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  1. I’m sure there’s 7 other currencies. BTC & ETH are amongst them too I’m sure
  2. This explains the lack of hype, thanks for this. Although it wasn’t the answer I was hoping for but at least it’s the truth. coinbase, as you were
  3. Coinbase have 11.7m users as of October 2017 DMM have 27m users as of Jan 18 have I missed something? There doesn’t seem to much buzz/ hype about ripple going into DMM. even if half of the 27m users of DMM are active, that is still more than the whole of coinbase have!
  4. Having a London office for HQ is clearly for tax purposes. When I transferred my GBPs to their EUR account I did look up to see where the bank was based and was in fact a Slovenian bank. with regards to the admin folk who KYC users, the names do appear to be Eastern European names so their operations seem to be based there
  5. Good on you. At least you have something there to stop you from selling up. I have all these apps that I can easily sell off but I still hold. I’ve watched my xrp value peaked at over 70k USD and now probably about 50K USD. Yes, it’s easier to look at hindsight I could’ve sold at peak and maybe buy back in now, but I’m holding for the long term. I have done a bit of day trading but only on small amounts. XRP will bounce back. im also experiencing something similar on a London stock exchange, seeing the value of my holding peak at 60k GBP and now it’s just a little over 20k GBP (over a few months than days) but overall, I’m up on both. both investments I researched and truly believe their values and potential. Just pending results and storming FUDS/ derampers. ATB and good luck. XRP to Europa
  6. At least the dip isn’t only just XRP. That should ease the nervous investors who have been given the fear about the recent drop. NOTHING GOES UP IN A STRAIGHT LINE
  7. My XRPs are on bitfinex. Right now it’s 2.50 on there - not far off from CMC, however I don’t think the CMC price difference has affected it, nor does it matter. What’s more important is what your exchange is offering you when you sell/buy. When they did include the Korean markets, it was at least 50 cent USD difference. if the massive drop on CMC reflected on bitfinex then that would be a different story. ATB and long live XRP
  8. I’m just doing a tiny bit of “day trading” since it’s calmed down slightly. Only using 1000 xrp to buy and sell to build up over time. The remaining large holding I have will stay being held until further notice ?
  9. It’s currently swinging from about 2.40 & 2.70 on bitfinex, good time to sell at its highest and lowest to gain those extra xrps if you don’t have the extra funds like me to top up lol. i wouldn’t recommend doing it with your whole holdings though
  10. I’m a few months into crypto but still in it for the ups and downs - nothing goes up in a straight line. Just a test of nerve, went through it on a LSE stock and trust me, just ride it out. What’s the point in leaving in the middle of the trip?
  11. If we see near any $15 in Q1, we could see some serious growth for the remainder of the year. You just can’t predict these things, but I’m more than happy that the market on this bullish
  12. http://uk.investing.com/analysis/global-regulatory-crackdown-on-cryptocurrencies-is-on-the-way-200199112 Being a holder of XRP, I would welcome this.
  13. I have no idea where this will go but it will most definelty be a bumpy ride. The value will start to fluctuate like hell. More ups and downs than a prostitute’s knickers. remember though, nothing goes up in a straight line. But if this continues to soar, I wouldn’t be surprised to see $8/9 by the end of this month. Come on coinbase! We’re all waiting! ATB
  14. I’ve been in cryptos/ XRP since May 17 so fairly new to all these acronyms. But when I started to see “FUD” being thrown around I genuinely thought everyone was name calling, as it’s a slang used in Scotland - until I really had to use Google for a bit of reassurance. But in all seriousness - all these FUDs truly really are Fuds ?
  15. When I set up gatehub back in May, they took about a 5 days to verify me. And after one email, they gave me 20xrp for the minimum. having withdrawn all my money, the 20xrp remains. You can’t withdraw it. i guess everyone is wanting their ripples, gatehub will be absolutely swamped with KYC checks and especially after the festive period I reckon they will have a massive backlog. Having worked in the banking industry, if you intend to sign up to any of these exchanges. Make sure you provide the right info otherwise these verifications will be a bloody drag for you.
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