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  1. It's Happening? The Zerpning!

    Haha, I got a protonmail account after watching the show I felt a bit late also when i started buying in July. Took a lot of patience but this run has paid off massively. I think/hope were still in the early stages of a massive bull run for XRP This is an interesting article and perspective, hope he is right http://woobull.com/the-state-of-crypto-markets-q4-2017/
  2. It's Happening? The Zerpning!

    Excellent username by the way, I like the Mr Robot reference
  3. It's Happening? The Zerpning!

    JK "do you guys remember how many a**holes were claiming we manipulate the price of XRP?" Guys "HAHAHHAHA"
  4. It's Happening? The Zerpning!

    we've hit a wall almost every 10-15 cents on the way up. I think the psychological wall at $1.00 will be huge. Once we break that then still expect to consolidate every 10-20 cents will big walls at the dollar marks. Just my guesses
  5. It's Happening? The Zerpning!

    I trust kraken as not being shady like some of the exchanges but their site and network is terrible
  6. It's Happening? The Zerpning!

    Exactly People were asking, whats making it spike past .30. Its finally correcting to its real value, sprinkle some rumors on top of that and were going off the rails on a crazy train Im hoping that if IOTA can pump to 5.50 then we can run close to $2 before settling around $1 or .75. That does not feel like im asking anything too much Then if we do get added to coinbase or Ripple is allowed to announce their household name partners then were at a nice base to run to $5, 10? feel crazy that those numbers sound within reach
  7. It's Happening? The Zerpning!

    has anyone seen MaxEntropy post in the last few days?
  8. apparent leak regarding coinbase

    They probably have enough things to worry about. Could you imagine if they had to respond to every rumor or fake posting that someone made? Just dont believe the hype until they officially say something...like if the CEO says they will add "many coins" next year
  9. Amazon and Uber partnership next...

    But joking aside, McDonald's partnered with OMG and burger king has the WhopperCoin Crazy world we live in
  10. Id say bot. Bittrex is filled with them, as well as a lot of other exchanges. But i am not an expert by any means And for the record, i dont think Ripple is manipulating the price.
  11. This is likely the key question. It would cause a sh*t storm in the cryptocommunity. In a simplistic view, it would mean that i could earn much higher % gain in the short and intermediate term in other coins than I can with XRP being held back.
  12. I think the only thing youre missing is a potential frenzy factor. There is no reason IOTA should be above $1 based on its actual usage. Its all based on FOMO and mania. If ripple announces that its partnered with a consortium of central banks then who cares what the actual usage is, there will be FOMO about what the future could be. Really hard to put that into a cold calculation
  13. Season 2 of MindHunter, Spoiler Alert! .....Ed Kemper turns out to be Jed McCaleb
  14. Is it not ironic that XRP has paved the way for XLM to run to over $.10 and no one thinks twice. Ill also bet that it gets over .20 before the end of the year. People will just say, well its still only half the market cap as XRP. Feels like XLM is just riding the coat tails of XRP. Ripple has done the leg work of legitimizing crypto to the financial world and now other coins are sneaking in behind their hard efforts, including IOTA. XRP has to fight through a huge amount of resistance at every turn, gets branded as the evil bankers coin, unfair hatred in the crypto community, too many coins, blah blah blah Yet XLM is the percieved as the non-profit, open source, next ethereum, peoples coin version of XRP. No one blinks twice that they will eventually have more coins distrubuted than XRP will, (but you can also get free coins every week from their inflation pool). In the end XRP will have the last laugh but XLM has done a good job with PR and creating a positive image for itself in the crypto world. I find it humorous only because i own both XRP and XLM
  15. Same reason that it says BTC/USD when its really BTC/tether. Look at all of bitfinex pairs, they say USD when its really tether. Everyones talking about how bitfinex is pumping tether into BTC but their pairs show BTC/USD which is inaccurate. My understanding is that they'll let you buy USDT with USD and then every pair on their exchange that says USD is really tether. Same as poloneix and bittrex