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  1. Aren't the majority of amazon investments outright purchases? Haven't seen many instances where they are a small investor
  2. Do you mean not used for a significant portion of MGI volume? From Aug 2, 2019: MoneyGram CEO Alex Holmes said, on its quarterly earnings call, that MoneyGram had been making transactions on the xRapid platform as of last week.
  3. This response sounds to come from an experienced person - well thought out
  4. TBD what share MGI will capture, and then what share XRP will capture - but 2019Q4 Uber stated gross bookings of $18B. Based on estimates, ODL total is $1.2B This can be pretty huge.
  5. This is wonderful news for Ripple. By using Moneygram, is this a strategic play from Ripple to take advantage of "regulatory freedom" or does money gram just simply have the liquidity to accommodate Uber's payment network?
  6. Price will rise from speculation on the utility value. It won't rise based on an increase of transactions - 3sec loops of buy/sell pressure. The deep liquidity will add tremendous value to xrp at some point, which should cause price to appreciate. In theory, of course
  7. It's important, but not meaningful. It's a seat at the table that can't be ignored but doesn't have decision making powers. Ripple offers more than the government actually wants. Only in the US could this be a deterrent.
  8. Confirmed - Miguel is no longer with Ripple.
  9. great thought provoking thread. it makes me speculate whether there is a link between the leaving of miguel and this new directional product
  10. I'm all for this but feels like it goes against the peanut butter manifesto. Wonder how much pull Kitao has in decisions of this scale
  11. I am arguing that SBI et al partnered with Ripple for their technology, not their business acumen. But sure, focus on generalized acronyms that showcase laziness rather than actually having intelligent discussions. All the cool kids are doing it. Or is this not 2017 anymore? Or was it never cool and just a way to cover up ignorance? We can agree that you don't want to address this and move on.
  12. Fear Uncertainty and Doubt - are you using this term correctly here? Anyways, when I look at http://rppl.info/ on the "Sortable Table" tab it lists out all the previous "partnerships" - there are 98 listed, a large majority derived from SBI holdings. Is SBI an active partnership? How was Ripple capitalized from this partnership? Of the 98 listed entities, how many are still active partnerships and contributing to the XRP ecosystem? Is Xpring a success? Haven't seen much come out of this incubator So, no, I do not believe Ripple could handle being the dominant role player within in the R3 consortium. From my view, they haven't even done anything with SBI so why would anyone trust they do better with other like entities?
  13. I don't have the time to aggregate a list, so I'll admit that it's very anecdotal. I've been around pre 2017 and I recall more "partnerships" that have fizzled out than have become successful. Now add in xpring, coil, and codius and I would contend that Ripple isn't well equipped (nor designed) to actually handle a merger/takeover of the magnitude of R3.
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