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  1. I have seen flashes of this with bitcoin
  2. right - this is what I was presuming from the reclass.
  3. I may not fully understand, but they re-allocated the 8.9M and 2.3M from revenue to contra. This would mean that the money wasn't pocketed by MG directly, right?
  4. https://blog.xpring.io/building-bridges-at-eth-denver/
  5. I caught this late but showcases my point - at what volume is this expected to occur at?
  6. Let me phrase it differently. Do you expect ODL to directly and immediately impact price with 10M per day ODL volume? how about 100M? how about 10B? I realize they are related to each other but I think you may be mixing apples and oranges - meaning, I stand by my opinion that ODL doesn't directly and immediately impact price based on the buying pressure. The actual process of buying and selling over ~3-4min with ODL appears to not impact price. However, as ODL reaches a certain volume threshold then it will create a supply/demand issue, which hopefully (should?) increases price. These are two different trains of thought. The timing isn't so important here - we're evaluating the entire ecosystem not a vacuum of one xrp There will always be equal amounts of sell pressure and buy pressure, albeit ~4min later.
  7. This is a fair argument - I over simplified the supply/demand focusing more on availability in the ecosystem, not necessarily just trading I still question this - is it too small? What's the correct ODL volume that will tell us whether we are right or wrong? I'm not targeting you but I think many folks (possibly unknowingly) move the goal posts when in reality the question/hypothesis isn't crystal clear to begin with. My broad point is focused on the question: does ODL volume directly and immediately increase XRP price due to the "additional buying pressure" - which I think is fair to assume the answer is no, regardless of the type of volume (likely because there's equal and opposite sell pressure within ODL).
  8. This is a topic I've observed from afar. One theory is that ODL will have a direct effect on price. A second theory is that ODL will eventually will have a direct effect on price. If it's the first, we should see immediate impact from vol in many millions - as some members state (which I disagree) that ODL will cause a steady uptick of buying pressure. This should be evident from the initial ODL usage now that it's enough to measure. This appears to not be the case and imo is clearly debunked. If it's the second, then to me it seems more along the lines of basic supply/demand and we'll be here for many years until the xrp supply of 1B/mo isn't able to serve the demand. Simply stated, if ODL has a direct effect on price due to buying pressure then we should have seen it by now.
  9. This is an interesting question to me. The largest spike was Feb 19, 16:00 and the price moved from roughly 0.2788 to 0.2807. That amount of change seems fairly negligible to me. To me, the answer is starting to become more clear to the question of: will ODL volume increase the price of xrp? ODL volume is significantly increasing but it doesn't seem like there's a direct correlation with xrp price. This is not to say that the utility won't add value to Ripple the company and XRP the asset, but ODL volume doesn't appear to immediately move xrp price (as many had thought, including myself)
  10. My guess is that Spain is on the more efficient end of the spectrum, which means Ripple really has no interest there for the near term future. Perhaps there was guidance of sorts that Santander was able to provide, I'm not really sure. Not all partnerships are meant to benefit consumers - Ripple is/was still a startup.
  11. While it's important from a technology view, not one retail user cares how it settles so long as they have their money instantly. and for $1.99 Taken from here, "It's currently available for transfers in the US and for sends from the US to Spain" Perhaps I may not understand but it sounds like they aren't using Visa instead of Ripple, rather using because Ripple has no corridor with Spain et al.
  12. My point is that they are not *his* XRP - there is not one sole owner of XRP, there are multiple owners - ownership can change hands in ~2min.
  13. It feels as though you are breaking down ODL into steps that need to be initiated separately. This isn't the case. An ODL transaction happens from end-to-end in ~2min and is completely hands-free. Page 2 here may help you better understand. To further clarify: Step 3 The sender accepts the quote and submits payment instructions, initiating the payment. At this point the process is automated and will finish a pre-planned routine, resulting in a buy order on Exchange A and sell order on Exchange B. ODL is a process, not an entity. Market makers don't sell XRP "to" ODL If I sent you 100 XRP then you would be able to use it after the transaction has settled. I'm not saying it will be for the same purpose, I'm saying it's available to be used in the ecosystem. XRP doesn't have a sole owner and may be used by different parties. After ODL is completed in ~2min, that same XRP could theoretically be used again with ODL in nearly the same time (assuming bidirectional flows are established).
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