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  1. oh, I doubt they intend to even consider this. BTC is the clear front-runner for store of value but it's fairly non-competitive in the payment transaction games. XRP exhibits the right characteristics to be tested in payment transactions.
  2. were there not hyped price increases post-SWELL for the last two years? I seem to recall the price pumping. On a longer time horizon, their beloved asset has increased quite significantly.
  3. I could be wrong, but im pretty sure this strategy didn't make it into their deck.. Ripple has a large chunk of XRP - lets ballpark it at 55B. As a company, their primary mission is to create an ecosystem that generates enough demand to support 100B XRP while pollinating 55B XRP into the free market. That's it. Lets assume Ripple listens to you and ceases selling XRP - what do they do with 55B XRP that may quickly be worth 50-100B USD? You obviously missed the insane spotlight that the media shone on Ripple and their holdings during the last bull run. At one point, they were the most valuable company in the valley and ~10th most valuable in the world. (source) My point is that this is all part of a strategic process that I think you may not be fully grasping.
  4. Further- many on this board sat around for years, YEARS, while the price lingered with little movement. Those are ones that also invested knowing it was a long haul. I'm sorry you held for a year or two and didn't get the expected results of a 10-15 year project..
  5. just so I'm clear, are you saying their current strategy is to "allow" the price to tank to pennies or less? I think market sentiment is also a huge part being left out here - sure they have control of immediate selling pressure, but demand is much more difficult and projected on a longer timeline. For example, Ripple ceases selling XRP and the price continues to drop - then what's your argument? XRP isn't the fairytale crypto that everyone loves, so they're still in a critical moment that requires proving utility.
  6. Tiny, you made my day - thanks
  7. also I think they've been pretty clear - they want the price high and must liquidate escrow to (a) distribute and (b) fund ecosystem and business initiatives Might be better to suggest an alternative to distributing 50B and funding their operations other than "stop the dumping" The escrow liquidation is a strategically planned 7+ year event. It's always baffling to hear folks who don't have the same expectation.
  8. just to be clear, who is the current strategy not working for? you or Ripple? Ripple sold ~2.7M XRP per day in Q2 - I think we should get wallet activity on Jed's holdings before making assumptions and to clarify the magnitude (read: jeds holdings are non-issue) XRP investors is such a wrong term, but if one had "invested" a few years ago, then they would have bought in sub .03
  9. this is absurd, take your tinfoil hat conspiracies elsewhere.
  10. is this related at all to the huge spike in price May 12 - 15 where it jumped from 0.310 to 0.459 ? I recall you mentioning a noteworthy spike around Sep 2018 that correlated to a stop of XRP II sales, curious if this is the 2nd of its kind - where Ripple doesn't sell any XRP.
  11. This isn't out of the norm for Japanese culture - they often don't conform to others.
  12. it may be helpful to reiterate that supply and demand directly impact price (this is fundamental, not debatable).
  13. I believe the sales are based on a percentage of daily volume - this is far different than "choosing to sell" at certain times, insinuating intentional price suppression. (the price is being suppressed, but it's a reality of liquidating their escrow)
  14. attacks create strength - i'll trust the devs to figure out a slick solution here.
  15. I'm not entirely sure that matters at the current point in time. On a long enough timescale, everything will likely be using XRP - this is Ripple's strategy. The current regulatory uncertainty may deter many from utilizing XRP right now but xCurrent still allows them to use a more robust and powerful platform for moving money. In the years to come, it will be far better to have customers using xCurrent switch to xRapid than signing up as brand new xRapid customers.
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