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  1. If they achieve any significant level of adoption, I find your statement not conducive to their business model...
  2. where do we go if it does? .15 range?
  3. I think, even though the announcements/events have mostly been benign in terms of price spikes, I think they have always been good about announcing their intentions to have announcements (lol).. I don't think there is anything else big coming. I think they would have put it on an agenda for the sake of reach. That is barring, of course, the unexpected on their side, like FOMO causing some institution to act. They may announce that.... I think the Asian corridor and lockup is the last for the year.
  4. I have to throw in my 2 cents. I think these sorts of things are so difficult to speculate on, especially in light of the maturity (or really lack of) within the crypto space. My personal view is that Brad and team didn't expect this much positive attention from the banks and FI's. I think they are trying to adjust as they go, basing it on a plan that they initiated and formulated without understanding where they would be today, in terms of success. And, I fully believe they are successful thus far, more so than they may have anticipated. All I would add is, they had a great plan and
  5. is that high or low....? I don't know anything about KRW.... never took the time
  6. Well... i am going to practice some discipline... i thought about trading to get a few more coins... but lost almost 700 coins the last time.... i finally broke 5 digits of coins... im not going to risk it anymore... it it dumps, ill just buy more, if it goes up, ill just watch... $3 would be a VERY fast rise... $1, maybe by EOY.... but i am disappointed at the moment, thinking we should have already seen something more significant, seeing SWELL is day-after-tomorrow...
  7. hmm.... that will move the price .003...
  8. not sure what I have... but I'm SWELLing up... probably high blood pressure from waiting...
  9. Hey guys - I have a general question about buy/sell walls. If a wall shows of vertical or Cliff at a certain price let's say like $0.30 right now, does that mean if it hits $0.30 there will be a lot of selling, and the inverse? Or should I do nothing and ignore them as an indicator?
  10. So, i think we can all agree that we see some sort of pump coming for SWELL. Let me throw a hypothetical and get some opinions..... i have seen mentioned that it may touch .7 or so. What are your guys opinions on price after, say early - mid November.... how far will it retract in your opinion...?
  11. Yeah... why is it beginning to seem to me everyone is saying " hey this Ripple stuff is pretty good, but let's go off and build our own based on what they're doing"...
  12. http://www.teletrader.com/news/details/40548280 Not sure if this posted yet, or old news. Saw it this morning, dated today.
  13. I am. I sold on the high a few days ago.... also my whole stash...if I can buy back in at around .19, ill add a few hundred XRP.... it's not a big stash..lol But I'm getting nervous right now getting close to SWELL
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