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  1. Trouble is how to tell what is real/reliable info and what is FUD. There are as many TAs as there are chartists ( see here example of countless TAs https://www.tradingview.com/ideas/xrp/ ) and to me, whichever TA, based on real info or FUD, that can garner the majority of followers will likely force a market movement which serves to fulfill its prediction. In short, TAs are man created devices (scams if you wish) with a view to tricking others from following a particular "prediction" as "evinced" by a given chart, and to this end whales make use of charts to "predict" a certain movement and in order to start the momentum buy or sell (as the case may be) big time themselves as first movers. And retail investors (small fishes) will most of the time follow such buy or sell actions on seeing a "market trend" forming according to the chart in question by which time the whales themselves will quickly take reverse actions to make their killings. This is an age old trick but retail investors keep getting sucked in by things like candle sticks and fiddle sticks, Idiot's Waves, etc. generation after generation due to the inability to tell facts from FUDs, or greed, or stupidity! To those who know nothing about TAs, do not waste time trying to make sense of any, you could end up wiped out lock stock barrel and bolls!!
  2. You may or may not be aware that the main reason why BTC and ETH could hit their respective ATHs was because many ICOs have been accepting them as fiats for their altcoins and the continuous queue of ICOs had meant unceasing support for both until ICOs themselves got caught up by regulators. As ICOs turned from stream to trickle and then to drips support for BTC and ETH disappeared and those holding both are selling out and the process is continuing. As such, the crypto market's present death-cross event is to me actually BTC and ETH's funeral procession and the other altcoins are being forced to "see them off" as they are their "elders" having been the earliest members in the crypto ecosystem. It is not unreasonable to say both have had fake user cases unwittingly created for them by ICO promoters and based on this, BOTH of them will never ever return to their respective ATHs. With XRP, I would not want to adopt their ATHs as XRP's ATH because XRP has such a powerful user case and it is a bridging currency as well as an altcoin. There is a big difference between a tree and a jungle. The further XRP drops, the more my confident I grow over my XRP investment as I know the day must come very soon when those who are still stubbornly buying into BTC and ETH will have no choice but to jump ship, and literally jump onto the XRP ship because there is no better crypto coin to go into right now in terms of potential, and because for each BTC/ETH, the holder will get about 14,000/760 XRPs (based on exchange rates at this moment) and everyone in the cryptoworld knows XRP cannot not moon as it will be the default or most frequently used "petrol" to run the Ripple "engine/car" because it will be the most economical bridging currency to use, and the Ripple team will see to it that this is so for the sake of the 60 billion or whatever XRPs they will end up holding and owning eventually. Readers please do not conclude from the above that since BTC and ETH still do have some way to fall before hitting zero, it means XRP will likewise have some way to fall too. The reason is XRP may well NOT be following the BTC/ETH funeral all the way to the graveyard in view of the ship-jump event mentioned above, and the moment this happens, XRP will likely do an upturn without warning never to look back and defying the law of gravity for a long long time. Please consult your own financial advisors and do not do, or not do, anything relying on the above.
  3. Imagine a few hundred balls (read cryptos) are currently falling from the sky and are hitting ground. The law of Physics says all balls should re-bounce on hitting ground BUT many of the balls here are fakes (those without a user case or just fake ones) without elasticity and will just stay grounded, while those with genuine business plans MUST go up again, and how high each goes will depend on each's own user strength and market coverage. Those strong ones will rebound high leaving duds and dummies like BTC, ETH, BCH, etc. which had once set false trends and heights dead and buried , and XRP in particular must soar. I don't care what sh!t people say about why XRP will not moon (FUDs like not being linked to Ripple, 100 billion available, not centralised, etc.), as I allow myself to recognise only 1 fact: the Ripple team has been working their arses out making Ripple the standard for fund transfers, and whatever unsold balance of those 100 billion XRPs they created and will be left holding surely must represent their PRE-PLANNED jackpot/reward at the end of the rainbow for their sweat -- it's part of their business plan! If I had already sold the whole or a part of my XRP holding I would buy back into them now now that the floor is within sight, and if I had been holding I know I can see the u-turn ahead of me and will continue to. If I had never bought XRP before, I know I should not be greedy and wait till it hits 1 cent before jumping in -- because this will never happen. Why XRP? It is going to be the next trend and comparative price setter. If I were wrong I deserve to lose my arse like the whole Ripple team almost certainly would. This is NOT investment advice, I am not your adviser/consultant but am Dumb!
  4. I had thot $2.018 wud have been a fair bet this year but I'm now adjusted to $20.18! I hope final day this year I wud have reason the shift up tp $201.90!!
  5. That is why 1 XRP can potentially be worth $1 million and more given time I suppose.
  6. Alibaba already has AliPay and it is doing very well cornering a big chunk of the payment market. No reason why Ali would want to subject its empire to Ripple..
  7. Been buying in more till today hitting and stopping at 50k XRP. Hoping for early retirement by end 2018 with about $0.5 million. Dumb hope?
  8. Punter syndicates will just short BTC futures and then start selling BTC in the crypto market, and then long futures before buying back BTC. And they can keep repeating the cycles. It is such activities which are absolutely not based on fundamentals that can get BTC so "prostituted" daily it will so frighten the hell out of BTC holders that they will eventually be forced to abandon the virtue coin as an investment.
  9. Those giving up on XRP please note. In 1976 Ronald Wayne sold his 10% stake in Apple for $800. Now it's worth about $63 billion https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/get-there/what-if-you-sold-10-percent-of-apple-in-1976/2016/04/15/9f64f4f4-00e3-11e6-9d36-33d198ea26c5_story.html?utm_term=.42a0388e3319 This is not financial advice nor promise, just history for those interested and we all know history sometimes does repeat itself
  10. Just wondering, can any C2C remitting system be created without involving the Ripple blockchain but just XRP alone? For example, if I have a hardware wallet that takes XRP and so have you (whether a similar or different brand of XRP-compatible wallet) I can simply transfer you some XRP without going through the Ripple system. This is of course the simplest example of how one crypto coin can be transferred by A to B and vice versa but I am thinking of remittances (which connotes bigger transaction amounts/values) between individuals and small businesses that wish to cut out banks to save costs -- can a truly Ripple-independent Apps or platform be created that adopts XRP as the default crypto token? Logically speaking, since people are currently able to settle payments using Bitcoins the same system or mechanism they are using now should also be usable for XRP and likewise other cryptos. If this deduction is correct, then surely XRP does have an independent function and value of its own even right now without having to wait for the success of the RippleNet B2B decentralized network system. On the other hand, if my deduction is wrong, then why has no one, or indeed Ripple Labs themselves, so far come up with an Apps or platform that can serve the C2C world the size/potential of which should not be underestimated? In the last said sense, XRP may not be designed/intended as another cryptocoin and yet, it can potentially be one concurrently, which means XRP does have a double advantage vis-a-vis Bitcoin and other altcoins. And what does this say about where its unit price should be right now, or must someone really come up with some XRP C2C Apps/platform before market forces become strong enough to rescue it from its present obviously controlled lame crawl?
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