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  1. Nano S.. Chrome app still usable ?

    I think he's referring to the Ripple ledger wallet. https://www.ledgerwallet.com/apps/ripple
  2. is this assuming constant growth or factoring in any decline?
  3. but...but...but....bitcoin is decentralized XRP is the bankers coins that the founders are going to dump on everyone
  4. I can't even remember how many times I read this same FUD from July - early Dec in 2017
  5. I agree, would much rather see an ETF. The premium works both ways though, some days it reduces the volatility and some days it increases it. It adds a whole other level of complication in trading GBTC, you have to watch bitcoin price and then also try and guess how the premium will change at the same time. Then you're stuck in the stock over the weekend and nights when BTC can be going all over the place. Oy Vey
  6. Their original bitcoin fund, GBTC, is available through OTC exchanges with most big name brokers (charles schwab, TD ameritrade, etc). But I think that is the only one available to everyone. Hopefully more of their funds become available to average investors who might now want to go through the work of buying on a crypto exchange and storing their own coins. Makes it easier for retirement accounts to invest also.
  7. Will this be available immediately to OTC exchanges or will it be like the large cap fund where they will wait 1 year and its only available to accredited investors initially?
  8. Top Experts/Coinbase/Prediction

    Bittrex added TRX the other day and did it as a surprise announcement, similar to BCH on coinbase. It worked out well for bittrex, it was the #1 volume coin on their exchange for a couple days. If they announced ahead of time then a lot of that volume gets spread to other exchanges.
  9. TRX

    Glad that TRX got added to bittrex yesterday. I sold some of my stellar and picked up TRX once the price settled down. This was a good move by tron to get added to more exchanges before the main net gets released.
  10. What's your number?

    And this is why the rich play shell games by setting up off shore companies. Trying to hide their money and evade taxes. Or you could check out this guy - http://nomadcapitalist.com/ However, I don't want to end up in the panama papers 2.0 and I like where i live so Ill pay up to uncle sam
  11. Sorry, sometimes hard for me to see the sarcasm on the forums Definitely, there are thousands of more coins now than in 2013. So that alone will cause a shift in dominance.
  12. I mean lose its percentage of total market cap, this has been going on for years.
  13. If the ratio stays the same then when bitcoin hits $50k, XRP would equal roughly $4.10. But this would assume that all coins stay at their same ratio in the total market cap. If BTC continues to lose dominance and XRP continues to gain at a higher % return and kill it with good news and partnerships then I could see $10
  14. i think you accidentally included my prediction twice