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  1. where's the correlation here? Energy impact with XRP isn't a discussion. An alternative question I would pose: how much energy is expended by workers and machines to print and transact with USD? Frankly, I'd question whether anyone is deeply informed on this topic since the research is still quite new and data isn't abundant.
  2. I only follow this topic loosely but sounds like most of that energy comes from renewable sources.
  3. I heard it at the end of The Ripple Drop Episode 13, from Craig DeWitt
  4. It's not available to "retail investors" - it's available to absolutely everyone. Anyone can buy, use, store, or sell XRP on the public ledger. There's also many more use cases that will likely be found/created by others, not only cross border remittance by Ripple. They are the originators and driving force right now, but once liquidity deepens I think we will see quite a large number of projects that leverage XRP. taken from @DreXRP - this simply isn't true. xRapid is eventually going to require a high XRP price otherwise it won't be able to facilitate the volume of payments that the ledger is capable of.
  5. Ripple Announces Strategic Partnership with Money Transfer Giant, MoneyGram Ripple would become MoneyGram’s key partner for cross-border payment and foreign exchange settlement using digital assets. **** just got real..
  6. FIS is supposedly being leveraged as the backbone of Visa's new B2B product https://www.forbes.com/sites/jeffkauflin/2019/06/11/visa-targets-swift-with-new-blockchain-product-for-global-money-transfers/#1e47a9433daa It’s partnering with FIS, a Jacksonville-based payment processor and financial technology provider to more than 20,000 financial institutions.
  7. unless you fomo'd in during the last 18 days of 2017, it was a rather great year to enter.
  8. Quoting this because it's on point and needs repeating
  9. correct, I do not know. Their claim says "built on elements of" which I'm still wondering what exactly that entails myself. I do appreciate you providing some links and I'll dig more to get a firmer grasp. You're right that the onus of proof is on the claimant, however I'm simply regurgitating the news that VISA has announced. They seem confident and we have to wait and see how this unfolds but it was quite a bold claim to be made by someone of such high caliber and long track record.
  10. you are grasping for straws, as many seem to be.
  11. This definitely stood out to me that I'd love to hear theories about feasibility - VISA will be in 90 corridors near instantly and Ripple is only in 2.
  12. My concern is that their disruption may not be showing "disrupter type of growth" (regulatory hurdles comprehended). all the while, dominant incumbents with magnificent networks seem to be adopting the very same disruptive technology. Constant talks is too ambiguous for me - negotiating, educating, convincing? these all paint the picture differently and we simply don't know - could be a lost battle for all we know
  13. why? admittedly, I may not understand but Visa now has their own DLT (which I assume also means settlement) - why is Ripplenet a better option than Visa B2B?
  14. this is often thrown around loosely - what does "in talks" really mean here? no one seems to elaborate on the exact agenda and purpose. I assume people are speculating that IMF/Ripple/Christine/XRP are all in bed together but there's really been nothing of significance. happy to be proven wrong.
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