wouldn't SWIFT and hyperledger/IBM be able to do the same things with XLM, get the banks on board initially trying it and then when they become more comfortable they expand the use