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  1. The only thing holding XRP back is that Ripple owns a majority of XRP. The sooner this can be remedied the better.
  2. I side with @Dario_o here - I follow XRP loosely and this is how I found out about SWELL this year..
  3. There are sites like equityzen that provide a secondary market for pre-IPO employee shares of private companies. Of course, dependent on whether employees are willing to sell their shares.
  4. "Avoiding the behavioural traits of people who consistently lose in the markets should be everyone's first goal ie. survival. Don't become a #lossaholic" Thanks for sharing
  5. This article could be better had it linked to the source it is citing
  6. Your point is that XRP has drastically fallen from ATH and as such, is a bad investment My point is that every asset has fallen >50% from ATH so singling out XRP while ignoring the overall health of the market holds little merit. I agree that XRP price has fallen further than most since ATH. I also agree that XRP appreciated more than most while attaining ATH
  7. Why not cherry pick from Jan 2018? My statement stands - the entire ecosystem (bitcoin included) - is down from ATH
  8. This kind of proves their point - the entire ecosystem is down significantly from ATH and lower today than 3+ years ago. The asset class as a whole still has more maturing to go.
  9. It would have been easier to buy XRP at 0.015 than it would have to buy at 0.06 in December 2013. 2014 - 2016 were times with mostly sub 0.01 prices
  10. I haven't grasped the inner workings yet but this part is unclear to me. How is PayID expected to drive XRPL usage?
  11. IOTA #24 NEM #30 DASH #22 Monero #15 They are still around but I think his point was that they have all weakened while XRP is still prominently ranked
  12. So we're only 189 - 559B away Something like this makes more sense to propagate when we actually have a working product - Ripple and XRP are still a startup (see ODL pivot)
  13. This is a really good paper that needs highlighting jag, thanks for your effort on this post - really informative and helpful
  14. This may be one of the greatest things I've ever read on this board.
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