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  1. While it's important from a technology view, not one retail user cares how it settles so long as they have their money instantly. and for $1.99 Taken from here, "It's currently available for transfers in the US and for sends from the US to Spain" Perhaps I may not understand but it sounds like they aren't using Visa instead of Ripple, rather using because Ripple has no corridor with Spain et al.
  2. My point is that they are not *his* XRP - there is not one sole owner of XRP, there are multiple owners - ownership can change hands in ~2min.
  3. It feels as though you are breaking down ODL into steps that need to be initiated separately. This isn't the case. An ODL transaction happens from end-to-end in ~2min and is completely hands-free. Page 2 here may help you better understand. To further clarify: Step 3 The sender accepts the quote and submits payment instructions, initiating the payment. At this point the process is automated and will finish a pre-planned routine, resulting in a buy order on Exchange A and sell order on Exchange B. ODL is a process, not an entity. Market makers don't sell XRP "to" ODL
  4. Personally, I'm not sure I buy into the "btc bots are pulling up the market" angle, with respect to xrp. XRP is +25% last 7d, whereas BTC is only up ~7% XRP trading vol has increased 300% in the same period whereas BTC +50% I'm a novice here but seems like something else is driving this
  5. * very few XRP was over $3.50 for a total of 16 hours.
  6. Don't forget that a single XRP can be used many multiple times per day.
  7. You seem to have missed the 2nd part of my comment, "ODL doesn't allow a buy order without a sell order." The simple flow is: Currency1 > XRP > Currency2
  8. Then you have 2000 payments on "the other exchange" - ODL doesn't allow a buy order without a sell order.
  9. surely any price increase will only come from speculation this year. we're mathematically years away from "utility driving value" and increasing the price.
  10. Sorry this was hard for me to decipher the specific points you refuted. Correct me if I'm wrong but you conclude that ODL is not merely a liquidity pool at its core. Is this your stance? I won't discuss the multiple identities because I don't feel it's beneficial to the forum - mods can handle whether any wrongdoings have happened.
  11. I am aware of Ripples product. Do you mind correcting me so I can understand what specifically you disagree with?
  12. It's hard for me to refute that ODL is, in the most simplistic definitions, a liquidity pool. Many smart folks around here agree that liquidity is the single most important factor in order to succeed. I believe 1776isHere's point is that ODL has many connection points which all tap into a growing liquidity network.
  13. Personally, I don't see them as trolling. If you look at their points objectively, I think they are fairly valid.
  14. Interesting chart however I interpret this being a result of the monthly escrow release & trickled down
  15. who says this must happen? can you point to any time in history when there was 0 debt?
  16. I was reading this post What will happen to cryptocurrency in the 2020s? by Brian Armstrong and couldn't help but think of XRP. In section 5, The rise of the crypto startup, he says: Third, it will bring together global communities and marketplaces at a pace we have never seen before in traditional startups (which have to painfully expand country by country, integrating each country’s payment methods and regulations one at a time). Ripple seems to not only be building a liquidity network, but if I'm understanding the direction these last couple years, they're also building
  17. This would be ideal. My only issue is that selling would be considered a taxable event for those who bought in sub .10
  18. These hyper-specific examples of hindsight are hilarious to me. Pointing out Apple, after they have been wildly successful, does not indicate anything when predicting the future. How many other companies that were similar to Apple, failed? How many third co-founders had 10% that ended up not even able to buy gasoline for their old car? People love to glamorize the exceptions but fail to note that it's not anywhere close to a true representation of the entire landscape/risk.
  19. You mean you didn't do research on other competitors before crowning XRP as "only crypto to be used in real world" ?
  20. I see this comment often. To me, this statement implies you've done some type of comparative research that puts XRP in first. After evaluating ~3k crypto, which is next closest or promising to be used in the real world?
  21. I appreciate you taking the time to not only track but also share your findings This is pretty significant and uncontrolled selling pressure
  22. huh? many of us, not including yourself, right? you've been "holding" for what looks like about a month
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