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  1. This quote is from @Archbob not me - my response was "it can settle in XRP. it's not mandatory" I'm not entirely sure what kind of activity Corda Settler currently has. It does however feel that almost all conversations lead to "we need more transparency of activity"
  2. I would contend that BG controls the narrative because a) he wants to drive home the larger key points to focus on awareness and b) the target audience isn't nuanced on XRP technological workings.
  3. it can settle in XRP. it's not mandatory
  4. We still live in 2019, right? Where anyone can publish anything on the internet? I'll wait for this from the horses mouth, thanks. Thanks to @Danny for digging and clarifying the actual events
  5. is this the same attitude you live your life by? usually when people don't agree with something, they make conscious efforts to stop contributing resources towards that thing
  6. Amateur here - how are you measuring and comparing utility price vs speculation price?
  7. It is in Ripples best interest to have high xrp price. But imo it's their number one priority to liquidate and distribute as much xrp as quickly as possible. Together, this creates a strategic balance that can be sensitive. It will be quite interesting to see whether there is any panic if the price drops significantly lower.
  8. wow, this is a pretty strong statement. beside channick, what else can you provide that shows this?
  9. I've only made it through the first hour but this stood out to me: Patrick McHenry focuses on digital currencies around 46:38 and asks Commissioner Peirce "do we have a solid ecosystem for crypto to exist in US and raise capital in a regulated environment?" She says, "we have more work to do and would like to be more forward thinking when it comes to digital assets. For example, digital assets that are utility tokens, I don’t know that the securities law framework that we have right now is the appropriate frame work for them. So I’d like to see us think about creating some kind of a safe harbor." Chairman Clayton agrees with Peirce.
  10. This is exactly why they are in court, no? To clarify the rules with more specificity.
  11. One could also monitor the price - rumors travel faster than news twtr:@jchervinsky is also an outstanding follow for all crypto legal
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