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  1. I think the issue here is that there's nothing anyone can say that would change your mind, truth or otherwise. Sometimes this is called "cult behavior" or "brainwashing" Also don't forget that many folks on this forum have been involved with XRP longer than BG.
  2. I may be framing this incorrectly, but what sort of traffic volume is associated with those payments? (perhaps there's a better measurement?)
  3. This doesn't make sense - wouldn't you just need to expect XRP to move higher than BTC? If BTC moves 10x and XRP does 12x, that's a win.
  4. This is like saying the US is only 4% of the worlds population, why should they even matter? While in theory it sounds right, it's not true in reality. US remittances are critical.
  5. Thanks for sharing. I've heard that the lawsuit is focused on Ripple more than XRP and this is articulated quite well. Interesting thought exercise as to what would transpire if Ripple is *permanently* not allowed to release XRP. I'm becoming more bullish on XRP without Ripple. There may be a period of pain while other participants and developers pick up to (hopefully) build utility but a truly decentralized XRP has always been the ultimate goal, right?
  6. The better measurement is $ settled, not # transactions handled I can move $2B across the world and settle in a few minutes. Can I do this with Visa?
  7. BREAKING: Some hodlers are selling because new information has been presented. Crazy, I know.
  8. Where are you seeing this? Here is what I can see from the @grayscale twitter account: XRP AUM Dec 2 - $21.9M Dec 11 - $20.6M Dec 22 - $18.6M Dec 29 - $8.6M
  9. Appreciate your insights and level-headedness throughout this thread
  10. It's very common that a CEO who builds a young startup isn't the same CEO best suited for a mature startup. Probably a year or so late replacing BG, imo
  11. 9 hours later and you've nailed 2 out of 4 - not shocked if you go 4 for 4
  12. I'd be more concerned that you are being targeted than the actual phishing attempt. Assume whatever contact info they have will be disseminated with more attempted attacks likely
  13. My understanding is that the network is driven by participation. Those that don't participate and merely hold will see their value decrease due to inflation (which flows to those who do participate)
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