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  1. the glaring issue I see is that big banks are still accountable to do KYC/AML - if there's a world where banks are circumvented, this becomes a huge problem.
  2. why would one assume this? I think it's pretty clear that the will be injecting XRP into the market for years to come
  3. Are you saying in ~5 years when R3 has liquidated all of their XRP there won't be a digital asset that may have superior qualities to XRP?
  4. While I do think this is great news in the short term (2-5 yrs), I'm concerned with this long term (5-10yrs). R3 said something along the lines that they will "start with XRP" to settle transactions using Corda. It's known that Corda has capabilities to utilize any asset. I'm worried that they would use XRP for as long as they are invested in (and hold) XRP. Still doesn't feel right that SWIFT partnered with R3/Corda over Ripple. This is pretty huge, imo.
  5. How does R3 seemingly make better progress than Ripple? They seem like the superior tech company Corda news in the last 4-5mo seems far more significant than anything Ripple has announced in the last year.
  6. I found this interesting: "..and the decentralized network infrastructure provider SIA" is this referencing the same SIA that's a DFS? If so, I think that's great because XRP is far better designed than SIA for this application. Since this was before the R3/Ripple settlement, perhaps R3 was trying their best to use another DA in place of XRP.
  7. In just a couple months, brad will have been CEO for 4 years.. I would say this has evolved into a 5-10 year plan
  8. 1- is this chart from 2011? the "E" appended to each year makes me assume "Estimated" 2- i realize this may not be the point that you intended, but this chart shows that internet devices have iterated and left the originating tech in the dust. PC = gen1 crypto, Smartphones=gen2, tablets=gen3 - to me this seems to prove that our current digital asset state will soon be outdated. (Smartphones taking over PCs)
  9. truth. perhaps hype does indeed drive markets more than utility?
  10. my assumption (possibly incorrect) is that the only way XRP are added to the "circulating supply" number by CMC is from escrow release. this doesn't align with the actual escrow release numbers and may seem fishy but I personally question CMC's number to begin with. @jbjnr has done an amazing job analyzing the escrow release and supply numbers. perhaps he has more insight on what the ~1B bump from Oct is and whether it aligns with what he's tracked?
  11. Ripple has made significant progress over the last couple years to relinquish control (decentralizing) of the network validators. Currently, Ripple operates 7% of the validators on the network. Is the long term plan to operate 0% of validators on the network?
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